Than hempy seeds are useful?"

Than hempy seeds are useful?"

People most often connect a phrase "hemp seeds" with the seeds bought for illegal cultivation of marijuana. What can be bought in shops of our country is not seeds of a narcotic plant. There are two types of hemp: industrial grades and marijuana. Kernels of the first look are used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. We will try to understand this article in what advantage and harm of seeds of hemp and as they are used in cookery.

Structure of hempy seeds

  • Seeds of hemp contain sulfur and zinc which have positive impact on durability of hair and nails. In them there are also youth vitamins (A and E) which are responsible for aging process delay. Among the contained substances acids which the organism cannot independently produce therefore it is necessary to fill their shortcoming from outside are the most important. These vegetable raw materials have an optimum ratio the Omega-6 and the Omega-3 of acids that allows to strengthen immunity and also to reduce risk of heart attack. Besides, such acids help to improve a condition of skin, to reduce inflammation of joints and to improve functioning of cells of a brain.

Whether you know? Going to sea long flights, the Dutch seamen during the Netherlands Golden Age of navigation took hemp seeds. If in case of ship-wreck it should land on the desert island, they could use them as a food source. Also it was supposed to try to sow a part them, counting on rapid growth and a possibility of use for repair of the ship.

  • We will compare the protein which is contained in this product with proteins of animals, but is not a source of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. It is better absorbed, than soy protein, and does not contain phytoestrogen.
  • High content of the dietary fibers improving functioning of digestive system, promoting weight reduction, reducing the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood and normalizing metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • Hempy sunflower seeds are available in the form of the shelushenny and crude grains. Crude contain much more food fibers and carbohydrates in comparison with cleaned while kernels without peel have much higher content of protein and fat, than crude. This valuable addition of a diet of the person.

Nutritional value of the purified hempy grains (100 grams):

  • power value — 580 kcal;
  • protein — 37 g;
  • fats — 45 g;
  • carbohydrates — 7 g;
  • dietary fiber — 3 g;
  • iron — 9.6 mg;
  • zinc — 11.5 mg;
  • magnesium — 640 mg.

Whether you know? A hempy seed — very good forage for birds. Kernels rich with oils are fed to feathery pets as a part of grain mixes, they stimulate growth of birds and are ideal addition to sterns during a reproduction season. Fishermen also like to use these vegetable raw materials as a fragrant bait for fishes.

Nutritional value of hempy grains in a peel (100 grams):

  • power value — 463 kcal;
  • protein — 30 g;
  • fats — 27.9 g;
  • carbohydrates — 31.3 g;
  • dietary fiber — 22.7 g;
  • iron — 13.1 mg;
  • zinc — 6 mg;
  • magnesium — 390 mg;
  • calcium — 130 mg;
  • phosphorus — 1100 mg;
  • vitamin E — 1.8 mg.

Hemp seeds

The use of sunflower seeds of hemp in food becomes more and more popular. Oil from them has a light nut aroma and it is extremely useful. However it is extremely undesirable to abuse these grains.

Whether you know? Some of religious rituals of Scythians included incensing of hempy sunflower seeds which were fallen asleep for the smoldering coals in small tents where people sat, inhaling their fumes.

Useful properties

Impact of hempy sunflower seeds on an organism:

  1. Strengthening of hair and improvement of a state terms.
  2. Support of process of loss of weight.
  3. Improvement of work of digestive system.
  4. Fiber helps to clean an organism.
  5. Assistance in work of endocrine, nervous and muscular systems.
  6. Decrease in level of cholesterol.

Learn, than hempseed oil and milk is useful.

  1. Support of work of a liver.
  2. Fight against free radicals who often cause problems with health.
  3. Increase in immunity.
  4. Seeds of hemp incorporate high-quality fiber that is important for athletes and vegetarians.


Side effects at overdose:

  • diarrhea and gripes in intestines;
  • emergence of small loss of body weight;
  • the decrease in development by an organism of platelets connected with anticoagulating properties of hempseed oil.

Important! People with coronary heart disease or those who have a bad fibrillation have to consult with the doctor before eating hempseed oil.

As use in cookery

From grains of this plant in the course of pressing receive the vegetable oil having dark color and a characteristic nut smell. Hempseed oil is used both in cookery, and in cosmetology (as a component of creams, massage oils, lotions and liquids for bathtubs). Seeds of hemp can be used as addition at baking of bakery products as additive to salads, fruit cocktails, in the form of flakes or muesli. Oil, as well as a hempy seed, contains valuable nonsaturated Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids and also valuably optimum ratio of these acids (3:1). Besides, it is a receptacle of A, E vitamins and minerals: magnesium, calcium and zinc. It reduces risk of heart attacks and strokes, accelerates regeneration of mucous membranes. It is recommended by physicians at such diseases: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, hypertension.

Important! Hempseed oil is used cold as under the influence of temperature fatty acids are oxidized. It is used as addition to salads, porridges, dairy products and bread.

Rules of storage

First of all, it is necessary to provide appropriate humidity of air indoors. When this indicator too low, seeds can become covered by a mold and lose viability. It is in the same way important that sowing material was not affected by direct sunshine. At observance of rules of a sbereganiye the absolute viability will remain. Storage conditions of sowing material also have a great influence on the further growth of plants. The best temperature for storage of seeds of hemp is 5–7 °C that usually is door temperature in the household fridge: it is very convenient to store sowing material in this place. The seeds put on storage have to be completely dry to avoid formation on them of a mold and to prevent premature germination.

Whether you know? The size of a hempy sunflower seed can vary in sizes: from 2–3 mm to the size of a large pea. Its size does not indicate viability of a plant which of it will grow.

Small hempy kernels — the real storeroom filled with substances and minerals, useful to the person. To support health, people should add gradually this product to a daily diet — as additives to porridges, in the form of grain powder or seasoning of salads with cold hempseed oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team