Than green tea with imbiryom is useful

Than green tea with imbiryom is useful

Green tea — popular drink of east countries which quickly pleased also the Slavic people.

Over time we borrowed one more tradition — addition in drink of various components for strengthening of taste and expansion of its useful properties. One of these ingredients is the ginger root. What useful is in this interesting combination, we will tell below.

Whether it is possible to have green tea with imbiryom: advantage

All know that green tea is a good antioxidant, means for prevention of developing of cardiovascular diseases, stones in kidneys and cancer.

It will be interesting to you to learn more about properties of green, white, black, Kuril tea and also lapacho, milk oolong tea, a sencha and rooibos.

Addition in it a ginger root considerably enhanced advantage of drink which is:

  • source of a rich vitamin and mineral complex;
  • the toning power means perfectly satisfying hunger;
  • anti-inflammatory, the anesthetic applied at treatment of flu and SARS;
  • the exterminator of "bad" cholesterol preventing development of cardiovascular problems;
  • the means normalizing exchange and digestive processes;
  • the good diuretic allowing to bring excess liquid out of an organism and to get rid of hypostases;
  • the potion normalizing amount of sugar in blood and to prepyatstvushchy fluctuations of level of insulin.

Separately about weight loss

At fight against excess weight, green tea with imbiryom is useful that:

  • dulls feeling of hunger, than does not allow overeating;
  • lowers sugar level;
  • removes "bad" cholesterol;
  • intensifies digestion process, eliminates swelling;
  • slows down process of development of cortisol which provokes a congestion of fat deposits in the top part of a trunk and on a stomach;
  • the good power engineering specialist who allows to waken easily and intensively to train.

Important! Do not recommend to drink drink with imbiryom before going to bed as because of the invigorating effect insomnia is possible.

Harmful properties

Tea drink with a root of ginger is contraindicated at:

  • problems with a GIT, liver;
  • inflammatory processes in kidneys and a bladder;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • different types of bleedings;
  • to high temperature;
  • allergies, skin rashes;
  • general feeling sick;
  • pregnancies.

How to prepare and have tea

Drink very low-calorie, but it does not mean at all that it can be drunk as water. The organism needs time to get used to effect of such tea therefore it is necessary to begin to drink on a quarter or on a third of a glass.

If, having drunk drink, you did not notice any suspicious reaction of an organism, then can gradually increase a dose. The dose in 4 g of a dry root of ginger is allowed. It is possible to add honey and a lemon to taste.

Learn what ginger is useful to men and women.

As it is correct to make

Green tea can be cooked with addition of a fresh or dried ground ginger root. There are several ways:

  • in a teapot with green tea put thin slices of ginger. Drink infuses some time, and then it is possible to drink. It is always better to cook fresh drink or to keep it in a thermos;
  • rub 25 g of a ginger root and mix with a tea leaves pinch. Fill in all with water with a temperature of +90... Also leave +95 degrees to infuse one or two minutes.

Whether you know? In 2013 the world production of ginger was 2.1 million tons from which 33% were produced by India.

What can be added

Introduction of various components will allow to diversify taste of drink:

  1. Tea with imbiryom and a lemon: muffles feeling of hunger, cleans an organism, normalizes activity of a liver and intestines.
  2. With honey: improves protective functions of an organism, normalizes weight.
  3. With garlic: enhances fat-burning effect.

Green tea with a ginger root — simple many illnesses medicine and the assistant in fight against excess weight. He does not demand special expenses for preparation and can always be near at hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team