Than it is useful and whether there is a harm from peanut paste

Than it is useful and whether there is a harm from peanut paste

Irreplaceable product in a diet of each American is useful and nutritious peanut paste. Since recent time this delicacy was fallen in love also by residents of the European countries, however very few people know, than this tasty and nourishing product is useful.

Paste from peanut

Paste from peanut represents homogeneous mass of pastelike consistence which is received by processing of the roasted, crushed peanuts. Also its structure is complemented with a small amount of sugar, salt, vegetable oil. The product possesses in light brown or dark brown color, differs in pleasant peanut taste and aroma. Sometimes paste meets addition of chocolate.

Whether you know? For the first time peanut paste appeared in 1890. Initially the product which was invented by the American dietitian D.H. Kellogg was offered as the digestible food with the high content of protein intended for vegetarian patients.

Structure of a product

The secret of popularity of paste from peanut consists in its rich vitamin and mineral structure. On nutritiousness it does not concede to such bean cultures as peas and haricot. Thanks to the fact that peanut butter undergoes cold processing it keeps a maximum of all useful components which are contained in crude beans.

It will be interesting to learn - than peanut butter is useful.


The vitamin structure of peanut delicacy is presented by the following components:

  • B2 (Riboflavinum or laktoflavin) — participates in process of synthesis of protein, exchange processes and splitting of fats;
  • B3 (nicotinic acid, niatsin) — influences a mental condition of the person, his mood, participates in exchange processes;
  • B5 (pantothenic acid) — combats cholesterol, restores integrity of skin;
  • B8 (inositol) — antidepressant, has improving effect on nervous system;
  • B9 (folic acid) — is responsible for growth, updating and cell fission, normal development of a fruit at pregnancy;
  • D3 (cholecalciferol) — regulates exchange processes, stimulates synthesis of a number of hormones, participates in the correct formation of a skeleton and bones;
  • And (Retinolum) — influences protein synthesis, participates in the improving and rejuvenating processes, regenerates growth of new cages, prevents aging of an organism and skin;
  • E (alpha tocopherol) — strengthens the immune system, fights against heavy metals, improves a condition of vessels, gives support of reproductive function.

Whether you know? 100 g of paste contain 67% of standard daily rate of B3 vitamin and 45% of vitamin A necessary for normal activity of the person.

Mineral substances

The product can brag of the whole range of various minerals:

  • calcium;
  • hardware;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • sodium;
  • zinc;
  • copper.

This combination of mineral components allows to normalize work of a GIT, to reduce risk of developing of diseases of a cardiovascular system, to raise

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Nutrition value and caloric content

The nutrition value of a product is by the following structure:

  • proteins — 17%;
  • fats — 75%;
  • carbohydrates — 8%.

Delicacy from peanut belongs to the category of high-calorific products in which from 570 to 600 kcal depending on amount of the added sugar are the share of 100 g. It is more convenient to that who adheres to a diet and watches the number of the calories eaten a day to know the caloric content of one spoon of a product:

  • teaspoon of 12 g — 72 kcal;
  • tablespoon — 210 kcal.

In what advantage of peanut paste

Peanut delicacy is considered the balanced source of the components, most valuable to human health.

Whether you know? Most of people consider that peanut is one of types of nut. Actually, it treats to family of bean, is a fellow of haricot and peas.

The main component of a peanut — protein which is completely deprived of cholesterol. It promotes cell renewal, accelerates process of regeneration of muscle tissue, eliminates feeling of hunger. Systematic consumption of paste significantly increases the level of testosterone which works as an excellent zhiroszhigatel.

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The cellulose which is contained in a product in large volumes normalizes work of a digestive tract, prevents development of locks, gives the chance to food quicker to be acquired. Peanut butter has a number of medical abilities.


  • strengthens the immune system and increases protective functions of an organism;
  • serves as prevention of diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • interferes with development of cholelithiasis;
  • regenerates functioning of a liver, does not allow to accumulate to fat;
  • promotes memory improvement, strengthening of vessels;
  • intensifies metabolic processes, normalizes arterial blood pressure.

Antioxidants in peanut struggle with free radicals, promote clarification and rejuvenation of an organism. Ascorbic acid allows to support durability and elasticity of cartilaginous tissue. Researches showed that the use of paste reduces risk of development of infertility and stabilizes a hormonal background of the person.

Whether it is possible to use

Peanut — the strongest allergen which can provoke heavy allergic reactions therefore the people having an allergy should refuse it.

