Than pumpkin sunflower seeds to men are useful

Than pumpkin sunflower seeds to men are useful

Most of us know, porridges and pies from pumpkin are how tasty and nutritious, but not everyone guesses that this bright fruit is valuable also the seeds. And they play especially important role for men. Let's learn in more detail in what their advantage and as it is correct to use them.

Caloric content and nutrition value

Contains in hundred grams of pumpkin sunflower seeds:

  • fats — 49.05 g;
  • proteins — 30.23 g;
  • carbohydrates — 4.71 g;
  • food fibers — 6.00 g;
  • cindery substances — 4.78 g;
  • water — 5.23 g;
  • cholesterol — 0.

Caloric content:

  • crude — 446 kcal;
  • dry — 559 kcal;
  • fried — 610 kcal.

Learn more about useful properties and contraindications of dried pumpkin sunflower seeds and also study the recipe of their preparation.

Saturated fatty acids:

  • lauric — 0.01 g;
  • miristinovy — 0.06 g;
  • pentadecanoic — 0.01 g;
  • palmitic — 5.36 g;
  • margarine — 0.04 g;
  • stearin — 2.87 g;
  • arakhinovy — 0.21 g;
  • begenovy — 0.06 g;
  • lignotserinovy — 0.04 g.

Monounsaturated fatty acids:

  • palmitoleinovy — 0.05 g;
  • olein — 16.13 g;
  • elaidinovy — 0.03 g;
  • gadoleinovy — 0.06 g;
  • nervonovy — 0.01 g.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids:

  • linoleic — 20.71 g;
  • omega-6 — 20.67 g;
  • omega-3 — 0.12 g;
  • linolenic — 0.12 g;
  • arachidonic — 0.13 g;
  • dokozatetrayenovy — 0.01 g.

Irreplaceable amino acids:

  • arginine — 5.35 g;
  • valine — 1.58 g;
  • histidine — 0.78 g;
  • isoleucine — 1.28 g;
  • leucine — 2.42 g;
  • lysine — 1.24 g;
  • methionine — 0.6 g;
  • methionine + cysteine — 0.94 g;
  • threonine — 1 g;
  • tryptophane — 0.58 g;
  • phenylalanine — 1.73 g;
  • phenylalanine + tyrosine — 2.83 g.

Replaceable amino acids:

  • asparaginic acid — 2.96 g;
  • alanine — 1.49 g;
  • glycine — 1.84 g;
  • glutamic acid — 6.19 g;
  • proline — 1.32 g;
  • serin — 1.67 g;
  • tyrosine — 1.09 g;
  • cysteine — 0.33 g.

Vitamin and mineral structure

Pumpkin sunflower seeds are champions on keeping of many micro and the macrocells necessary for maintenance of important functions in a human body. Besides, they are vitamin-rich different groups and other valuable substances.

Whether you know? In ancient times the Indians made rugs of strips of dried pumpkin, and in some African countries still use specially processed pumpkin as motorcycle helmets.


Seeds of pumpkin contain numerous vitamins from different groups.


  • vitamin A, RAE — 1 mkg;
  • vitamin A, ME — 16 ME;
  • alpha carotene — 1 mkg;
  • beta carotene — 9 mkg;
  • beta cryptoxanthine — 1 mkg;
  • lutein + zeaxanthin — 74 mkg;
  • vitamin E, alpha tocopherol — 2.18 mg;
  • beta tocopherol — 0.03 mg;
  • gamma tocopherol — 35.1 mg;
  • delta tocopherol — 0.44 mg;
  • vitamin K — 7.3 mkg.


  • vitamin C — 1.9 mg;
  • B1 vitamin, thiamine — 0.27 mg;
  • B2 vitamin, Riboflavinum — 0.15 mg;
  • B5 vitamin, pantothenic acid — 0.75 mg;
  • B6 vitamin, pyridoxine — 0.14 mg;
  • B9 vitamin, folates — 58 mkg;
  • PP vitamin, niatsin — 4.99 mg;
  • vitamin PP, NE — 14.59 mg.


  • B4 vitamin, is well-cared — 63 mg.

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Micro and macrocells

Pumpkin seeds are rich macro - and minerals. In each hundred grams of sunflower seeds it is possible to find the real treasure.


  • potassium, K — 809 mg;
  • calcium, Ca — 46 mg;
  • magnesium, Mg — 592 mg;
  • sodium, Na — 7 mg;
  • phosphorus, P — 1233 mg.


