Than the dried cranberry is useful

Than the dried cranberry is useful

For certain many know that the cranberry is very valuable berry. However not all can answer, than it is useful. We suggest to understand together — we will talk about advantage and harm of a dried product.

Caloric content and chemical composition

In order that the nobility what value for an organism is born by this berry and what negative phenomena it can provoke, should be considered what substances contain in it. The following elements are a part of 100 g of berries.


  • E (tocopherol) — 1.07 mg;
  • To — 3.8 mg;
  • B1 (thiamine) — 0.01 mg;
  • B2 (Riboflavinum) — 0.02 mg;
  • B5 (pantothenic acid) — 0.22 mg;
  • B6 (pirodoksin) — 0.04 mg;
  • RR (niatsin) — 0.99 mg;
  • B4 (is well-cared) — 4 mg;
  • With (ascorbic acid) — 0.2 mg;


  • To (potassium) — 40 mg;
  • Ca (calcium) — 10 mg;
  • Mg (magnesium) — 5 mg;
  • Na (sodium) — 3 mg;
  • P (phosphorus) — 8 mg;

Study useful properties of such berries as blueberry, cherry, a mespilus, a guelder-rose, strawberry, a sea-buckthorn, a hawthorn, a dogrose, a cornel, cowberry, cloudberries and blackberry.


  • Fe (iron) — 0.53 mg;
  • Mn (manganese) — 0.27 mg;
  • Cu (copper) — 0.08 mg;
  • Se (selenium) — 0.5 mkg;
  • Zn (zinc) — 0.11 mg.

Besides, in them there are also a lutein and zeaxanthin. From fatty saturated acids are present palmitic and stearin, from monounsaturated — olein, from polyunsaturated — linoleic, linolenic.

The nutrition value of a product looks as follows:

  • proteins — 4.8 g;
  • fats — 0 g;
  • carbohydrates — 38 g.

Caloric content of 100 g of berries is 171 kcal.

Important! Caloric content and amount of proteins, carbohydrates will differ depending on that, the cranberry is sweetened or not. The cranberry with addition of a large number of sugar can contain over 300 kcal and 70 g of carbohydrates and less than 1 g of proteins.

Useful properties

If attentively to study structure of berry, then it will become clear that in a dried look it is not less useful, than in fresh — well influences activity of a cardiovascular system, in particular, does stronger and elastic walls of vessels, more intensive blood circulation.

The cranberry effectively copes with the viruses and bacteria breeding in an organism allows to stop their development. Berry represents excellent antioxidant which promotes removal of heavy metals, hazardous substances, bad cholesterol. Also it improves work of a digestive tract. Thanks to the contained vitamin E the use of a cranberry well affects a condition of integuments, hair and nails.

It is good to enter it into a diet that who has problems with an urinogenital system, in particular, has cystitis, inflammatory diseases. Doctors recommend consumption of cranberry drink and juice as an additional method of therapy along with intake of medicines.

Read in more detail about advantage and application of a fresh cranberry.

If the disease only at an initial stage also did not manage to develop strongly, then drinks from a cranberry, killing pathogenic microbes, allow to cope quickly with the arisen discomfort and to get rid of a problem.

The positive effect is rendered by dried berry on work of nervous system, toning up it and stimulating brain activity. It improves memory, increases mood.

Acid in juice of this berry helps to reduce a depression and a stress. Also there is an opinion that regular consumption of this berry reduces risk of emergence of malignant new growths.

If to sum up, then the dried cranberry is capable to have the following useful effects on a human body:

  • antioxidant;
  • antiviral;
  • all-strengthening;
  • toning;
  • antiseptic;
  • antibacterial.

Whether you know? The first Europeans who lodged in America nicknamed a cranberry of cranberry, in literal translation — fruit crane. The fact is that flowers which blossomed on a bush, reminded them the head and a long neck of a crane. In England the cranberry was called by bearberry, i.e. bear berry because these animals very much liked to regale on it.

Whether it is possible to eat

Not all can eat a dried cranberry. You can study the list of categories of persons to which it is contraindicated below. Now we will consider in more detail whether the cranberry is useful to pregnant women, women in the period of a lactation, diabetics and those who have problems with excess weight.

At pregnancy and breastfeeding

In life of the woman there are stages when she has to watch accurately the diet and control all products which uses as health of the child depends on it.

When mother only bears the kid, the cranberry is recommended to her. For the woman it is good the fact that it strengthens her reeled immune system, improves a condition of integuments, hair and nails which also suffer during this period from a lack of vitamins.

It will be useful for you to esteem about what vitamins are necessary for pregnant women and for the feeding mothers.

For the kid it will become useful as strengthens blood circulation, including bodies of a small pelvis, so, in a placenta enough nutrients and oxygen will be brought.

Despite advantage, the pregnant woman needs to consult with the gynecologist before beginning to eat regularly described berries. And here the feeding mothers are already forbidden to use this product. It is known that pediatricians advise women at this time to exclude from a diet all red products as they provoke development of allergic reactions and diathesis in the child.