To pregnant women

The women bearing the child should reduce consumption of paste from a peanut to a minimum or to exclude in general as its potential harm can exceed positive impact. Physicians distinguish from risk factors:

  • high allergenicity of a product;
  • gas generation. The product can provoke formation of excess of gases in intestines that has negative effect on intestines, leads to an abdominal distension and increased load on a uterus;
  • deterioration in a blood-groove. The ability of peanut to slow down a blood-groove can lead to development of a varicosity and thrombophlebitis therefore categorically pregnant women cannot consume it with the increased blood clotting;
  • caloric content. The high nutritional value of a product can lead to accumulation of excess fat, and as a result, to obesity that for pregnant women is extremely undesirable.

It is recommended to exclude consumption of peanut in the raw as it badly is digested and is capable to provoke serious problems with digestion.


The rich chemical structure does peanut paste by extremely useful product when breastfeeding. The small portion of delicacy will give the chance to diversify a diet of mother and to fill the shortage of many valuable elements. However it is always necessary to remember the increased allergenicity of a product and to use it, since small doses.

Important! According to the recommendations of pediatricians, the feeding mothers should begin to enter peanut into the menu not earlier, than the child will be three months old. If after day the organism of the kid did not react to a product, it is possible to increase gradually a dose, but it is no more than 20 g in day.

To children

Peanut paste — a product useful, nourishing and tasty, however, before offering it to children, it is necessary to be extremely careful. Peanut — allergen, it is necessary to give it, since very small portions. If day later various skin rashes, nausea or diarrhea do not develop, then it is occasionally allowed to indulge the child paste. To inadmissibly give delicacy to kids is younger than 3-4-year age. Its application by children is better to reduce to two times a week, 40-50 g. It is necessary to use a product normirovano, under we build observation of parents, regularly studying reaction of a children's organism.

Features of application and concrete advantage

Paste from a peanut is considered one of important elements of healthy food. Surprisingly, but at rather high caloric content it is widely used at diets and in sport food.

For persons interested to lose weight

The increased caloric content of peanut delicacy is not an occasion to refuse its consumption at weight loss. If to follow rules of application of a product, then it is possible to get rid with ease of several undesirable kilograms. The protein which is contained in peanut promotes fast saturation of an organism and long feeling of satiety. The balanced structure of a product gives the chance to support a body in a tone and to hunger not so sharply. The dietary menu which cornerstone paste from peanut is will allow to saturate an organism with all necessary nutrients, to reduce appetite and to prevent exhaustion. During weight loss the kilograms will slowly leave and after the termination of a diet will not return.

For athletes

For the high content of protein delicacy from peanut was fallen in love by the people who are actively playing sports. According to a number of researches, physicians found out that regular consumption of a peanut increases the level of testosterone which accelerates process of combustion of fat, allows to build up muscle bulk in the natural way. A number of vitamins B structure of delicacy helps to support muscles in a tone, promotes growth and cell renewal. At the expense of high caloric content it gives the chance to quickly restore forces after the active training and it is easier to transfer big loadings.

How to use peanut paste

As well as any other product, peanut paste demands moderation in consumption and respect for standard daily rate.

Rules of the choice of a product

It is possible to receive the maximum advantage of paste only in case it is qualitative, fresh, natural, with the minimum content of chemical additives.

Choosing delicacy, it is necessary to pay attention to such aspects:

  • the structure — good paste consists of only two components — peanut and salt. Addition of sugar or other sweeteners is also admissible;

Important! Avoid a product as a part of which there are palm, rape or cotton oils. It the hydrogenated substances having negative impact on human health.

  • color — a fresh product possesses in light brown or dark brown uniform color, has glossy, brilliant structure;
  • the smell — prevails tasty, nut, slightly sweetish smell;
  • the amount of fats — the reduced content of fats in paste has to guard as his producers often replace with transfats or sugar. Such marketing mix does not reduce product caloric content, and does it less healthy.

What it is combined with

In classical understanding peanut paste was always combined with white bread. The most part of world's population has quite so breakfast. However there are options of eating of this delicacy, other, safer for a figure:

  • to use a product in pure form, but not to forget about norm;
  • to add to porridge from porridge;
  • to do toasts of a piece of apple, pear and paste;
  • to apply as additive to sauces;
  • to add instead of gas station to salads;
  • to bake cookies;
  • to combine together with ice cream.

Really there is a lot of options, it is necessary to choose the most tasty and useful.

