Than walnuts to women are useful

Than walnuts to women are useful

Walnuts — very tasty and useful product which needs to be included in the diet. In our article we will tell, than they are useful to women as they can be used, we will provide several recipes with use of this product.

Chemical composition and useful properties

Walnuts are vitamin-rich also minerals. Let's consider what is their part.


Among the main vitamins which are present at walnut nutlets:

  • beta carotene;
  • RR vitamin;
  • And;
  • B1;
  • B2;
  • B5;
  • B6;
  • B9;
  • With;
  • E;
  • To.

Nuts — one of the most important products in a diet of those who care for the health. Learn about useful properties of a macadamia, a Brazil nut, cashew, black fox, nutmeg, almonds, a filbert (hazelnut), pistachios and black American nut.

Mineral substances

Walnuts are rich also with minerals. The product contains a large number:

  • gland;
  • zinc;
  • iodine;
  • copper;
  • manganese;
  • selenium;
  • fluorine;
  • cobalt.

It is important! If you found mold traces on nutlets, they cannot be eaten at all even if you will wash them!

Walnuts are rich:

  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • chlorine;
  • sulfur.

Thanks to such amount of vitamins and minerals, walnuts allow to provide an organism with useful substances completely.

Caloric content and nutrition value of a product

The product has quite big caloric content — 650 kcal on 100 g therefore its use should be limited to 5 nutlets a day. Especially growing thin should show consideration for inclusion in a diet of kernels.

It is difficult to underestimate nutrition value of nutlets as the product contains many proteins, fats, carbohydrates, starch, saturated fatty acids, food fibers, ashes, mono - and disaccharides, water. 2/3 nuts are useful bezkholesterinovy oils.

Read as correctly and to quickly shell walnuts.

About advantage of nut

Let's consider what advantage is born by consumption of walnuts in different situations.

For the ordinary woman

The regular use by women of kernels of walnut has such effect on an organism:

  • interferes with development of breast cancer;
  • helps to get rid of mastopathy;
  • thanks to existence in composition of magnesium, allows to get rid of stresses, causeless concern, nervous exhaustion;
  • promotes strengthening of hair and nails;
  • interferes with skin aging processes, promotes its rejuvenation;
  • promotes improvement of functioning of a brain, improves memory;
  • helps to increase immunity.

When planning pregnancy

The woman, who only to prepare for conception, surely has to include in the diet walnuts as they contain a large amount of minerals and vitamins necessary for a female body which help to prepare an organism for conception as much as possible.

During the interesting period

During pregnancy it is very important to include in the menu walnut kernels as thanks to existence in composition of folic acid, it is possible to avoid developing of various pathologies of development of a nervous tube of a fruit. Besides, vitamin C and iron allow to warn anemia and promote increase in immunity.

Whether you know? In Ancient Greece it was accepted to call nutlets acorns of gods as they could save from many illnesses.

  • The use of kernels will promote strengthening of vessels and improvement of blood circulation that it is also important during pregnancy.
  • Often during the interesting period the women have a diabetes — walnuts allow to reduce glucose level in blood.
  • The uses of kernels it is capable to remove a spasm — it is very convenient and it is useful as during pregnancy many drugs cannot be taken.
  • The product promotes improvement of a dream and memory.
  • Nuts have diuretic action that will help to get rid of puffiness.


In the period of a lactation it is also recommended to include this product in the diet. First, after the delivery the organism of the woman is weakened and needs many vitamins and minerals, and they contain in walnuts. Besides, useful substances will help to cope with possible blood losses after the delivery and also will get to an organism of the kid with breast milk.

The recommended standard daily rate

As walnut is a high-calorie product, the daily dose should not exceed 5 pieces. Of course, it contains a set of useful vitamins and minerals, but you should not forget about moderation in everything.

Learn more in what advantage and harm of walnuts for a human body.

Not only kernels

The advantage of a voloshsky nutlet consists not only in the use of kernels, also other its parts are actively used.

About advantage of partitions

Partitions are famous for high content of iodine. From them cook spirit tinctures which are recommended to be taken if the diagnosis mastopathy or a fibromyoma of a uterus is made.

To get rid of problems with a dream, irritability, to improve memory and to clean vessels, it is necessary to drink broth from this part of nut. Also he will help to cope with skin rashes — they need to be wiped.

About advantage of a shell

The shell found active use in traditional medicine, cosmetology. It is applied to preparation of broths and infusions. In a podroblenny look it is added to cosmetic srubs which use promotes regeneration of blankets of skin. If it is necessary to remove excess indumentum, use ashes from skorlupok. Besides, the shell is used as a basis for acceptance of a bathtub.

Also it is recommended to use a shell for fight against cough, gastritis, ulcers to clean vessels.

About advantage of leaves

Nut leaves have useful properties too. Broths and tinctures from them are recommended to be used for treatment of a throat, in the presence of diseases of biliary tract if there is dysbacteriosis, avitaminosis, rickets or worms. Rinsing of hair in strong broth will make their color more dark.

About advantage of juice

Juice is often used for removal of helminths, it has bile-expelling effect. If the diagnosis purulent otitis is made, instillation juice in ears will help to get rid of a disease quickly.