  • iron, Fe — 8.82 mg;
  • manganese, Mn — 4.54 mg;
  • copper, Cu — 1.34 mg;
  • selenium, Se — 9.4 mkg;
  • zinc, Zn — 7.81 mg.

Than are useful to men

Pumpkin, and especially in its sunflower seeds, contains a large number of the minerals and vitamins necessary for maintenance of male health. In recipes of traditional medicine the big application was found by pumpkin seeds oil which helps to cope with the following male illnesses: prostate adenoma, dysfunction of intestines, disease of kidneys and liver and many others.

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The main useful functions of seeds for a male body:

  • at the expense of zinc normalizes potency, keeping reproductive function of the man, improves quality of sperm and prevents development of adenoma of a prostate;
  • the magnesium which is in structure participates in development of antibodies, reduces excitability of nervous system;
  • vitamin A which is in sunflower seeds improves a condition of skin, slows down aging of an organism and promotes improvement of sight;
  • the present phosphorus favorably influences mental capacities, strengthens bones and a skeleton, normalizes acid-base and salt balance in an organism;
  • irreplaceable vitamin C in sunflower seeds promotes clarification of vessels and strengthens protective forces of an organism;
  • tocopherol (vitamin E) which best of all works in crude seeds catches free radicals and improves a hormonal background;
  • vitamin K which the person receives together with pumpkin seeds is irreplaceable in exchange processes, influences formation of a skeleton and blood clotting;
  • manganese in structure increases comprehensibility of vitamins, strengthens walls of vessels, interferes with early baldness;
  • group B vitamins in sunflower seeds are useful too, strengthen nervous system, improve memory, strengthen work of a brain and participate in synthesis of men's hormone — testosterone.

That is not all, as pumpkin sunflower seeds:

  • normalize function of intestines, save from locks, remove salts of heavy metals and remove inflammations;
  • help to cope with stressful states and a depression;
  • sick diabetes help to lower sugar level in blood and to remove puffiness;
  • oil of pumpkin seeds positively influences a liver and a gall bladder, only one tablespoon a day will save from manifestations of cholelithiasis, weight in a stomach and even from prostatitis;
  • external use of oil will help with healing of wounds.

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Seeds of pumpkin contain polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which are very important for normal functioning of heart and vessels, interfere with development of arrhythmia and atherosclerosis, improve processes of exchange in a myocardium. They are irreplaceable in synthesis of testosterone and improve assimilation by an organism of other valuable elements, and besides, are invaluable for food of a hair follicle and prevention of early baldness.

It is important! To get rid of travel sickness in the car or manifestations of seasickness, take a small handful of pumpkin sunflower seeds to the road. They will perfectly remove symptoms of nausea and dizziness.

In what look it is better to use and how many it is possible to afford in day

In order that this product brought only benefit, the adult man needs to use about 60-70 grams of sunflower seeds a day. It is the best of all to eat the crude or dried seeds as fried though are slightly more tasty, but heat treatment destroys many useful substances, especially vitamins and fatty acids. By the way, besides advantage for health, pumpkin sunflower seeds will help to diversify the menu and to bring in it a new note. They are perfectly combined with fresh, stewed or fried vegetables therefore they can be added to ragout, a cell or salads. It is possible to strew with a crumb from sunflower seeds sandwiches or porridges — so the ordinary dish will become more useful and more appetizing. Pumpkin seeds harmoniously supplement pastries and desserts, they are good both in a stuffing, and in the form of decoration of cakes and cakes. In addition, on their basis it is possible to make refined sauce. For this purpose it is necessary to mix the crushed sunflower seeds, garlic and melkonarezanny parsley and cilantro. Having filled all with lemon juice and olive oil, you receive almost restaurant sauce which will be not only tasty, but also the most useful. Especially it is good during the autumn and spring period as pumpkin seeds in combination with garlic and olive oil increase immunity and protect from possible infections.

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Storage conditions

If you want to prepare independently pumpkin seeds, then it is necessary to buy the whole intact pumpkin, to cut in two, to choose seeds and to dry them on the equal surface laid by paper. The dried crude seeds are stored in fabric sacks, cardboard boxes or glass tanks at the room temperature. The cleaned seeds long remain in tight packing in vegetable section of the fridge.

You should not use polyethylene as seeds can choke and become unsuitable to the use for storage. To accelerate drying process, dry sunflower seeds a paper towel and place them in previously warmed oven for about ten minutes.