Whether there are norms?

The advantage of peanut paste is invaluable. She is a source of useful minerals and vitamins, is capable to struggle with many illnesses and to become fine prevention of some diseases. Along with it the product is nutritious, high-calorie and allergenic.

Nutritionists agreed in opinion that two tablespoons of paste a day for the healthy person are enough to fill standard daily rate of the valuable substances necessary for activity. Moreover, it is recommended to use a product in the first half of day. For the people wishing to lose weight the standard daily rate is no more than 1 teaspoon.

Rules of storage

Not opened peanut paste is allowed to be stored as at the room temperature in the dry dark place, and in the fridge in the glass, densely corked container for one year. After opening the jar is kept only in the fridge not longer than two months.

How tasty to prepare peanut paste: the step-by-step recipe with a photo

If you doubt quality and naturalness of peanut paste which is offered in shops, then it is possible to make delicacy independently.

Necessary ingredients

It will be necessary for you:

  • peanut (crude or fried) — 300 g;
  • honey — 1 tsp;
  • salt — a small pinch;
  • vegetable oil — 1 tsp.

Step-by-step recipe

According to this recipe paste turns out sweet, and as sweetener honey is used.

Preparation of a product includes several stages:

  1. Preparation of peanut. If peanut crude, it is necessary to roast a little bit it in an oven, and then to remove a peel. When using roasted peanuts it also should be exempted from a peel.
  2. To process the prepared peanut in the blender to consistence of uniform powder.
  3. To add honey, salt to powder and again to shake up.
  4. Mix turns out friable, but in process of beating fat gradually will begin to act, and it will turn into a dense lump.
  5. If weight is badly shaken up, it is possible to add a little vegetable (coconut oil).
  6. To shake up weight until it does not turn out viscous and uniform.
  7. To move paste to a clean glass jar and to hide in the fridge.

In storage time, paste can be stratified and be emitted a little fat — it is normal, just before the use it is necessary to mix properly it to uniformity. A period of storage of home-made delicacy — 2 months in the fridge.

Possible harm and contraindications

One of the main risks which is connected with consumption of this delicacy is the allergy. As possible symptoms of allergic reactions are considered: rashes on skin, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, belly-aches. The use of paste can lead to more serious consequences: to cause anaphylactic shock, to provoke asthma or Quincke's edema. In the absence of timely medical care at anaphylactic shock the result can be lethal.

Whether you know? Today over 3 million people have an allergy to peanut and its derivatives worldwide.

In general nut delicacy is suitable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle, plays sports, wishes to lose weight. It is necessary to limit paste consumption to people with a disease of joints, gout, at arthritises and arthrosis, hemophilia, with an excess weight. Cannot add to a diet pregnant women and children age up to three years. It is not recommended to eat paste before going to bed as it can cause problems with digestion. The people having the varicosity or other problems connected with a blood-groove should refuse delicacy.

That else, except paste

Peanut and products from it are pleasant to residents of many countries. It possesses not only pleasant taste and aroma, but also is a source of vitamins, micro and macrocells.

Dried peanut

Peanut dried is vitamin-rich groups B, well-cared, protein, antioxidants and various acids which help to strengthen the immune system, to improve brain activity, to normalize cholesterol level in blood, to prevent development of diseases of heart. This product found broad application in cookery. It is used in desserts, various pastries, for preparation of sauces and gas stations, for snack and sandwiches.

Roasted peanuts

Peanut in a fried look is most often used as having a snack. When frying nutlets in them the content of antioxidants which clean increases and rejuvenate an organism, struggle with free radicals, reduce risk of development of diseases of oncological character.

Halvah from peanut

One of the most tasty traditional desserts peanut halvah — natural, tasty and useful sweet is considered. It is protein-rich also carbohydrates, natural vegetable fats, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Regular consumption of delicacy gives not only unforgettable flavoring feelings, but also allows to saturate an organism with valuable vitamins and minerals.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is received from peanut fruits. Allocate several types: not refined and refined. The most useful the unrefined oil received by a cold extraction without extraction application is considered. Such product is applied in the medical purposes to prevention of various diseases and also in cosmetology to skin rejuvenation. Peanut paste — a surprising product which has amazing taste, bright nut aroma and unique nutrition value. It is a fine source of fats and proteins, serves as great gas station for salads and sauces, it is considered excellent addition to a set of dishes. If you were lucky and you have no an allergy to peanut, then safely go in shop after a fresh portion of improbable delicacy.

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