Than it is useful and as apply garlic

Than it is useful and as apply garlic

Garlic is one of the most ancient spices — still ancient shumer used this product.

Than it is useful what impact it makes on various functional systems of the person whether it is possible to lose weight by means of garlic spice and how to be treated for catarrhal diseases — we will consider in more detail.

Expensive cloves

This is the surprising natural doctor and spicy spice. Garlic appeared long before our era — in rock paintings of the most ancient civilizations (such as shumer and Maya) the archeologists found the product very similar to our modern garlic. This representative of a sort of onions has an edible fruit part (it is divided into segments which use also for landing), leaves, shooters and inflorescences which can also be eaten (generally at a young plant).

Asia Minor is considered the historical homeland of this plant, but today it is widespread almost everywhere — even on the African continent grow up this product. The garlic fruit differs in characteristic taste — very sharp, burning and salty. Thanks to pronounced spiciness it is used as seasoning in traditions of various kitchens of the world.

Structure of a useful product

This unique spice has a rich set of components.


Garlic spice possesses such vitamin substances:

  • And;
  • B1;
  • B2;
  • B5;
  • B6;
  • folic acid;
  • PP;
  • With;
  • carotene.

Thanks to these components, garlic considerably increases immunity, resists to viral infections and takes off weakness and fatigue.

Mineral substances

Contains in 100 grams of garlic vegetable:

  • sodium — 75 mg;
  • potassium — 250 mg;
  • calcium — 60 mg;
  • magnesium — 27 mg;
  • phosphorus — 90-100 mg;
  • ferum — 2 mg.


  • iodine — 9 mg;
  • manganese — 1.5 mg;
  • copper — 0.2 mg;
  • selenium — 13 mg;
  • zinc — 1.2 mg.

Caloric content

It is possible to claim that the garlic fruit is a dietary product — 100 grams contain only 45 kcal. However, seldom who can eat so much garlic spice in pure form, generally use it as seasoning therefore its caloric content is absolutely insignificant.

Structure I WATCH

100 g of garlic WATCH make 6.5: 0.6: 6. From here it is possible to draw a conclusion that this product is the carrier of vegetable protein.

We study advantage

Today even children know that at the first symptoms of cold and viral infection it is necessary to eat a segment of a garlic fruit — its anti-bactericidal and fungicide properties allow to reduce risk of a disease of a SARS and other catarrhal illnesses. What else advantage is rendered by this product — will consider more in details.

For prevention of catarrhal diseases it is worth using honey, onions, a lemon, a cranberry, kefir, fermented baked milk and other fermented milk products.

For men

This small fruit makes huge favorable impact on male health. Still ancient Egyptians knew that this spice is excellent aphrodisiac which stimulates a reproductive system of the man and increases his erectile abilities. In addition, it is capable to improve or restore potency and to have impact complex positively on reproductive function and an organism in general. Besides, it considerably reduces risk of a disease of a prostate cancer, increases blood circulation in canals of a reproductive system, prevents infertility, increases quality of sperm and increases activity and quantity of spermatozoa. Certainly, such impressive indicators are a huge incentive for consumption of garlic by male population — at least to secure themselves against risk of a disease of a malignant tumor and infertility.

Whether you know? In honor of garlic spice the whole city in the USA was called — Chicago, in translation from Old Indian language, literally means wild garlic.

For women

For a fine half of mankind this spice is also an irreplaceable product, first of all, thanks to anti-cancer properties. With its help it is possible to recover from a breast cancer and a uterus. This product is also recommended in moderate quantities for the use during pregnancy — the rich composition of folic acid positively affects development and formation of the vital systems of future kid. Garlic can save women of old age from osteoarthritis and fragility of joints.

Special role for health and beauty of hair vitamins A, E play, B7.

Also garlic spice influences the fortress of hair and nails, she is capable to strengthen considerably roots of hair, effectively struggles with louses, increases density of hair and eliminates fragility. Recently the use of a garlic fruit in a fried look found popularity and though heat treatment reduces structure of useful components a little, nevertheless its advantage remains is still high. First of all, it clears digestive tract of free radicals and toxins, positively affects quality of the immune system. Also such fried type of spice reduces acidulation level in an organism, acting on cellular level.

Whether it is possible to use

Garlic has also the restrictions in the use, there is a certain category of people who need to minimize doses of consumption of this product.

Pregnant and feeding

As the garlic fruit is an allergenic product, it is necessary to consume it to women in the family way with extra care not to cause in not given rise remains of a congenital allergy. Garlic negatively affects taste and quality of breast milk, it should be considered to the feeding women.

Besides, garlic increases uterine activity a little that in the worst cases can lead to premature birth. Also it has ability a little to dilute blood that too is undesirable at pregnancy. However despite such, one may say, negative effects, consumption of garlic spice nevertheless it is necessary — first of all for protection of an organism against viral infections. It is just necessary not to eat too much garlic (especially in the raw).

