Than rye bran is useful: as it is correct to accept and whether there is from them a harm

Than rye bran is useful: as it is correct to accept and whether there is from them a harm

One of trends of modern cookery is an emphasis on healthy natural products. If to look narrowly more attentively, then it will turn out that more and more people refuse traditional ingredients, preferring to them more useful. Approximately such situation developed also with flour which many replace with rye bran. Let's learn, than they are useful and as it is correct to use them.

This by-product of flour-grinding production is received when crushing whole grain. During such processing from kernels separate mealy kernels, germs and a cover in the form of fiber.

Just the cover also becomes a basis for bran, and the bulk of germs with kernels go for flour production (though small part of them nevertheless gets to a peel).

Ready raw materials are a light brown loose peel which then is condensed on the special equipment, granulate and process the ferry to remove a mold and a fungus.

Final stage — repeated granulation after which the product is sent for storage. Also the peel can be passed through an extruder that accelerates process, but affects nutritious properties.

This product contains the mass of useful substances and connections which deserve the separate description. Let's begin with vitamins.

  • 2.07 mg of a niatsin (B3);
  • 1.5 mg of vitamin E;
  • thiamine (B1) and Riboflavinum (B2) in smaller quantities — 0.54 and 0.28 mg.

Important! In fat shares of rye grains there is no cholesterol that allows to use them that at whom its content in blood is increased.

Their action is supported with vitamin A (16.6 mkg) to which the part of a background component is assigned.

The list of minerals is far more extensive. Opens its top macrocell in the form of potassium — in 100 g of a product it will be 1.2 g. Magnesium (448 mg) goes the second, and phosphorus in number of 310 mg closes the leading three. Calcium contents — 230 mg, whereas sodium — about 60 mg.

Iron (10 mg), manganese (6.9-7 mg) and zinc (4.3 mg) are distinguished from minerals. They are strengthened by other minerals which are present at much smaller volumes. It is copper (759 mkg), iodine (60 mkg) and cobalt (4 mkg).

Caloric content of a product is 221 kcal / 100. The triad proteins-fats-carbohydrates has such appearance: 11.2 g of protein, total 3.2 g of fats and 32 g of carbohydrates (mainly, starch and dextrins).

Contents of valuable food fibers including celluloses, depends on technology of processing, and can fluctuate within 43-47 g.

The data given above indicate considerable benefit which will be brought by consumption of bran to people of different age. Let's find out in what it is shown.

  • work of a cardiovascular system improves;

Peaches, tomato juice, sunflower honey, salad of a chuk, lard, salmon, seeds of a chia and nectarines also contribute to normalization of work of a cardiovascular system.

  • arterial blood pressure is stabilized, in blood the level of sugar and cholesterol decreases;
  • work of a brain is strengthened;
  • due to soft impact on an endocrine system the hormonal balance is normalized;
  • the metabolism including at the level of metabolism of fabrics and cages gets better;
  • the vermicular movement of gastrointestinal ways is restored;
  • the risk of system atherosclerosis and anemia, diabetes and oncological diseases decreases. The same concerns also diseases of a liver and GIT;
  • toxins, salts of heavy metals and radionuclides are removed;
  • work of nervous system returns to normal;
  • skin, hair and nails become stronger.

But there is more to come — influencing processes of activity of cages, the peel can even slow down aging. Generally, real well of health.

  • enhance immunity;

For strengthening of immunity it is also useful to use zabrus, a quince, bee pollen, a cranberry, a filbert, cherry juice, cowberry, a red cabbage, pineapple and a cornel.

  • support the acid environment of digestive system (it is a cellulose merit);
  • the same fibers, adsorbing the allergens which got to a children's organism, help to get rid of an allergy;
  • struggle with dysbacteriosis and locks;
  • normalize work of the major bodies which often do not keep up with the active growth of an organism.

Whether you know? The rye came to us from the southwest regions of Asia where types grew in a wild look related at it. One more location of primary area call Southern Europe.

There is one important nuance, namely age of the child. Rye products are prohibited to kids till 1 year. The baby is from 1 to 3 years old it is already possible to add a half of a teaspoon of the steamed-out powder to soup or porridge (it is standard daily rate which is broken into 3 receptions).

For children from 3 to 10 years take 1-2 tsps, distribute them on three approaches in a day and add to any dishes at a stage of their preparation. 10 years are also more senior — from a half to the whole teaspoon, three times a day. At such age already not essentially, boiled bran or dry, added to ready salads or soup.

Important! The minimum standard daily rate of liquid during intake of bran is 1.5-2 l for children and 2-3 l for adults.

