Than the silver carp is useful"

Than the silver carp is useful"

In this article we will describe the chemical composition and we will tell about the power value of a silver carp, we will tell of its useful properties and the existing contraindications of the use of this fish in the daily menu.

Besides, we will consider one of the checked recipes of the tolstolob baked in an oven.

Caloric content and chemical composition

The silver carp is the food fish who is characterized by the low level of fat content and remarkable tastes. She gets to trade realization in the fresh, smoked or frozen types.

In structure of meat of this underwater inhabitant there is an impressive part of components, biologically significant for a human body.

For a start we will consider vitamins:

  • Retinolum (33.70 mg),
  • nicotinic acid (niatsin — 2.89 mg),
  • vitamin complex of group B (B1 — thiamine — 0.04 mg, B2 — Riboflavinum — 0.11 g),
  • vitamin E (tocopherol — 2.65 mg),
  • vitamin F (a complex of polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids — 0.16 g).

Whether you know? In July, 2011 during spearfishing in a reservoir of thermal power plant — the Reftinsky state district power plant in Sverdlovsk region the Ural artist Gennady Sharoykin caught a huge silver carp weighing about 40 kg.

The list and weight micro and the macrocells which are contained in this product can be submitted as follows:

  • phosphorus (phosphorus) — 212.06 mg,
  • calcium (calcium) — 28.61 mg,
  • sulfur (sulfur) — 209.21 mg,
  • sodium (natrium) — 77.92 mg,
  • magnesium (magnium) — 34.01 mg,
  • potassium (kalium) — 263.61 mg,
  • chlorine (chlorum) — 162.11 mg,
  • iron (ferum) — 0.61 mg,
  • chrome (chromium) — 54.09 mkg,
  • nickel (niccolum) — 5.70 mkg,
  • fluorine (fluorum) — 427.00 mkg.

Meat of this fish is an excellent source of protein of natural origin which perfectly sates an organism and is easily acquired. Caloric content of fillet of a tolstolob quite low: in 100 g of a fish product only 86 kcal contain.

Thanks to such small level of power value and fat content, a tolstolob it is possible to see in the list of dietary nutritious products.

The pangasius, silver salmon, dolphin, pollock also carry a tilapia to low-calorie fishes.

The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in fish fillet looks as follows:

The making component

Weight (on 100 g)

Caloric content (on 100 g)

Contents percent (on 100 g)


19.5 g

77 kcal



0.9 g

8 kcal



0.2 g



Caloric content of a silver carp in crude and prepared (fried, boiled, baked, stewed or tinned) a look differs, besides it can be processed in different ways that too affects its nutrition value:

Way of preparation of a silver carp, or concrete dish

Product caloric content in this form of processing per 100 g


114.31 kcal


132.30 kcal


76.89 kcal


79.21 kcal


78.60 kcal


146.0 kcal


67.43 kcal

Fish soup (fish soup)

24.59 kcal

The cutlets steamed

108.45 kcal

Than the silver carp is useful

Useful properties of fish of this breed are that consumption of its meat helps a human body to recover quicker after the postponed diseases, intellectual and physical retension, stimulating processes of functional renewal.

It is important! If in the course of meal in the form of meat of a tolstolob on skin or mucous covers the redness or rash appeared, it is necessary to refuse the use of fish and to address quickly the allergologist.

Use of fish fillet of a tolstolob in the menu well influences the blood system of the person at atherosclerosis, hypo - and hypertensions, cardiac ischemia:

  • accelerates a conclusion from an organism of surplus of harmful cholesterol;
  • significantly improves work of vessels;
  • adjusts process of blood clotting;
  • stabilizes the blood pressure and activity of cardiac muscles;
  • reduces threat of developing of blood blood clots.

Besides, other favorable manifestations after consumption of meat of a silver carp are noted:

  • normalization of a metabolism, weight reduction and removal of toxins from an organism;
  • favorable impact on health and condition of an organism at diseases of joints and fabrics of the musculoskeletal device;
  • support of a hormonal background in an organism;
  • reduction of risk of developing of oncological diseases;
  • slowing down of natural aging and suspension of process of wear of dermatological covers, avoidance of premature developing of small mimic and age wrinkles;
  • normalization of a dream, elimination of insomnia, stress, depression, neurosises;
  • immunomodulatory effect (stabilization of protective functions of an organism);
  • correction of concentration of glucose in blood at endocrine diseases, including diabetes;
  • strengthening of bone matters, fast merging of the broken bones, acceleration of post-traumatic restoration, prevention of development of rickets and zubochelyustny diseases;
  • improvement of a condition of nails and hair, their growth and strengthening.

