Than pumpkin porridge is useful

Than pumpkin porridge is useful

Pumpkin porridge — a dish well familiar to much of the childhood. On milk or on water, with addition of grain, fruit, dried fruits and nutlets — recipes for this delicacy a set. The popularity of a dish is explained by availability of orange vegetable in our region, simplicity of its cultivation, a big variety of ways of preparation and variations of ingredients. And, above all: porridge from pumpkin is extremely useful to people of all age.

Caloric content

Caloric content of pumpkin porridge directly depends on quantity and a variety of the added ingredients.

  • on water with addition / without salt: 16–50 kcal (depending on a grade);
  • on milk (without grain): 85 kcal;
  • with rice on milk: 91–100 kcal;
  • with millet on milk: 115 kcal;
  • with semolina on milk: 150 kcal.

Important! Dish caloric content considerably increases at addition of cream, oil or margarine and also sweet fruit, dried fruits and nutlets.

Than pumpkin porridge is useful

The question of whether porridge from pumpkin is useful, is not necessary — this product favorably influences a human body. Pumpkin porridge is recommended to use to children and people of advanced age and also those whose organism is weakened by a long disease.

For athletes the product will also bring a lot of benefit — it well sates, fills with useful nutrients, and at the same time easily is digested, without creating weight in a stomach.

The product renders such useful properties:

  • normalizes cholesterol level;
  • strengthens walls of blood vessels;
  • normalizes work of digestive system in general and intestines in particular;
  • normalizes acid-base balance in an organism;
  • slows down processes of aging and stimulates regeneration of fabrics, has antioxidant effect.

Pumpkin is rich with a set of vitamins and minerals (And, E, groups B, potassium, cobalt, copper and so forth), each of which makes positive impact on the different systems of an organism.

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It is worth understanding that in thermally processed product the amount of useful substances decreases, pumpkin porridge is still one of the dishes, most favorable for health. Also it is necessary to mention advantage of this porridge for weight loss. The combination of low caloric content and minimum content of fats along with the high level of cellulose does porridge of pumpkin by a great choice for the people seeking to normalize weight. Even in a large portion of pumpkin porridge the number of calories will be within norm for the growing thin person.

The pumpkin dish can be used as the only product for fasting day of times in 1–2 weeks. It is also useful to include it in a diet on a constant basis during the autumn and winter period.

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It is not recommended to adhere to strict diets on the basis of one pumpkin for 4–10 days — perhaps, similar food also will help to dump several kilograms, but such weight loss will not be organic, and on the contrary will bring an organism to a stress state.

For people with an excess weight it is desirable to cook pumpkin without addition of sugar (it is possible to replace with dried fruits, honey), instead of butter it is better to use coconut, and to replace semolina or white rice with brown rice and millet.

What can be harm

This dish has no strict contraindications, besides individual intolerance of vegetable.

Whether you know? From 800 various grades of pumpkin only 200 it is possible to eat.

There are restrictions in consumption of pumpkin porridge at certain painful states:

  • diabetes;
  • the lowered acidity of a stomach;
  • gastritis and stomach ulcer (especially at aggravation);
  • inflammatory diseases of a duodenum;
  • pancreas diseases.

The excessive use of a dish can be harmful to pregnant women and the lactating women, for people after an abdominal cavity surgeries.


Are sure that each hostess has the way of preparation of pumpkin porridge which passed from father to son. We will consider three classical recipes on the basis of milk, rice and millet.

Pumpkin porridge on milk

It is the simplest and fast option of a dish as we should not boil grain. Perfectly approaches as a light and useful breakfast.

Ingredients for preparation:

  • 700 g of pumpkin pulp;
  • 0.5 cups of water;
  • 1.5 cups of milk;
  • salt pinch;
  • 1/3 cups of sugar;
  • butter to taste.

To make the most tasty milk pumpkin porridge, follow such stages:

  1. To peel pumpkin and sunflower seeds, to wash out, cut on small cubes and to boil within 10 minutes on weak fire.
  2. To add the specified milk volume, to boil. After addition of salt and sugar to bring to boiling again and to switch off.
  3. To add butter directly to portions.

In the course of cooking, pumpkin will be softened and will break up to smaller pieces. Also for more gentle consistence it can be kneaded a fork.

Whether you know? Initially jack-o-lanterns (English Jack-o '-lantern) made in Great Britain of swede, but with discovery of America and distribution of pumpkin began to cut out the heads for All Saints' Day from this vegetable. It is interesting that in America the lamps did of pumpkin always when harvesting, but only in the 1950th years this tradition began to belong to Halloween.

Pumpkin porridge with rice

On preparation of the following recipe slightly more time will leave, but this dish will turn out more nutritious due to addition of rice.

Ingredients for preparation:

  • 1 kg of pulp of pumpkin;
  • 500 ml of milk;
  • 1 tablespoons of granulated sugar;
  • 4 tablespoons of rice (for dense consistence it is possible to add more grain);
  • 30 g of butter.

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. To boil the peeled and cut pumpkin within 10 minutes.
  2. To merge water and to mash vegetable in puree.
  3. To add milk, to bring to boiling. Then to add the washed-out rice, sugar and oil.
  4. To cook to readiness for 7–10 minutes, to give in a warm look.

Important! For gentle consistence porridge with grain cannot be cooked quickly on strong fire, it it is necessary to weary. Before giving the dish surely has to infuse.

Porridge from pumpkin with millet grain

Let's provide one more tasty and useful recipe of vegetable porridge on the basis of millet grain. Such ingredients will be necessary for preparation of milk porridge:

  • 500 g of pumpkin pulp;
  • 3 cups of milk;
  • 1 cups of millet grain;
  • 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar;
  • 4 tablespoons of butter.

We recommend to esteem about what dishes can be prepared from pumpkin.

Step-by-step preparation of a dish:

  1. To croup to wash out and wet in cold water for half an hour.
  2. To prepare pumpkin: to wash out, clean, cut in small cubes or to grate.
  3. To boil milk, to add pumpkin, to cook for 10 minutes.
  4. To add grain, sugar and oil. To cook 15-20 more minutes on slow fire, stirring slowly.
  5. After the specified time to switch off and draw half an hour, to give in a warm look.

Video: preparation of pumpkin porridge to diversify taste of a dish, it is possible to add a set of additional ingredients: nutlets, dried apricots and raisin, dried or fresh berries, honey. With such additives the dish will become even more nutritious and useful. Thanks to availability of vegetable, simplicity of preparation and also pleasant taste, pumpkin porridge already long time remains a favourite traditional dish in our territory.

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