Than sunflower sunflower seeds to women are useful and harmful

Than sunflower sunflower seeds to women are useful and harmful

Sunflower sunflower seeds — the surprising, tasty and universal product having special attractiveness. Adults and children, practically in unlimited number like to regale on them.

But whether really they are harmless to a human body and when sunflower seeds can do harm — let's understand.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Sunflower — an unpretentious plant which is widespread worldwide. Except that sunflower seeds of sunflower serve as fine having a snack, allow to have a good time and occupy hands, they have a huge range of useful properties which are caused by its rich chemical composition.

Kernels contain various vitamins, micro and macrocells:

  • vitamin A;
  • vitamin E;
  • group B vitamins: B1, B3, B6;
  • folic acid;
  • copper;
  • manganese;
  • phosphorus;
  • hardware;
  • magnesium;
  • selenium.

Minerals as a part of a product normalize work of a cardiovascular system, strengthen immunity, increase protective functions of an organism, promote strengthening of bones, joints. The vitamin structure improves a condition of skin and hair, adjusts work of nervous system, normalizes a dream, helps to cope with depressions and stresses.

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The nutrition value of crude kernels is 578 kcal on 100 g where:

  • fats — 51.4 g;
  • proteins — 20.2 g;
  • carbohydrates — 11.4 g.

Fried sunflower seeds more high-calorie, in 100 g — about 601 kcal. The nutrition value is:

  • fats — 53.5 g;
  • proteins — 20.7 g;
  • carbohydrates — 10.5 g.

Whether you know? Daily consumption of seeds of a sunflower in a dosage of 70 g for 100% cover need of the person for vitamin E, and for 70% — in group of vitamins B.

For the purpose of completion of vitamin and mineral structure it is possible to use, both crude, and fried kernels. However it is recommended to dry sunflower seeds in an oven or to fry, with use of a small amount of vegetable oil.

Than are useful to women

Grains of a sunflower are recommended to be included in a diet to each woman. Using sunflower seeds regularly, women receive the necessary dose of the vitamins and minerals necessary for maintenance of youth and beauty: E, A, D, magnesium, selenium, zinc.

The product contains lignana and isoflavones, so-called hormones of sexuality which well influence reproductive function, increase inclination. A large number of antioksidatn in sunflower seeds fight against age changes, presenilation, clean an organism, remove slags and hazardous substances, do skin elastic and elastic. Availability of phytosterols allows to normalize cholesterol level, positively affects a condition of a warm system.

Selenium intensifies exchange processes, prevents accumulation of fat deposits, warns diseases of a thyroid gland, reduces risk of development of pathologies of oncological character.

Calcium, magnesium, vitamin D help to prevent fragility of bones and development of osteoporosis, keep a bone tissue. Vitamins E and And improve regeneration of cells of skin, promote its updating, healing of wounds, keep youth of face skin and body.

Learn what useful properties pumpkin sunflower seeds, pine nuts, cashew, green tea, ginger, a feijoa, pomegranate and quail eggs for a female body have.

Systematic consumption of sunflower seeds gives the chance to avoid many problems with hair, to prevent their loss, fragility, to return to curls natural gloss and silky structure.

Iron as a part of kernels improves blood circulation, well affects blood formation process, raises hemoglobin, serves as prevention of development of anemia.

Features of the use

As sunflower seeds are high-calorie, rather nutritious product, its use, even for the healthy person, has to be dosed. With extra care should regale on kernels pregnant women, the feeding women and also people with certain illnesses.

At pregnancy

Sunflower grains — the real well of the useful components necessary for the woman at incubation of the child. Folic acid is responsible for the correct formation of nervous system of the kid, processes of creation of a brain, prevents risk of congenital pathologies.

The various structure of a product saves the pregnant woman from heartburn, reduces nausea, normalizes work of digestive tract, reduces cholesterol level in blood, saves from locks. Consumption of kernels improves a condition of skin and hair, strengthens nails.

Important! During pregnancy it is necessary to refuse clicking of sunflower seeds teeth as tooth enamel becomes fragile and can collapse.


The ban on the use of sunflower seeds by the feeding mothers does not exist. In most cases they can be extremely useful as:

  • improve taste of milk and increase its nutritiousness;
  • serve as prevention of locks;
  • stimulate a lactation;
  • make up for loss of such vital elements as calcium, phosphorus;
  • significantly reduce risk of developing of a postnatal depression.

It is allowed to enter into a diet crude grains to the feeding mother after achievement of one month by the kid.

It is allowed to use fried kernels when breastfeeding after the child is six months old. However, if after input of a new product at the kid problems with intestines and digestion, locks or a meteorizm are noticed, then it is better to refuse delicacy.

At weight loss

Seeds of a sunflower saturate an organism with exclusively useful fats, vegetable protein and carbohydrates therefore they are recommended to be used during weight loss. They will help to prevent loss of vitamins and minerals, necessary for normal work of an organism: And, E, calcium, phosphorus, zinc. Seeds intensify exchange processes, improve digestion, help to split fats quicker.

