Than the lemon with sugar is useful?

Than the lemon with sugar is useful?

Lemons can be bought in many shops at all seasons of the year. People like to add a piece of this citrus to tea or other drinks. The whole fruit can be stored in the fridge up to five weeks and if its integrity was already broken, having cut off a piece in tea, then the term of its storage will be reduced to several days. To keep this product longer, it is cut on segments, poured sugar and stored in sterile banks in the fridge where it can be up to eight months. Let's consider as far as it can be useful or such combination is harmful.

Caloric content and structure

For preparation of a lemon with sugar usually take a ratio 1 to 1. Caloric content of the citrus is 34 kcal on 100 g, and granulated sugar contains in 100 g 399 kcal. Respectively, in 100 g of a lemon with sugar there will be 216.5 kcal. However, some recipes contain high concentration of sugar and use one and a half-two times more granulated sugar. Caloric content of such product will reach 277 kcal.

Whether the lemon with sugar is useful

The combination of a sour citrus and sugar is nice to the taste. Let's consider what it brings benefit, its contraindications and possible harm.

Learn, than lemon juice, honey and water with a lemon is useful.

Than it is useful

The lemon together with granulated sugar has the following positive effect on a human body:

  • the vitamin C and copper which are in this citrus positively influence work of a cardiovascular system;
  • stimulates work of immunity, it is useful at catarrhal diseases and flu;
  • fills energy stocks;
  • improves brain and nervous activity, eliminates a depression, helps to adjust a dream;
  • normalizes pressure, reduces migraine;
  • possesses antioxidant action, cleans an organism from toxins;
  • improves exchange processes in an organism.

Harm and contraindications

Whether it tasty medicine will bring benefit or harm — depends, first of all, on the state of health of the person.

Important! The lemon with sugar should be accepted carefully to people with sensitive teeth as the organic acids which are in this citrus damage their enamel. Therefore after its use it is necessary to rinse a mouth water.

The lemon with sugar has contraindications:

  • diabetes. A lot of sugar enters such useful preparation that is contraindicated at this disease. In that case it is necessary to manage just a lemon;
  • allergy. As well as all citruses, can cause allergic reactions;
  • exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases, pancreatitis, the increased acidity;
  • cholecystitis, hepatitis;
  • high arterial blood pressure.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women there is a lemon with sugar

This means will be useful for consumption for pregnant women, of course, if there are no contraindications. This excellent means for increase in the immune system against catarrhal and viral diseases, and future mother should protect herself from various diseases in any ways. At the beginning of pregnancy the lemon and sugar mixed with water will help to fight against manifestations of toxicosis. During this period it is extremely undesirable to woman to be ill and many cold remedies for her are under a ban.

It is important! If the pregnant woman found in herself the slightest symptoms of an allergy, then it is necessary to stop reception of such product. All allergic reactions which mother has will be observed also at her fruit. Even if before any negative of effect of this citrus it was not observed, then during pregnancy it can appear.

Such tasty natural medicine will strengthen immunity and will help to struggle with colds. It will give force during breakdown which is possible at reorganization of an organism of the woman during this period. When at the pregnant woman in 2–3 trimesters the stomach increases and there will be pressure upon internals, this means added to water or tea will improve work of intestines, will help to normalize digestion.

As it is correct to accept

The lemon with sugar is recommended to accept as follows:

  • at the cold which is followed by inflammatory processes in a throat and temperature increase it is necessary to take a fruit of the small sizes, to drench with boiled water, to cut thin pieces and to sugar from above. In food accept all portion. In half an hour the decrease in temperature and pain in a throat is observed;
  • at food poisonings recommend to eat 2–3 pieces of this fruit with sugar for intestinal microflora normalization. In acidic environment many harmful bacteria perish;
  • tea with a lemon and sugar — excellent catarrhal diseases medicine, ORV and flu;
  • green tea with addition of this product well helps at avitaminosis, slackness, weakness, insomnia.
  • lemonade of house preparation from a lemon and sugar helps to satisfy thirst during summer heat. The recipe of its preparation is rather simple — to add to a glass of water juice from a half of this citrus and to add a sugar spoon. Sugar can be replaced with honey. It is better to take such lemonade in the morning to strengthen work of intestines.

Whether you know? Nutritionists consider that to the person one teaspoon of sugar a day suffices. Excess of this dose will lead to accumulation of weight and high pressure. However consumption of sugar with the products rich with cellulose, reduce its adverse effect on an organism.

It is necessary to consider that to keep useful properties of a lemon, it is added to drinks by below 100 °C as when processing by boiled water the content of vitamins B this citrus decreases. The lemon with sugar is not only a nice to the taste combination sour and sweet, but also a useful product which will help at various indispositions. Pregnant women can take this tasty medicine if there are no contraindications and allergic reactions did not appear. It can be used in different ways, but it is the best of all to add to warm tea or water. After its use it is recommended to rinse a mouth to damage enamel of teeth.

Whether you know? The famous seafarer James Cook was awarded the gold medal of Royal society for the idea to take in swimming lemons as means from a scurvy that saved life to many seamen.

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