Than cottage cheese diets are useful

Than cottage cheese diets are useful

The cottage cheese diet began to be popular long ago. It is explained by the fact that cottage cheese the low-calorie product but at the same time containing amino acids necessary for an organism, vitamins, minerals and a large amount of protein, and at a diet it is very important for disposal of hated kilograms. Also cottage cheese contains potassium and calcium, and they very well regulate a metabolism.

Cottage cheese diet not monotonous, cottage cheese can be combined with other products. There is a lot of options of diets, but it is possible to begin with four most popular.

Cottage cheese and kefiric diet

The diet at the rate on one day requires 500 g of cottage cheese with fat content no more than 5% and also kefir liter with fat content to 2%. Food during the day needs to be divided into 5 parts, eating 100 g of cottage cheese and drinking a glass of kefir. Besides in a diet there has to be obligatory a clear water and teas (green and grassy). The diet for 5 days is calculated.

The cottage cheese and apple diyetaeta a diet more tasty, than previous is also directed it not only to disposal of excess weight, but also to cleaning of an organism of slags. First of all at the expense of the food fibers which are contained in apples the stomach will be cleaned. The diet requires 300 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 5 green apples. Food on this diet is divided into three meals: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Apples can be eaten fresh, but if from them the appetite is played, then it is possible to bake them in an oven: in this case the feeling of saturation will remain for a long time. The diet is calculated for 3 days, but it is possible to increase the number of days up to 5. Water and teas are also necessary in a large number, as well as at any diet as liquid promotes a conclusion of slags and toxins from an organism. Cottage cheese and fruit diyetasamy tasty of diets as not only apples, but also oranges, grapefruits and pineapples are added to kefir. Amount of cottage cheese per day – 300 g, and amount of fruit – 1 kg. On this diet it is possible to do the fruit salads filled with kefir, cocktails and even cheesecakes in an oven. The diet sparing and it is possible to adhere to it the whole week. Cottage cheese and banana a diyetaposkolka bananas a nourishing product, this diet it is recommended to those who in addition is engaged in physical activities. 500 g of cottage cheese are during the day eaten in the small portions with 3-4 bananas. Besides it is impossible to forget also about water – the more the better. The diet is calculated for 4-5 days.

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