Kernels have high caloric content therefore allow to sate quickly an organism, but, in parallel with it, their excessive use can lead to obesity and a set of weight.

At weight loss also recommend to use: bran, llyany porridge, rice, ginger, small loafs, cauliflower, olive oil, tomato juice.

Optimum daily dose of a product for persons interested to lose weight are 20 g of crude seeds. It is more preferable to add them to porridges, salads, yogurts, cottage cheese. As having a snack muesli, natural wholegrain bars will be ideal.

At diabetes

Seeds of a sunflower have no negative impact on sugar level in blood therefore they are not forbidden for the use at diabetes. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take them with caution as they high-calorific that can lead to a set of excess weight. Grains contain magnesium which has ability to increase resistance of cages and fabrics to insulin. Also they normalize activity of nervous system, stabilize arterial blood pressure, serve as prevention of oncological diseases.

At diabetes the liver therefore it is better to give preference to crude, but not fried fruits is subject to pathological violations.

At gastritis

Consumption in food of sunflower seeds of a sunflower is capable to save from unpleasant symptoms of gastritis. Thanks to vitamin E as a part of kernels the acidity of a stomach decreases, heartburn disappears. The product possesses small laxative action, normalizes an intestines vermicular movement, saves from locks.

It is forbidden to use a product during exacerbation of gastritis. During remission, before introduction of a product to a diet, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

From what age it is possible for children

Sunflower seeds in a diet of children will become a fine source of calcium and phosphorus, bone tissues, necessary for strengthening, tooth enamel. However the product does not belong to the category hypoallergenic, so, it is necessary to enter it into the menu in the small portions. It is not recommended to treat with seeds of children, is younger than three-year age.

Giving to the kid of a kernel, it is necessary to follow several important rules:

  • sunflower seeds have to be crude or dried. It is necessary to refuse the use of fried kernels;
  • before the use the sunflower seeds should be washed out and dried properly in an oven;
  • the child is recommended to give seeds to children in the crude look, in that case, cleaning a kernel, will develop in addition motility of hands.

Important! The admissible dose of sunflower seeds to little children makes 10-20 pieces a week.

The use of kernels can lead to irritation in a throat. For this reason it is not necessary to give sunflower seeds to the children who are engaged in a vocal, or the chilled children.

Whether it is useful to eat fried sunflower seeds of sunflower

Most often sunflower seeds of a sunflower use in a fried look, so they more tasty also are more nutritious. But whether are useful?

It is known that at heat treatment the product loses a set of vitamins and useful components. It not always so. Crude seeds at the correct pro-frying more keep valuable substances and the vital components. In case kernels fresh, not overroasted, with a complete cover, they are acceptable and useful to the use. Long thermal treatment of a product destroys vitamins and minerals in it, promotes formation of toxic substances. Besides, in advance cleaned seeds are exposed to processes of oxidation and lose all the advantage. Therefore it is better to refuse similar delicacy.

In other cases it is possible to eat fried sunflower seeds bravely, but then the advantage or harm will be defined by amount of the eaten grains and a method of their preparation.

How to choose upon purchase

That seeds of a sunflower brought the maximum benefit and excluded any harm, you should not buy a product of doubtful origin. Purchase of a crude product and its roasting in house conditions will be an optimal variant.

It is necessary to choose sunflower seeds in a shell as they will longer remain and will not give in to oxidizing processes. The shell has to have smooth structure, without spots.

If there is no desire to clean kernels, then, upon purchase of the cleaned seeds, pay attention to their color, a smell and taste — they have to be white, without bitterness and a bad smell. The packed product should be checked for integrity, absence of swelling, term of suitability or date of packaging carefully. It is necessary to choose grains in a vacuum or a metal container.

Important! The loose, cleaned sunflower seeds sold in shops or in the markets, most often are exposed to infection with pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. It is better to avoid purchase of such product.

How to fry sunflower seeds in house conditions

The sunflower seeds prepared in house conditions, certainly, the most useful, safe and tasty. There are several easy ways as it is correct to fry them.

In a frying pan

Roasting in a frying pan assumes lack of any additives, for example, of salt or a large amount of oil. Before the beginning the sunflower seeds need to be washed out under flowing water and to dry slightly.

On the warmed frying pan with a thick bottom it is necessary to lay out seeds and to stir slowly periodically not to allow burning. Readiness of kernels is determined by easy crackling of a shell or on taste. The fried product is spread on a dry plate and covered with a napkin, for 5-10 minutes that it reached.

In an oven

Ideal option roasting of grains in an oven is considered. For this purpose it is necessary to lay out previously washed up, not dry-through seeds on a baking sheet, a layer no more than 2 cm, to put in the oven warmed up to +150-160 °C.

Each three-four minutes it is recommended to move grains from top to down, providing thus uniform warming up. At once you should not take out ready grains, and to allow to infuse several minutes, then to lay out on a dry plate.

