Than camomile tea is useful

Than camomile tea is useful

Camomile tea passed from category of pharmaceutical medicines into the list of useful products for the daily use for a long time. Even the known tea companies in the product range have grassy and, in particular, camomile teas now.

Advantage of camomile tea

The advantage of a camomile is known already hundreds of years. Ancient Romans treated with its help many diseases and used as the all-strengthening infusion. All parts of this plant are saturated with the essential oils and phytoncides having beneficial influence on a human body. Generally the camomile is used as infusion and as a part of herbal teas.

Camomile tea has gentle peculiar aroma which can't be confused with any another. If to speak about advantage of this tea, then no other grass infusion possesses a similar ratio of the useful properties to any side effects and contraindications. Actually, the harm maximum from a camomile can will come to light only in any individual intolerance, or influence of too high dose of drunk. But in order that negative consequences of excess of a dose were shown, it is necessary to drink so much how many it will hardly be possible. And therefore camomile tea is appointed even to babies for improvement of digestion and the cumulative calming effect.

The camomile has anti-inflammatory properties, successfully struggles with catarrhal diseases and increases immunity. Besides the regular use of a cup of camomile tea will improve work of digestive tract and an alimentary system of an organism. The camomile cleans from toxins, improves blood circulation and in general increases organism resilience to various diseases. Antibacterial properties of a camomile influence all human organs, beginning the influence even with process of drink, thereby cleaning a mouth from pathogenic bacteria and preventing stomatitis.


The camomile can be bought in any pharmacy and in any desirable kind. It can be ready tea bags, or dried flowers of a camomile in the packed packings. Preparation of camomile tea from a bag is absolutely identical to a zavarivaniye of any usual teas. But it is much more preferable to make tea from camomile flowers according to the tastes and in an individual dosage. Couple of spoons of dried flowers of a camomile is filled up in a teapot, filled in with boiled water and insisted 15 minutes. It is possible to mix a camomile with a green tea, and then such drink will develop more astringent flavor and saturated color. And couple of leaflets of mint or a melissa will enrich taste of camomile tea and will make it extremely fragrant.

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