Whether you know? According to data of the Moscow ichthyologist G.V. Nikolsky, tolstoloba possess one interesting habit — to jump out of water. Sometimes height of their jump reaches two, and even three meters. In the work "Private Ichthyology" for the first time published in far 1950 he mentions manifestation of this property by them in case they are frightened knock of the motor of the boat or the boat on which fishermen swim.

Contraindications and harm

As for contraindications to consumption of meat of a tolstolob, the personal intolerance of fish generally or meat of these underwater inhabitants or products from it is unconditional restriction in this case. But there are also other cautions:

  • In risk group there are those people at whom signs of allergic manifestations at intake of seafood were observed earlier. In this case it is necessary to be extremely careful: if you very much want to try this fish, it is better to undergo preliminary survey in a medical institution regarding existence of negative reaction of an organism to this product.
  • In the course of smoke-cured meat of a silver carp the cancerogenic elements having ability to have negative impact on activity of an organism are formed, causing formation of tumors. For this reason the use of a smoked silver carp has to be within 200–300 g within a week.
  • Owing to the fact that the silver carp treats freshwater, that is river species of fish he is predisposed to parasitic infection. And proceeding from it it is worth adhering very carefully to recommendations about an occasion of culinary processing of fish (time, temperature).

How to prepare a silver carp in an oven

In house and restaurant conditions meat of a silver carp is subject to suppression, roasting, frying, it can be dried, pickled, used also for aspic, a balyk and other snack. Broad application of fish is noted in the form of an internal stuffing of pies, unsweetened cakes and other types of pastries.

Let's consider one of popular recipes for a silver carp in an oven with mushrooms and potato.

Silver carp in an oven: video

The ingredients are as follows demanded for a dish:

  • potatoes — 1 kg;
  • boiled mushrooms of a blewits — 150 g, or 3 big mushrooms;
  • tolstolob — 1.200-1.500;
  • onions — 1 large;
  • lemon — 1 large.

Important! It is better to buy fish in those places where in case of need can show you on her sanitary documentation. The quality product of this look has to possess a light aroma of seaweed and fresh water, fortress and flexibility of the trunk which is not covered with thick layer of slime. If the eyes which fell or have a muddy shade, it is better to refuse such fish. The branchiate petals differing in monophonic red or pink color — strong indications of freshness of a silver carp.

The algorithm of actions at preparation of the baked fish in an oven looks as follows:

  1. To take a carcass of a tolstolob and to properly wash out it.
  2. To clean, take away the head, then to strew plentifully with seasoning for fish as a part of whom ingredients will be: thyme, bay leaf, fennel, white, allspice, mustard, ginger, Chile, coriander, dried onion. Also any store seasoning as a part of which there are at least three-four of the components stated above will approach.
  3. Ideally it is necessary to leave fish to infuse for the night. If you want to prepare a dish today, then sustain at least hour.
  4. Potatoes to peel, cut with round plates. For a couple of minutes to fill up it with store seasoning which contains at least a little from the following elements: coriander, curry, turmeric, ginger, thyme, laurels, basil, chaber, marjoram, paprika.
  5. While potato becomes impregnated with spices, it is necessary to make notches on fish the knife turned slightly obliquely towards a tail. Cuts become from each party of a carcass. By the sizes they have to be small, but deep (to the ridge), distance between notches — 1–2 cm.
  6. Further the baking sheet is covered with a foil, material for baking is oiled vegetable, in the vessel accurately gives all the best tolstolob.
  7. Then it is necessary to place in fish previously boiled in slightly added some salt blewits water.
  8. To cut onions and a lemon with rings and to lay out them from one inside of fish over mushrooms in such order: 1 pieces of onions, 1 piece of a limonchik with an overlap on previous and so on.
  9. Notches were made for the purpose of placement in them of a lemon and onions, but in this case lemon segments need to be cut in half (the whole plates will be too big) and also to insert into fish cuts, alternating onions and a limonchik. If ingredients remained, we put them from above on fish. It is in half better not to cut onions plates, otherwise they will collapse.
  10. In available seats of a baking sheet potato is put, all this pours down a small amount of olive oil that in preparation time in ware there was a moisture.
  11. To seal a baking pan from above a foil and to send to the oven which is previously warmed up to 200 C ° for 30 minutes.
  12. After the specified time to take ware, to open a foil and to lay out a product on portion plateaus or a wide, but superficial dish. When giving it will be expedient to decorate the baked tolstolob with greens, and to strew potato with paprika: the taste will reveal even more.

Thus, considering the above information, it is possible to claim that the silver carp is very useful fish who is widely applied in the culinary world thanks to the useful properties, the low caloric content and high nutritiousness.

And if you want to prepare a tasty and useful dish, follow the above-stated recipe for a tolstolob with vegetables in an oven.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team