Than quail eggs are useful to female health

Than quail eggs are useful to female health

When choosing food products many try to sustain a certain balance between taste and advantage. The task becomes complicated if to consider the huge range presented in shops. Not to be mistaken, we usually incline to purchase of natural products. Let's consider, than one of them, namely quail eggs, and what its advantage is valuable to women.

About structure

This product — the real well of useful substances. To be convinced of it, to get acquainted rather fluently its structure.

In 100 g contain:

  • various fatty acids, including the most valuable Omega-3 and Omega-6 — 11.2 g;
  • irreplaceable amino acids (tyrosine, a leucine, methionine, etc.) — 7.79 g;
  • replaceable acids — 5.75 g;
  • sterols and usvoyaemy carbohydrates — on 0.6 g;
  • it is well-cared (B4 vitamin) — 0.5 g;
  • nicotinic acid (RR) — 3.1 mg;
  • vitamin E — 0.9 mg;
  • connections of group B (a pyridoxine and thiamine, niatsin and Riboflavinum) — totally 1.18 mg;
  • Retinolum — 0.47 mg.

Whether you know? In old times of quails contained not only as a game bird: they were appreciated characteristic singing. Strictly speaking, it is difficult to call such trills harmonious: this or repeating vavakanye, or loud to drink-drink-drink.

As regards minerals quail eggs will give odds to many dishes too.

You judge: only one phosphorus 218 mg are the share of the same weight. It is less chlorine and potassium, but approximately equally: 147 and 144 mg respectively. There are a sulfur (124 mg) and sodium (115), calcium (54) and magnesium (32).

Caloric content is 168 kcal / 100. Content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is estimated respectively at 12, 13 and 0.6 g.

The main microcell — iron — in number of 3.2 mg. Content of copper, manganese and chrome is expressed in micrograms, and functions of background substance are allocated for molybdenum.

In what advantage of quail eggs for women

As you can see, the product is really useful to an organism. Time to learn in what it is expressed came.

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During pregnancy and breastfeeding

Gynecologists and obstetricians often include quail eggs in the menu of future mothers. No wonder, at the moderate use they show the mass of valuable properties:

  • strengthen the immunity weakened vpreddveriya of childbirth;
  • normalize arterial blood pressure;
  • regulate blood circulation. At the same time hazardous substances are removed from blood, the shortage of erythrocytes, characteristic of this period is filled;
  • increase hemoglobin level (anemia is so prevented);
  • due to high concentration of phosphorus and potassium the bone device and sheaves become stronger. Also destruction of tooth enamel is prevented;
  • remove irritability and absent-mindedness (the nervous terminations receive a necessary dose of vitamins B);
  • help to neutralize toxicosis symptoms;
  • on late terms minimize risk of an abortion.

Future and feeding mothers need to take care of availability of vitamins B their diet.

These eggs favourably differ from chicken in the fact that quite seldom cause an allergy. On that is the reason: in their structure, protein ovomoktsid, dulling possible allergenic action of other dishes appears. However, sometimes he also acts as allergen.

Thanks to it boiled eggs are actively used both before childbirth, and during breastfeeding. At this stage there will be by the way such qualities as:

  • fast replenishment of vitamin stocks, minerals and other substances which are capable to collect in mother's organism;
  • support of hormonal balance which is a little broken after the birth of the baby;
  • improvement of work of digestive tract;
  • lack of excess cholesterol;
  • prevention of diseases of skin, problems with loss of hair or nails.

Despite obvious advantage of this product, it is better for women in labor to be careful and even prior to reception to coordinate it with the doctor. On late terms it is good to show to the doctor the data of ultrasonography confirming the state of health of the kid.

Important! Common opinion that quails because of more high temperature of a body have no salmonellosis — no more, than the myth. Therefore surely estimate in what conditions eggs are stored. If in this respect there are doubts, it is better to put them aside.

Perhaps, it is necessary to hand over allergoproba which will show whether it is possible to use eggs in a specific case.

