Than olive oil is useful

Than olive oil is useful

About 50 years ago scientists conducted large-scale researches with participation of residents of the Mediterranean countries which are famous for the good health and longevity. First of all physicians were interested in a question why at consumption of a large amount of fats, they become much more rare victims of associated diseases, such as atherosclerosis or obesity. A secret was simple - olive oil.

Really, inhabitants of the Mediterranean region like to eat nourishingly and generously fill favourite dishes with olive oil which impacts them special sweetish relish. But this gas station not absolutely usual. The fruit or vegetable salad watered with "liquid gold" as Homer once called olive oil will bring in an organism a shock dose of useful substances together with vitamins and will prepare a stomach for intake of heavier food.

What distinguishes olive oil from others? First, it contains a large amount of monounsaturated fatty acids - quality of which other vegetable oils can't boast. One of acids - olein - neutralizes so-called bad cholesterol, so, destroys the cholesteric plaques disturbing a blood-groove which accrued on walls of blood vessels and does vessels by more elastic. Linoliyevy acid is useful to strengthening of a tone of muscles and restoration of the damaged fabrics, including if it is about open wounds or burns of a surface of skin. Also it has beneficial effect on sight and work of a vestibular mechanism.

Secondly, the antioxidants which are contained in olive oil are connected by free radicals, preventing them to be oxidized and provoke cardiovascular diseases and growth of cancer cells. In particular, regularly eating this useful product, women risk to find in themselves a malignant tumor in a breast less. Thirdly, already about 6 thousand years olive oil serves as multipurpose cosmetic. The phenols which are contained in it effectively moisturize and smooth the skin and also serve as the anti-inflammatory and healing means. The masks prepared on the basis of olive oil add to hair gloss and force. It occurs at the expense of the high content of vitamins A and E. Massage with olive oil stimulates secretion of glands. However, despite all the useful qualities, "liquid gold" demands care and the dosed consumption. First of all, it is caused by its increased caloric content and some features which can aggravate the diseases connected with bile, for example cholecystitis. It is necessary to remember that the greatest benefit is brought by the olive oil which wasn't exposed to heat treatment, and the optimum portion makes it no more than 40 g a day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team