Than strawberry is useful to an organism

Than strawberry is useful to an organism

Berry strawberry – a well macro and minerals, a rich source of vitamins, acids and aromatic connections which are useful to an organism. It helps to strengthen immunity, gives forces and health to children and adults. It is applied in medicine as a source of valuable substances, in cosmetology as addition or a basis of masks and creams, in kitchen, to creation of desserts and various dishes.

What benefit is brought by berry

Strawberry - low-calorie delicacy, which richly vegetable mineral substances and vitamins. It contains almost all vitamins of group B which are necessary for normal work of the nervous terminations and heart. Besides, it contains also acids which participate in cell renewal and maintenance of natural moisture in skin and hair. In addition, strawberry improves memory, working capacity and prevents development of diseases of skeletal system.

Strawberry possesses not only a pleasant flavor and aroma, but also health giving qualities. For example, slows down aging process, stops inflammatory processes, slows down development of cancer cells and restores the destroyed nervous cages that affects a condition of the person at neurologic diseases positively. Besides, it has poslablyayushchy effect and helps to normalize digestive process. Also promotes a lowering of arterial pressure, improvement of work of a thyroid gland, increase in a libido and resistance to stress.

In medicine use not only berry, but also leaves which are rich with vitamin C and carbohydrates too. From them cook fragrant curative tea for strengthening of an organism. In addition, tea has diuretic and spazmolitichesky effect.

Strawberry for women

This berry just a find for women, especially who keeps the figure and appearance. Many years ago, when there was no such choice of cosmetics on skin and hair care, women resorted to cunning and used strawberry berries for the different purposes. For example:

- for face rejuvenation and giving of a ""trembling"" shade to it, applied a mask from the wiped berries to face skin, a decollete as in pure form, and with addition of sour cream, eggs or honey;

- teenagers applied masks from strawberry to elimination of freckles and pimples as it has the bleaching and antiseptic property;

- to smooth body skin, to remove cellulitis hillocks, imposed the mashed berries on a body and turned around in an oilcloth or sheets of a burdock and fabric;

- for giving to hair of silkiness and gloss, applied strawberry weight to head skin and distributed on all length of hair. Wrapped up them with a film and a towel and, having sustained 30 minutes rinsed with water. And now such mask will help with house conditions to saturate hair with useful vitamins and minerals it isn't worse than expensive cosmetic products which are acquired in shop;

- for weight reduction, used strawberry as monodifood. Ate berries with small portions of 5-6 times in a day. Weight left due to fat-burning property of strawberry and partly weak diuretic effect. Such fragrant and tasty berry contains very few calories, about 30-35 kcal.

Besides, masks from strawberry help to smooth small wrinkles, to normalize blood circulation in capillaries on a face, to eliminate age spots and defeats. In addition, consumption of berries helps to bleach and strengthen teeth, to reduce bleeding of gums and to give freshness to breath.

Strawberry for men

Berry brings big benefit not only to an organism of women, but also men. Vitamins and minerals strengthen immunity, give forces and cheerfulness. The zinc which is a part of strawberry, helps to normalize and improve work of a reproductive system, to reduce risk of development of prostatitis and adenoma of a prostate. Daily eating a handful of "natural" aphrodisiac, at men the sexual inclination, besides useful qualities considerably increases, the aroma of strawberry gives good mood and inflow of forces.

Strawberry during pregnancy

The food allowance of ladies in situation has to be rational and useful. It is possible to eat everything, but it is necessary to know when to stop not to do much harm to mom and the kid. From all berries strawberry as caloric content at it small, and is enough useful substances is the most preferable. It will strengthen immunity, will remove surplus of water and will saturate with vitamins and minerals. It is better to eat strawberry in the first half of day and small portions, about 2-3 berries for once, but it is no more than 200 grams per day and surely after a meal. And it is even better if to add to strawberry yogurt, cottage cheese or sour cream. For example, it is possible to find on the website of any step-by-step video a recipe and proportions of initial components which are combined with strawberry and to prepare a light dessert for pregnant women.

Strawberry to children

Often parents have a doubt from what age it is possible to give berries to children. The opinion of experts was shared: some don't recommend to enter into a feeding up strawberry about one year, others strongly recommend to begin to give strawberry not earlier than two - three years. Anyway, it is necessary to begin with test tasting of berries by kids. For this purpose it is necessary to divide a strawberry into two parts and to give one half to the child. If didn't follow reaction to strawberry, to give the berry rest. Then to observe the kid couple of days if there are no allergic or intestinal manifestations, then it is possible to enter step by step into a feeding up strawberry, but it is better in mix with fermented milk products. This tasty and fragrant berry will give to the child pleasure and will bring a lot of useful to the growing organism.


But besides advantage, strawberry can deliver also a great deal of trouble, such as: allergic rashes, diathesis, exacerbation of chronic diseases of a stomach. If in the anamnesis of the person the existence of formations in kidneys is revealed, then it is better to exclude consumption of strawberry from a diet. Besides, it isn't necessary to eat strawberry at diseases of a stomach and a hypertension.

It is very important to observe a measure in portion of the eaten strawberry, then it will bring benefit to an organism and will deliver a lot of pleasure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team