Important! Use of garlic during pregnancy has to have a strict dosage — it is impossible to use more than 1 clove a day!

To children

Many children do not like taste and a smell of garlic segments — and it is unsurprising, they have rather sharp taste. However for reduction of risk of incidence of catarrhal and viral infections in the natural way after all it is necessary to offer children garlic. It is possible to give this spice to children of one year — however important to meet the main condition: the garlic fruit has to be boiled. First, heat treatment does this product more acquired in children's intestines, and secondly — reduces its bitterness and practically eliminates an unpleasant smell.

The dishes seasoned with garlic cannot be used on an empty stomach.

It is possible to make boiled garlic puree, having mixed it with favourite vegetable of the kid — broccoli, pumpkin puree, etc. Pediatricians unanimously recommend to give to children this natural anti-virus product, however it is necessary to do it is also dosed: for kids up to 5 years — in a boiled look, no more than 3 times a week on a clove. It is the best of all not to give it in pure form, and to add to soups, porridges, salads, to grate bread, etc. In the raw this product can be given from 6-7 years.

In special cases

This spice is not recommended for the use to people:

  • having gastritis, pancreatitis and other ulcer and inflammatory processes in intestines;
  • the suffering lowered pressure;
  • with serious violations of work of kidneys and liver;
  • to epileptics;
  • suffering from manifestations of hemorrhoids.

It is possible and it is even necessary to use garlic spice having gout (do special medicine of this spice), the elevated pressure having problems with potency and low level of the immune system which is treated for cancer, suffering.

Contraindications and possible harm

The main contraindication for the use of a garlic fruit is violation of functions of intestines and digestive tract. At any forms of gastritis, pancreatitis, at frustration of a chair, hemorrhoids and locks the consumption of garlic is forbidden. It is also undesirable to eat a lot of this spice to pregnant women, and in the period of a lactation it needs to be excluded from a diet at all. It is impossible to give garlic to children about one year, and crude garlic — up to 6-7 years. Suffering from the increased acidity of a stomach and having steadily low pressure also you should not eat this spice, it will render only harm. It is carefully necessary to treat this product to allergic persons: garlic is strong allergen which can cause unpleasant reactions of an organism.

As it is correct to choose a quality product

To choose the best and quality garlic spice, it is necessary to adhere to such recommendations:

  • Garlic has to be dry and firm are the main indicators of its freshness.
  • It is better to choose the average sizes of a head — they have more delicate taste.
  • The sprouted plant is not recommended to be bought extremely — its taste will be very sharp and unpleasant, besides it already lost useful properties.

The most useful garlic fruit is that which was grown up in hot climate at continuous influence of sunshine — in it the highest concentration of useful minerals.

Conditions and rules of storage

The main enemy of garlic is a dampness. Categorically it is not recommended to store this product in crude basements and cellars. The dry, protected from moisture places — for example, kitchen cabinets will be the best place for this purpose. Sometimes garlic is stored in glass jars — it is necessary to do it with an open cover. It is important to touch periodically this product and to throw out the begun to rot and mouldy bulbs.

Garlic and smell

Speaking about this spice, much are occurred by the most negative factor of a garlic fruit at once — its pungent and unpleasant smell. Whether it is possible to get rid of it — we will consider below.

How to reduce action

In order that the garlic smell did not pursue you everywhere after you tried a dish with this spice, it is possible to take the following advice:

  1. To use a smaller portion of this spice. The less you will eat garlic, the smell will be weaker.
  2. To remove green boring from segments — they have the most unpleasant smell.
  3. To use in dishes with garlic those products which partially eliminate its unpleasant smell — it can be walnut, bay leaf, rosemary, parsley, a basil, fennel, spinach, eggplants and potatoes.

Whether you know? The unpleasant smell which appears after consumption of garlic is formed not in a mouth or a stomach, and in lungs at the expense of air flows at an exhalation. Also garlic is capable to be allocated together with then and urine of the person.

Than it is possible to kill a garlic smell

The most widespread way to get rid quickly of unpleasant breath is to chew mint leaflets. However there are also other products which well mask or eliminate a garlic smell:


  • apples;
  • cherry;
  • plum;
  • peach;
  • apricot.

It is enough to chew a skin of these fruit within 2-3 minutes already to feel freshness and purity of breath.


  • eggplants;
  • lettuce leaves;
  • garden radish.