In the microwave

A small amount of sunflower seeds can be fried in the microwave oven. For this grain it is necessary to wash out, lay out carefully on a fire-resistant container, without metal elements, to put in the microwave at full capacity, for 6-7 minutes. It is recommended to mix a product every minute that it was evenly fried thoroughly.

It is necessary to leave the prepared sunflower seeds in the furnace for several minutes.

Whether you know? Old sunflower seeds which were collected and are stored long enough, are almost deprived of all useful components, at the same time they accumulate cadmium — toxin which is capable to cause diseases of various character.

As it is possible to clean from a peel not to spoil teeth, enamel and nails

Many people prefer to clean sunflower seeds from a peel in the traditional way — by means of teeth or manually, without thinking of what harm they do tooth enamel, the lips and also nails. To avoid such troubles, there are several simple methods of purification of grains in house conditions:

  1. by means of the blender. For this purpose in the capacity of the unit pour out sunflower seeds and process for several minutes in the pulsation mode. After the carried-out manipulations of grain get, wash with water, remove the emerged peel, and kernels dry up;
  2. by means of special scissors. For clarification of seeds it is possible to buy special scissors which design reminds classical scissors, but possesses three openings, different in diameter. The kernel is inserted into an opening, squeeze handles of scissors and split kernels;
  3. by means of the special car. In industrial volumes the clarification of seeds happens by means of a special equipment which principle of work a little in what differs from the blender.

Whether it is possible to eat sunflower seeds for the night and how many it is possible in day

There are sunflower seeds in unlimited number it is impossible. The recommended daily dose makes no more than 50-70 g. The use of a large number of a product can provoke obesity or problems with intestines. Also it is not necessary to be fond of delicacy for the night. Seeds have high nutrition value, can cause weight in a stomach, disorder of digestive system.

Storage conditions

Optimum temperature for storage of seeds 18-20 °C are considered +. Keep a product in a sealed glass or metal container, at relative humidity no more than 7%. The perfect place for kernels is the fridge, the shelf for vegetables and fruit.

It is not recommended to keep a product in a plastic bag, it is better to shift in paper packing. The period of storage in such look makes 6 months. The purified grains need to be used at once.

As use in cookery

Sunflower sunflower seeds — extremely tasty and useful product which is capable to become the main highlight of many dishes. Among fans given viands gozinaki, halvah, dietary bars enjoy the greatest popularity.

However modern culinary specialists suggest to look in a new way at habitual to all of semka. Grains impact juicy relish to vegetable snack, sauces, porridges, fruit salads, are perfectly combined with all grain and grain.

They are added to desserts, cakes, pastries, cook power bars, muesli, kranch. Tuna, meat or fish dishes breaded of sunflower seeds gain absolutely other, more saturated, bright taste.

Besides, the product is used for preparation of vegetable oil, vegansky mayonnaise, gas stations for salads.

Application in cosmetology

Sunflower seeds perfectly proved in the sphere of cosmetology. They are used for care for skin of face and a body, strengthening of hair, by improvements of a condition of nails. Vitamin of beauty E is considered the main component of a product, he promotes regeneration of integuments, slows down aging, removes inflammatory processes.

Oil from sunflower seeds is considered not less useful. It has ability to deeply humidify and nourish skin, to struggle with wrinkles, to strengthen and tone up integuments, to quickly heal wounds. Oil renders the small clarifying effect. Baths with addition of oil strengthen nails, their fragilities interfere, return natural smoothness and shine to a nail plate. Having added several drops of means to shampoo, it is possible to get rid of dandruff, dryness of skin, to receive shiny and silky hairs.

In the cosmetology purposes quite popular there is use of olive oil for the person, skin of a body and hair.

Face scrub and bodies

The body scrub and persons prepared on the basis of sunflower seeds has special success. He carefully looks after skin, softly peels the horny parts, accelerates regeneration process, does skin soft and silky. It is necessary for preparation of a srub:

  • To crush 150 g of the purified crude grains to a condition of gruel;
  • to add 70 ml of fat home-made sour cream to the turned-out mix, to mix.

Means can be stored up to two weeks in the fridge. To use 2 times a week.

Contraindications and harm

Sunflower seeds of a sunflower combine not only advantage, but also harm. The high content of fat does them by the high-calorific product capable to cause obesity and to detain in an organism water.

If regularly to click kernels teeth, then shortly it is possible to face problems of dental character, including destruction of enamel and formation of a scale. It is better to refrain from reception of a product at colitis, ulcers, exacerbation of gastritis, gout, cholelithiasis, liver diseases. At the excessive use of a product there can be nausea, locks, sometimes vomiting. It is recommended to wash seeds before food as on a peel pathogenic bacteria which bear harm can collect, getting on mucous a mouth.

In general, sunflower seeds of a sunflower bear big advantage for an organism, and harm is notable only in case to use kernels much or to use low-quality, stale products.

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