As it is possible to use in the medical purposes

Pumpkin sunflower seeds make medical and preventive impact on a prostate, kidneys and all urinogenital system, on the cardiovascular system, digestive tract, nervous system, processes of a metabolism and many other functions of an organism. They are natural antidepressant, positively influence a condition of skin and hair, and help to get rid of helminths.

Whether you know? Pumpkin is very not choosy to growth conditions therefore she can be met on all continents, except Antarctica. And in some places it is used as a ceremony element: for example, at the beginning of the last century the unlucky Ukrainian groom as the sign of refusal could receive pumpkin.

Anthelminthic means

Pumpkin seeds — one of the best folk remedies on fight against worms. They contain natural poison kukurbitin, pernicious for the parasites living in an organism, but is absolutely harmless to the person. By the way, most of all kukurbitin is in a greenish film, dividing a seed and its cover. There are several recipes which will help effectively and in the minimum terms to get rid of helminths:

  1. To mix three hundred grams of the crushed crude seeds with honey to a condition of dense sour cream and to use in the small portions on an empty stomach within an hour. Three hours later to drink laxative or to make an enema. A course of treatment — one day.
  2. To process two hundred grams of seeds in the blender, having added a small amount of milk that dense gruel turned out. To eat it instead of a breakfast, and in an hour to drink 300 ml of cold water. In an hour whenever possible to drink still waters, and in 2.5 hours after such breakfast to make a cleaning enema. A course of treatment — one day.
  3. Two hundred grams of crude seeds and five – six garlic gloves to crush in the blender, for taste it is possible to add a little honey. To insist 12 hours at the room temperature and to accept on an empty stomach on one tablespoon. To have breakfast not earlier, than in three hours. A course of treatment — no more than four days.

We advise to read about useful properties of types of honey: meadow, forest, flower, akatsiyevy, buckwheat, lime, sunflower, chestnut, dyagilevy.

Sunflower seeds are good also for prevention of helminthosis. For this purpose it is necessary regularly on an empty stomach in 20 minutes prior to the first meal to use 50 grams of seeds, washing down them with a glass of clear water.

At diseases of kidneys and a bladder

Diseases of kidneys and urinary system also well respond to treatment by folk remedies:

  1. To fill in one tablespoon of the crushed seeds of pumpkin with a glass of boiled water and to insist thirty minutes. To have the turned-out tea within a week on two-three glasses a day.
  2. To pound in pottery on a glass of the dried-up seeds of pumpkin and hemp, having gradually added three glasses of boiled water. To filter the turned-out weight and to well wring out the rest. To drink all broth during the day. It is good at an urine delay because of spasms and when in urine blood is found.

Important! Upon purchase try to try seeds. If they taste bitter, then you should not use this product. Also pay attention to a smell. Rotten, musty or just unpleasant smell — a signal of refusal of purchase.

At prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds are extremely useful to treatment and prevention of diseases of the men's sexual sphere that is especially important for men after 35-40 years when in an organism there are irreversible changes. At this age it is already worth thinking of prevention of diseases of a prostate what this product helps to cope successfully with. High content of zinc in it normalizes hormonal level, this element is a component of men's hormone — testosterone. Means for improvement of potency of men and prevention of adenoma of a prostate:

  1. To mix the crushed walnuts and sunflower seeds of pumpkin in identical proportions and to add a little honey. To eat on a tea spoon in day and to enjoy cheerfulness and male power. From the received mix it is possible to stick together small portion balls (with a diameter up to 1.5 cm) and to store them in the fridge.
  2. To accept pumpkin oil on an empty stomach on 1-2 teaspoons in the morning and in the evening. In the beginning to take it it is a little in a mouth and only then to swallow, to wash down with nothing.

Contraindications and harm

And yet, despite all advantage of pumpkin seeds, it is necessary to control their use. If to eat too much, it is possible to provoke exacerbation of stomach ulcer. It is worth to remember also about the high caloric content of this product. The regular use of a large number of sunflower seeds can promote a set of excess weight.

Besides, you should not gnaw sunflower seeds teeth as gradually and even imperceptibly for itself it is possible to damage tooth enamel. And if you get sunflower seeds without peel, then before the use of minutes ten dry them in an oven. It will secure you against pathogenic microbes.

The bad ecology and stresses, unfortunately, negatively affect also male health. One of products helping to smooth these factors are pumpkin sunflower seeds. They — not a panacea from all diseases, but at their correct use, it is possible to count on positive changes in work of many functions of an organism. Therefore eat pumpkin sunflower seeds and God bless you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team