Important! It is necessary to eat finally ripened fruits as they contain the maximum quantity of valuable elements. To check whether a ripe cranberry, it is possible — to throw quite easy way berry about a table. The mature cranberry has to jump up.

At diabetes

It is also useful for diabetics to use this berry, however only dried up independently, without addition of sugar. In small doses it is capable to level sugar level in blood and to intensify production of insulin.

At weight loss

People who suffer from excessive weight or that who carefully watches a condition of the figure, for certain know of existence of a cranberry diet. It is unloading and allows to tighten a figure for a short period of time — to gather in a flabby belly, sides, to remove excess liquid. It is good to sit down on it after the periods of long holidays and feasts with the use of the dishes containing a large amount of fat.

Scientists learned that cranberry drinks are effective at combustion of fat accidentally, holding software testing to decrease in cholesterol at group of people.

With surprise they found out that the daily use of cranberry juice not only reduced the level of hazardous substance in blood, but also reduced the body weight of tested. And though results of a research were disputable, undoubted is a fact that cranberry juice is very useful to health and work of a GIT.

We recommend to esteem how it is correct to drink juice.

Diet essence — the use from 5 to 7 glasses of cranberry juice and 1.5 l of water a day for three days and avoiding of the consumption of firm food. The cranberry diet suits not all and has short-term action. Before to sit down on it, consultation of the doctor is necessary. If the person wishes to achieve a slim figure for a long time, then it needs to include cranberry drinks and dishes in the diet along with healthy food.

How to make a dried cranberry in house conditions

It is possible to dry up a cranberry in three ways:

  • natural — under the sun and wind;
  • in an oven;
  • in the dryer.

Important! For drying it is necessary to select large berries which have the increased juiciness.

Process of natural drying will last several weeks. For this purpose berries need to be touched, washed up and dried, and then to spread out on the baking sheet laid by parchment on a horizontal surface.

Further the baking sheet or a pallet should be put in the shaded place under the open sky which is well blown by air. It can also be a balcony or a window sill in the apartment, however not those which a long time are under the influence of direct sunshine. Faster and convenient way is drying in an oven and the dryer.

To dry up in an oven, it is necessary to make such steps:

  1. 1 kg of berries to touch, wash up, dry.
  2. To mix with two glasses of sugar and one glass of water.
  3. To cook berries on weak fire before cracking.
  4. To lay a baking sheet parchment paper.
  5. To merge syrup (it is useful for cooking of compote).
  6. To distribute evenly on a berry baking sheet.
  7. To dry 5–6 hours at a temperature of 60 °C, periodically stirring slowly.

Whether you know? From 80th years of the past century, juice from a cranberry is applied as inexpensive and at the same time rather convincing substitute of blood when shooting movies.

In the special dryer for fruit and berries the process of drying happens much more simply and quicker:

  1. Berries to touch, wash up, dry.
  2. To distribute evenly on pallets.
  3. To adjust temperature at the level of 55 °C.
  4. To dry 30–40 minutes.

How to use also that can be prepared

The dried cranberry loses acid and gains sweet. In such look berry is used most often for preparation of fast breakfasts, for example, adding to porridge, muesli, fritters, baked pudding, etc. Also it is a part of some salads with fresh vegetables and fruit, sauces and mousses.

Do desserts of it — a cranberry in sugar, chocolate, put as a stuffing in cakes, pies, cakes, cakes. One more widespread method of use of the dried cranberry in cookery — preparation of drinks: fruit drink, juice, compote, kvass, kissel, tea, smoothie. It is also used in alcoholic beverage production.

Where and how to store

The dried cranberry can be preserved in room conditions. It needs to be placed in a sack from dense natural fabric or in a glass container which is hermetically closed, and then to put to the place where sunshine and moisture do not get. A product period of storage — 1 year. If the cranberry is dried up not up to the end, and slightly dried, then it will need to be stored in the fridge in the glass or plastic capacity closed by a cover.

Learn what it is useful and from what the cranberry with honey helps.

Contraindications and harm

The dried cranberry can do harm only in case to use it without measure — possibly development of problems with a GIT, in particular, of gastritis and an ulcer.

It is contraindicated to people:

  • having individual intolerance;
  • during exacerbation of stomach ulcer;
  • with the increased acidity;
  • with serious diseases of a liver;
  • nursing.

It is not necessary to feed with dried berry of children up to 3 years. It can adversely affect on them not until the end of created to digestive system and also to lead to development of an allergy. It is desirable to take cranberry drinks through a straw as the substances which are contained in them lead to destruction of enamel of teeth.

Thus, the dried cranberry is a useful product which should be entered into a diet, especially during the autumn and winter period, for replenishment of an organism necessary vitamins and minerals and strengthenings of the immune system.

Whether you know? The very first liter of cranberry juice was prepared by Americans in 1683.

It can be used just like that, with addition of sugar or to domeshivat in dishes and pastries. Before introduction of berry to the daily menu it is necessary to get acquainted with contraindications to its use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team