Than the coco and that should be known, the caloric content and influence on health is useful

Than the coco and that should be known, the caloric content and influence on health is useful

Exotic, tasty and very useful fruit a coco is not something elaborate on our table and in a make-up bag for a long time. It is possible not only to regale on it, but also to improve a condition of skin and hair. What does it such useful, we will understand further.

Coconut — a fruit of a palm tree which grows in Indonesia, India, Brazil, Thailand, on Sri Lanka and in other Pacific states. The coco received the name in Portugal, is translated cook as a monkey. And all because of appearance of nut — dimples on a round brown fruit which do it to similar to a muzzle of an animal.

It is accepted to call a coco nut, however, it is stone fruit with a thick layer of fibers. Diameter of a fruit is from 10 to 30 cm, and weight is from 0.4 to 2.5 kg. What we see on counters, the fruit which is generally already cleaned from fibers. Under the top shell edible pulp (it is a copra) and coconut water.

Important! Coconut milk is a liquid of the ripened coco, it is a little muddy and white. If inside you found transparent water with oil droplets, the fruit still young means.

On one palm tree there are about 20 fruits, they ripen about 10 months. One palm tree can fructify more than 50 years.

Product rather nutritious and high-calorie — in 100 g of stone fruit of 364 kcal. More than for 44% it consists of water, it is a lot of fats — 36.5%, also 9% drop to cellulose, nearly 5% for carbohydrates and nearly 4% for proteins. The coco and vitamins is saturated: it contains group B (B1, B2, B3, or PP, B5, B6, B9), With, E and in large numbers biotin (vitamin H, B7). It is possible to distinguish such from macrocells: most of all potassium — 380 mg on 100 g of a product, 120 mg of chlorine, 95 mg of phosphorus, also calcium, magnesium, sodium and sulfur — everyone are less, than 50 mg.

The coco is rich with such minerals as iron, iodine, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc, fluorine.

All these useful substances assembled give a charge of energy and allow to enrich an organism with necessary nutritious and useful substances.

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Coco — very fat product, but fats these saturated, so useful. They are capable to normalize cholesterol and to prevent atherosclerosis. In addition, useful the product will be at:

  • urological and nervous diseases;
  • maintaining a way of life without animal products;
  • pathologies of a thyroid gland and at failures of a hormonal background;
  • metabolic syndrome and diabetes;
  • disease of eyes;
  • problems with heart and vessels;
  • diseases of joints.

Whether you know? To receive 70 liters of coconut oil, it is necessary to use 1440 kg of nuts.

Coconut liquid has antiseptic properties therefore healing of wounds takes place quicker. In addition, oil is capable to save skin from an allergy and rash (in cases if there is no intolerance on a coco). Do ear-drops which kill pain of liquid.

Lauric acid as a part of already more than 50 years is used for fight against pathogenic bacteria.

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Fleshy part of a coco is more enriched with useful substances, than a liquid component. It is useful to use it in the form of a dessert, additional fruit by a breakfast, to use for having a snack. It will quickly save from feeling of hunger and will allow an organism of force to struggle with diseases and fatigue.

Coconut milk will help to satisfy thirst, to restore water balance in an organism, to clean a bladder from infections, and plus to everything to throw to an organism of vitamins and useful elements. Also liquid is good at a disease of kidneys, the antibacterial effect can be not only outside, but also from within. Well it influences and on skin — it is fed from within that helps it to be constantly humidified even without additional creams.

Oil should pay more attention as exactly in this look now each girl and the hostess has a coco almost in the house. And all because it is used in the cosmetology and culinary purposes.

Learn more about useful properties and use of coconut oil.

Oil feeds hair, strengthens them, helps to humidify and prevent the section of tips and dryness of the head. It is capable to remove pigmentary spots and to normalize work of sebaceous glands. It is used as separately, and as a part of cosmetics. Masks and body lotions help to prevent extensions both to tighten skin and to save from wrinkles. It is possible to use refined and not refined.

Important! The usefulness is kept by pulp in a fresh and dried look, but coconut flakes give in to heat treatment and the majority of properties loses.

In cookery exclusively not refined coconut oil is used. On it it is possible to fry, it well is suitable for desserts, pastries, salads. It is used for weight loss. Such oil it is possible even to rinse a mouth, it will help to get rid of an unpleasant smell and will prevent diseases of teeth and gums.

There are more than 100 methods of application of a coco. So, for internal reception it is possible: there is a pulp, to drink coconut water, to drink 1 tsp of the oil diluted in water, to use oil for cooking of products.

For external influence: to humidify and feed hair by means of masks and wrappings, to add oil in cream and lotions, to smear nails and to use for disposal of a cuticle, to save heels and toes from cracks and wounds, to skrabirovat a body, a face, to humidify after a shower or a bathtub, to remove cosmetics, to save from solar burns, to help growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, will help to heal wounds, stings and to heal seams.

Also coconut oil will be useful in life: with its help it is possible to add gloss to leather things, to remove chewing gum from any surface, to clean a metal surface, it is good to them to grease loops of doors.

Coconut pulp — ingredient for preparation of sweets, salads, soups, pies. Coconut milk is applied in preparation of cocktails, smoothie, dishes of Asian cuisine.

The coco is nearly only product which has no contraindications to application. The only exception — individual intolerance of a product.

Whether you know? Inhabitants of the Pacific coasts traditionally plant a coconut palm at the child's birth on it then estimate his health.

To enjoy a fruit on full, it is necessary to choose the correct and ripened coco. It is easy to make it if to know the basic rules:

  • stone fruit should not be easy — it demonstrates emptiness of a fruit.
  • shake and listen to nut — the gurgling water speaks about freshness;
  • three deepenings on skin of a coco have to be dry and intact.

It is interesting to get acquainted with types of exotic fruit: a papaya, mango, a dragon fruit, treat, mangostin, durian, a feijoa, rambutan, a guava.

  • for a start we do a hole in a fruit by a drill or the screw-driver and we pour out through it liquid (the easiest to punch one of deepenings on a fruit crust);
  • we knock on a circle a heavy blunt object and we break stone fruit in half or a knife it is possible to pierce the natural line of a break;
  • after the fruit was divided, it is possible to clean a thin skin from pulp — it is easily cut off by a knife.
  • The closed coco for years can be stored and not decay, and all thanks to its antibacterial properties.
  • The open fruit has to be preserved in the fridge no more than 2 days.
  • Water of a coco and milk can stand week in the fridge and two months in the deep freeze.
  • Pulp will longer remain in water in the fridge — to use no later than a week.
  • Oil can be stored for years in the dark, cool place — it becomes firm and for use it needs to be taken in heat.

Coco — a universal product for an organism, beauty and cookeries; if you have an opportunity to get fresh fruits, use it to the maximum. Also it is worth stocking up with oil — it will be the irreplaceable assistant in life, on vacation and in Spa.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team