Irrespective of age, the children receiving such additive have to drink more water.

In anticipation of childbirth future mothers revise the menu, including in it more useful products and additives. Among them the important place is taken also by cereal products.

Gynecologists and obstetricians treat bran favourably — they help an organism to transfer double loading, at the same time removing many unpleasant symptoms disturbing pregnant women.

  • to prolong feeling of satiety;
  • to prevent a lock and hemorrhoids, to reduce risk of appearance of dysbacteriosis and atherosclerosis and also pancreatitis and cystitis;

The black mountain ash, potato juice, crude beet, bee subpestilence, mangold, pecan, chicory, cottage cheese and hawthorn is also shown to be used for prevention of atherosclerosis.

  • to remove disintegration products, thereby having cleaned intestines.

Admissible norm — 2 tablespoons a day broken into several receptions. It is possible to add to porridge, soup, yogurts and pastries. If near at hand there was a product in the form of sticks, it is washed down with tea, kefir or broth.

The use is begun with the reduced doses: it is necessary to estimate reaction of an organism. Having convinced that there are no negative consequences, the norm is increased to recommended, surely washing down additive with liquid (otherwise from it there will be no effect).

Keep in mind that there are also contraindications: gastrointestinal diseases in a sharp form, system intestinal frustration and long diarrhea. In such cases bran gets under the ban.

Whether you know? The highest among cereals is the bamboo — on marshy soils of the Southern Asia it grows to 40-50 m in height.

It is possible for the feeding mothers, and it is even necessary to accept this product (certainly if there are no contraindications). When breastfeeding the use is begun strictly from second month of life of the child. The first reception — 1 tsp during a breakfast then a break for day is taken. At this time watch the kid. Without having noticed at him rash or disorder of intestines, pass to a normal dose. It comes down to 25, at most 30 g a day, in several approaches. You should not increase norm — it will affect almost at once (a lock or an abdominal distension).

  • availability of additives. They can be different — from nut and carrot to a sea cabbage. If purchase is intended to children or pregnant women, then it is better to take a clean product;
  • look. Loose bran (powder of a fine or average crushing) it is more useful than a product in granules or small loaf. The fact is that for giving of more or less steady form often add flour that reduces cellulose content;
  • caloric content. Having noticed that the figure specified on packing exceeds 210-220 kcal / 100, such pack can be set aside safely aside — there is obviously a flour, also other ingredients are not excluded (which sometimes forget to mention);
  • color. Any tochechek the mold should not be;
  • smack and smell. Having come home, try to open immediately a pack and to estimate aroma. At quality bran it always has pronounced grain notes. Aromas in the form of a heavy smell of a mold together with bitter taste signal that the product is already spoiled.

Important! Attentively examine packing: even the small cut through which air arrives can lead to loss of the main qualities of a product.

At last, takes value and place of purchase. Similar acquisitions usually do in dietary departments of supermarkets or in drugstores. And here in the market there is a big risk to receive the stale goods which lost the qualities.

Bran perfectly absorbs moisture therefore the main thing is to place them in a sealed container. Filled up in bank them it is possible to put on a side shelf of the fridge (where temperature +2 … +6 °C is maintained).

Many store a product in vacuum containers. Such container usually keep in room conditions (+16 … +22 °C), having placed in the darkened corner. An optimum period of storage — up to 6 months.

Such additives are used not only in the preventive purposes, but also for treatment of a number of diseases. Let's look where the similar effect is most stoutly shown.

The bran which is steamed out or simply divorced water softly removes symptoms of this phenomenon and removes its cause — violation of a normal vermicular movement of a stomach. Having got into a digestive tract, powder is quickly split, and the fibers emitted thus improve intestinal transit, at the same time removing the old and coarsened food remains and also toxins which become more active at a lock.

Whether you know? The first among cereals the corn entered culture — in ancient America it began to be grown up in the VIII millennium BC.

At a chronic lock the final effect occurs 1-2 months later after the beginning of reception, and the result is fixed within 5-6 weeks (at the same time strictly adhere to a dosage).

Bran perfectly copes with viral diseases of the upper airways. Product particles, getting to the struck area, begin to connect the toxins which accumulated there. Together with plentiful drink it provides an exit of viruses and pathogenic connections from an organism.

Pulmonologists note that the major role in it is played by the same cellulose: having got on problem fabrics, it kind of cleans off virus stratification. Its action amplifies minerals which get deep into a mucous layer and neutralize bacteria.