These products also not bad mask an unpleasant fragrance of garlic. Also effective way of elimination of garlic aroma is usual cow's milk — its fatty acids eliminate sulfur-containing components of garlic. Green tea and some sour juice (quince, cranberry, garnet, lime and grapefruit) also have such effect. There are also such ways of disposal of a pungent garlic smell from a mouth:

  • To clean teeth paste with a menthol fragrance.
  • To use tooth thread.
  • To clean language a special grid or a scraper.
  • To rinse a mouth any antibacterial liquid (also usual sprays will be suitable for a throat).

These actions at their complex use are capable to refresh breath quickly. If the garlic smell needs to be eliminated quickly and effectively, there is such folk remedy: to drink a glass of tincture of a fenugreek (she prepares about 10 minutes on a water bath). The main thing is to make it at one stroke, the fenugreek has characteristic bitterness.

Whether it is possible to lose weight from garlic

Strictly speaking, to lose weight, only using garlic, it is impossible — it does not influence metabolism processes. But if to eat protein and grain then garlic considerably increases comprehensibility of these substances and exchange processes in an organism. Yes, it removes toxins and some fats, however at the same time increases appetite.

Thus, it can be added to dishes at dietary food (it will accelerate exchange processes), however only in case you have sufficient will power to oppose to the increased appetite.

Grapefruit, ginger, coffee, peas, lentil will help to accelerate exchange processes in an organism.

Features of treatment by garlic

By means of this natural spice it is possible to reduce fermentation in a stomach, to strengthen aggregation of platelets, to increase elasticity of walls of a vessel, to kill spasms, stomach pains, to eliminate intestinal parasites and many other things.

In traditional medicine this product is used as in pure form, and with other natural doctors: honey, camomile tincture, radish, nuts, lemon, tincture of chestnuts, horse-radish and others. Such complex application of garlic with other medical products is capable to cure or reduce risk of emergence even of the most serious diseases.

Cold and flu

The best way of prevention of viral catarrhal diseases is consumption of garlic in the raw. It is possible to rub it on a crust of bread or to eat with fat — the bactericidal effect of it will not decrease. It is better not to swallow of the whole segments of garlic, in this case it will begin to work only in a large intestine that a little than will help at flu. If you for any reasons do not accept consumption of this spice, it is possible just to inhale fumes of slightly boiled thoroughly garlic fruit, it will allow to kill microbes in mucous a mouth and a nose.


In traditional medicine this spice is actively used also for treatment of helminthic invasions. Recipes of drugs:

  • Garlic and honey. To mix 150 g of the cleaned garlic segments about 0.5 liters of liquid honey. To boil thoroughly this mix on very slow fire about 25 minutes, constantly stirring slowly. To drink 20 ml each 3 once a day on an empty stomach or before food.
  • Pure garlic juice. To accept so: the first five days — on 10 drops, following five — on 20. Then each five days increase a dose by 10 drops. The course of treatment lasts up to 2 months. Such method suits only the adults who does not have problems with acidity of a stomach.
  • With milk. To weld one garlic head in a glass of milk. To cool this mix and to give an enema (no more than 100 ml.). Then to connect 20 drops of garlic juice to the warmed-up boiled cow's milk and to drink 3 times a day on an empty stomach.

Important! The people having an allergy to this product cannot be treated for worms by means of garlic categorically!

Blood fluidifying

This spice perfectly cleans vessels and dilutes blood, and in traditional medicine there is a mass of examples with use of this product for such purposes. Garlic brings excess salt out of blood, normalizes the level of platelets, eliminates cholesteric blockages of blood. To clean vessels and to dilute blood, garlic spice should be used so: to crush the cleaned garlic segments, to pass via the grinder (it is possible to grate).

It is possible to lower cholesterol level by means of porridge, korenya ginger, a filbert, the Indian date, pink salt.

Will begin to leave for 15 minutes — during this time in a product various fermental reactions which and will stimulate then activity of the diluting substances. If daily to use several segments of the crushed garlic gruel, then already 2-3 months later the education level of cholesteric plaques in blood will decrease by 25%.

At high cholesterol

It is impossible to reduce high cholesterol on the basis of the use of only one garlic fruit — important, in addition, to adhere to a strict diet and the recommendations of the doctor. However garlic can render the additional effective help in elimination of this illness provided that all harmful products will be excluded from a diet: fat and fried dishes, fast food, product bakeries, fat meat and other. One of drugs on the basis of garlic which is capable to reduce cholesterol level is the combination to apple — for this purpose to polished apple gruel add 1 crushed garlic glove and accept on an empty stomach daily. Of course, it is impossible to claim that the taste of such medicine will be pleasant, however result, undoubtedly, will be effective.

Whether you know? Surprisingly, but garlic — one of the most sweet vegetables: sugar makes 20% of its weight. However bitterness and sharpness of garlic kill its sweet, and receptors of the person do not catch it.

One of popular seasonings: features and application in cookery

This fragrant spice strongly lodged in traditional dishes of many kitchens of the world, first of all, to

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