Cosmetic properties

Quail layings are widely used in cosmetology.

Action of natural components on skin is expressed in the following:

  • the anti-inflammatory and healing effect. Retinolum helping to fight against hems or unsuccessfully remote pimples is responsible for it;
  • it is well-cared (B4) accelerates cell regeneration. Getting into a cellular layer, this substance smoothes to a term, preventing appearance of wrinkles. The effect of lifting is gained;
  • Riboflavinum (B12) takes off painful effects and eliminates acne rash with different peelings at the same time;
  • nicotinic acid (RR) tones up skin. Removing dullness or yellowness, this ingredient refreshes complexion, does it healthier;
  • lecithin, passing in deep layers of a cover, smoothes wrinkles and well removes puffinesses;
  • other substances adjust normal exchange process of a cellular layer, thereby revitalizing it. The result — skin becomes smooth and clean.

For preparation of face packs for quail eggs it is possible to add lemon juice, a cucumber, sour cream, cottage cheese, milk, honey.

Whether you know? In Central Asia long time quail fights were arranged: birds were placed in a hole of large diameter which was obsedat by the audience. Similar sport lost the popularity only in the middle of the XX century.

The product also is useful to hair. Masks and conditioners on its basis help to get rid of dandruff, to remove irritation of head skin, to strengthen hair follicles. To return to locks gloss — too not a problem: mixes with participation of such eggs are suitable for all types of hair.

It is possible to find a huge number of house recipes of similar means in Network. Also the industrial cosmetology did not stand aside: quail eggs or the extract taken from them act as components of lotions and tonics, creams and shampoos.

For weight loss

The spotty laying helps also with fight against excess weight: the product and was strongly included long ago into the dietary menu.

Couple of crude eggs a day are the standard norm in such cases which allows to receive necessary amount of useful substances. Thus the organism energy balance is restored, the metabolism is normalized (mainly, proteins and fats).

Consumption of eggs with greens (fennel or lettuce leaves) accelerates process of cleaning of vessels: fat plaques are removed. It well affects work of heart, especially if to consider that they do not contain excess cholesterol.

Important! The use is usually begun with small doses. For example, having eaten 1 egg, trace reaction of an organism. If everything is normal, reception is repeated every other day. Having convinced that the product does not cause rejection, it is possible to pass to a daily ration from 1-2 features.

Nutritionists know that quail eggs at the use cause sense of fulness — the thirst for frequent having a snack which often and becomes the cause of obesity decreases. It is confirmed by figures: the yolk contains twice more vitamins A, B1 and B2, than in egg. That is, blood formation will remain normal even during a diet. Weight loss is often connected with the strengthened physical activities. To cover requirements of muscles and fabrics during such activity and during restoration — one more task for a quail product.

We advise to read about advantage of eggs and also features of their cooking (in particular, in the microwave).

Possible harm and contraindications

As well as any product, quail is useful if to use it moderately. For women 1-2 features (during pregnancy it is possible to take also 3) are considered as standard daily rate.

Harm is shown if regularly to use them in large numbers. In such cases business reaches unpleasant weight or feeling of gripes in the lower part of a stomach, is more rare — short-term diarrhea. The last can be connected with violation of storage conditions. Pay attention that the maximum expiration date makes 60 days (at constant +10 °C). But it is the best of all to take the laying packaged 7-10 days ago — these data are on the label.

Whether you know? Pupils of the Japanese schools without fail eat 2 such eggs on the eve of the occupations.

Direct contraindication is the intolerance of protein. But there are also indirect reasons which can be a reason for refusal of similar food. Among them:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • stable jumps of level of cholesterol in blood;
  • diabetes in any form;
  • diseases of a liver and kidneys (especially cholelithiasis).

To avoid complications, it is desirable to get advice of the doctor and to try not to depart from his recommendations.

Now you know, than quail eggs and what benefit of their use women of different age can derive are rich. We hope, these data will help to strengthen health and to increase beauty. Excellent all of health!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team