Than the bean is useful

Than the bean is useful

The bean is the vegetable culture relating to family Bean. Other its names: "French", "green", "asparagus", "sugar". The bean is recommended for dietary food.

The bean is very useful to an organism: many vitamins and minerals are its part. It contains vitamins B, E, C, folic acid, calcium, potassium, zinc and other useful substances.

Thanks to unique structure the bean is good prophylactic of cardiovascular illnesses. The product contains a lot of iron therefore it is useful to a blood system.

The bean has anitioksidantny, antimicrobial properties. Its use positively influences a condition of a system of bodies of urination, nervous system.

People need to include a bean in a diet with diabetes. It contains unique substances – arginine. In the action it is similar to insulin therefore consumption of haricot promotes decrease in sugar of blood.

Thanks to cellulose content, the bean improves work of digestive organs. The product is useful at skin diseases, rheumatism, a tubekuleza. Its regular use positively affects a condition of skin, nails and hair.

The bean is recommended to be included in a diet for weight loss: caloric content of 100 g of a product of only 25-30 calories. The product accelerates metabolism, normalizes exchange of carbohydrates.

The bean and for the sexual sphere is very useful (women's and men's). Inclusion in a diet of this product contributes to normalization of a menstrual cycle, and monthly become less painful. The use of a bean is good prevention of adenoma of a prostate at men and one of ways of increase in potency.

It isn't necessary to include in a diet a bean at the following diseases: gastritises, stomach ulcer, colitis, nephrite, excessive acidity of a stomach, cholecystitis, gout.

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