Than coffee is useful to human health

Than coffee is useful to human health

Coffee - drink really great. It is loved and hated. Think of it, speak, and depend on it. To one drink the relation as cardinally, as to coffee didn't change. Quite recently it was considered unhealthy, however scientists of different schools of sciences of the world didn't stop making various experiments which prove that drink is even very useful to a human body.

It is useful or is harmful to coffee to human health?

The opinion that to have coffee - an addiction since this drink harms an organism is considered standard.

Results of the last researches showed absolutely unexpected results: coffee not only doesn't harm, but even in certain cases it is very useful for human health.

What is told by scientists about advantage of coffee?

According to scientists of Singapore, only two cups of this fragrant drink a day reduce the probability of development of cirrhosis by 70%. And scientists from Sweden claim: to avoid Alzheimer's disease which becomes a new problem of mankind daily consumption of coffee is necessary. Then the probability to fall into senile dementia will decrease by 65%.

Scientists of Harvard proved: regular consumption of coffee well affects heart and vessels, but doesn't harm them as long time we were convinced. Also they found out that coffee can save from development of diabetes of 50 men from one hundred and 30 women from the same quantity. However, to reach the necessary effect, it is necessary to drink no more, no less — from 4th to 6 cups a day.

Coffee and sport

Even concerning athletes whose diet is ideally balanced, the scientists of Australia confirmed: coffee helps to increase working capacity, concentration and reduces feeling of fatigue.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team