In traditional medicine the recipe of broth is popular: 400-500 g of bran fill in 1.5 l of boiled water then boil 15 minutes on small fire. After half-hour upholding all decant and add a little burned sugar. Reception: 4-5 times a day in a warm look. But there is also a reverse side of such treatment — doctors approve such doses not always.

Fight against deficiency of vitamins — one more scope of bran. Even there will be enough small amount to fill the needs of an organism for useful substances (not without reason rye version is recommended to accept to athletes).

Important! The excessive eagerness in reception threatens to develop into other extreme — gipervitaminoz. Therefore observe a measure.

The vitamins received thus long remain in an organism (they are connected by food fibers and macrocells). In the people on this case there is a recipe of infusion: 2 tablespoons of bran are filled in with 2 glasses of boiled water and, having brought to boiling, immediately put aside away. Under a cover liquid is kept 1 hour. Reception comes down to 0.5 glasses 2 times a day for half an hour to food.

Nutritionists noticed this product long ago.

  • the balanced vitamin and mineral composition with quite high content of valuable amino acids and protein;
  • soft, but effective regulation of a metabolism (including fat). And there is it without cholesterol inflow;
  • sharp reduction of number of having a snack during the day — contain in bran, generally slow carbohydrates;
  • long feeling of satiety (cellulose, having got into a stomach, quickly inflates).

The course of reception proceeds until is notable result. For this purpose it is necessary to maintain norm, abstaining from increase in a dose: 2 tablespoons a day, tired in water or broth, will be enough (in 25-30 minutes prior to food).

This, apparently, imperceptible product on the cosmetic effects does not concede to lotions and creams. It is no wonder that there is a set of recipes of masks with its participation. Let's stop on the most effective.

For cleaning of a time and moistening of dry skin use 2 tablespoons of the bran which is filled in with the same amount of warm fat milk. This mix is a little cooled and put on a face the massing movements. Prepare that it will roll down. Having sustained 20 minutes, wash away cold water.

Whether you know? Cereals can be seen even in Antarctica — there grows lugovik (it a shchuchka).

  • at first on a water bath kindle 2 tablespoons of honey. Having allowed to cool down, pour the same amount of bran and small cut mint leaves;
  • couple of drops of lemon juice — and the received viscous weight cool completely;
  • then apply on all sites of the person, without having forgotten to wash away in 20 minutes warm water.

It is also possible to get rid of black dots by means of lemon juice, a spirulina, a girasol, grits, orange and a red guelder-rose.

It is possible to get rid of rash or inflammation, having simplified this recipe. There are only a honey which is warmed up in the same way and bran (on 2 tablespoons). After mixing weight is drawn within 10 minutes, having processed after that problem sites. Wash away warm water, 15 minutes later.

  • 200 g of bran are filled in with 400 ml of boiled water;
  • the container for 15 minutes is covered;
  • having filtered, liquid is applied on hair which wrap up for half an hour;
  • wash away warm water, without shampoo.

It is possible to make of the same broth also a mask for a hair shine: 70-75 ml of ready liquid dilute from 50 g of honey and 1 yolk. 30 minutes after drawing — and all wash away the water which is slightly acidified by lemon juice.

Important! Similar appliques do 1-2 times a week.

The problem of grease hair will be solved if periodically to apply liquid gruel. Bran in the form of powder fills in with hot water. When they bulked up, add 1 tsp of mustard and 1 protein. Having shaken up mix to uniform gruel, it is applied on roots, and then distributed on all length of curls. Maintain 30 minutes.

On counters in wide assortment bread with bran is presented. There is a question of whether there is a difference between such products and if yes, that in what.

Nutritionists note that, in the bulk, it is no more than usual barmy bread with additives of wheat or rye bran. It is useful to an organism, but it is better for that who seriously intends to be engaged in the health to pay attention to other grades:

  • so-called live. Similar pastries become in the presence of natural ferment, are frequent with participation of sprouts or the whole grains. Here the huge amount of vitamins, and structure allows to eat bread even at obesity;
  • wholegrain. They are recommended to people for whom cardiovascular diseases are diagnosed, diabetes or cholesterol level in blood is increased;
  • biobread. In fact, it is mix from several types of flour, it is frequent with addition of parts of vegetables — carrots, tomatoes, etc. A great option for those who are busy with hard physical work.

Whether you know? In medieval feasts bread was not only food, but also a part of laying — often stale pieces of the big size played a role … plates.

In turn, popular small loafs with a big period of storage demand thorough study of structure — in them different preservatives, amplifiers of taste and salt come across that is contrary to norms of healthy food.

This additive and was strongly included long ago into kitchens of different people of the world. The main thing is to combine successfully with

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