About use of useful properties: how to be treated by walnut

We suggest to study several recipes which will help to improve female health.

Tincture for treatment of fibroma of a uterus.

It is necessary to clean 1 kg of nuts, to crush a shell. To mix a shell with partitions then to fill in 500 ml of vodka. It is necessary to infuse liquid 14 days in the darkened place. Accept on 1 tablespoon three times a day before food in 10-15 minutes. The therapeutic course makes 2 months.

Tincture for treatment of mastopathy.

25 nutlets clean from skorlupok. Put internal partitions in a bowl and fill in 500 ml of vodka, insist 10 days. Accept according to 1 h to a spoon three times a day for 2 months.

Features of use in cosmetology

Walnut — an irreplaceable component of many cosmetics. Let's consider how it can help us to become beautiful and to give to skin a healthy look.

For skin

If you want your suntan to look beautifully and naturally, at the same time you have no large number of time long to sit in the sun, before a campaign on the beach oil skin nut.

Important! During feeding stands up staunchly very accurately to use kernels as they can cause allergic reaction in the kid.

The vegetable milk will be useful for any type of skin. For its preparation it is necessary to crush 15 g of toilet soap, to fill in 100 ml of water, and on a water bath to heat until it is not dissolved. Then add 15 g of beeswax to mix, heat, stir slowly. It is separately necessary to prepare a milk from nuts.

Kernels clean from a thin skin, 4-5 nutlets should be pounded, and gradually to add to capacity from 50 ml of water. The turned-out dairy mix is filtered, wring out the rest. The prepared milk is poured out in hot mix which was prepared earlier. After that it is necessary to pour liquid in a bottle, to mix, pour in it in 100 ml of vodka. To wipe with the prepared liquid skin, it will narrow pores and will make skin more smooth, healthy, silky.

For hair

If you want to give to hair a chestnut shade, it is necessary to chop green skorlupk of nut, to mix them with water that gruel turned out and to apply on hair for 15 minutes then mix needs to be washed away.

In order that hair grew better and did not drop out, it is necessary to rub the oil prepared from nuts in skin. Such oil will promote their strengthening, will prevent fragility. Also for strengthening it is possible to use strong broth.

If you have oily hair, it is necessary to rinse them by means of nut foliage decoction. For its preparation 3 tablespoons of leaves fill in 2 l of water, boil, cool.

In cosmetology also use: avocado oil, coconut oil, cornel, rosemary, carnation, corn porridge, black caraway seeds, chaber, horsetail field, fennel, celandine big (warthog), motherwort and lemon.

Face packs

For clarification, toning and vitaminization of skin it is recommended to do a mask. For its preparation it is necessary to remove a shell, to podrobit, mix with one teaspoon of butter, to add 1 h a spoon of a yolk and 1 h a honey spoon, to mix. The mask is put on a face for half an hour, after that it is taken off.

If you have dry skin, use the following recipe: crush kernels, add to them 1 h a spoon of a yolk and 1 h a honey spoon.

Weight loss on walnuts

Nuts — a fine product for those who decided to say goodbye to extra kilos. 30 g of nutlets contain 15 g of fat and 170 calories. Of course, can seem that it is a lot of. However, it is necessary to consider that fats are divided into two views: nonsaturated and saturated. Nutlets contain only nonsaturated fats which combustion happens during allocation of heat therefore fat stocks are not postponed. Nutlets will perfectly suppress appetite that will lead to reduction of the used calories.

Whether you know? In Babylon, slaves as was considered that the fruit improves brain activity were categorically forbidden to use nutlets and as a result workers can grow wiser that was not favorable to rich men.

For this reason as soon as you have a feeling of hunger, it is necessary to eat couple of nutlets. However, it should be taken into account that during a diet in day it is impossible to eat more than 5 average nutlets. It is recommended to use this product for preparation of vegetable and fruit salads.

Cookery and health: we prepare vitamin mix

We bring to your attention the simple vitamin recipe which will help to strengthen immunity.

Necessary ingredients

For mix preparation it is required to you:

  • dried apricots — 100 g;
  • prunes — 100 g;
  • raisin — 100 g;
  • walnut — 100 g;
  • honey — 400 g.

Nuts are eaten as in the natural form, and as a component of various dishes. Read as use nuts in cookery.

Step-by-step recipe

  1. Dried apricots, prunes and raisin need to be washed and dried by means of a napkin or a towel. If you cleaned nutlets, then it is not necessary to wash them if bought — wash out them.
  2. Dried apricots, prunes, raisin and nuts is small cut by pieces or we pass via the meat grinder. If desired it is possible to add in the same way to mix a lemon.
  3. Carefully we mix everything, all ingredients have to be distributed evenly.
  4. If you have a dense honey — kindle it on a water bath (it is impossible to do it in the microwave).
  5. We mix honey with ingredients.

Then it is necessary to shift mix in bank, to close a cover and to store in the fridge.

Important! The old, dried kernels practically do not contain useful substances, and in certain cases can even cause poisoning.

It is enough to use on 1 teaspoon in 30 minutes prior to food 2-3 times a day to maintain the health and to support an organism with useful vitamins and minerals.

Harm and contraindications

Despite huge advantage of walnuts, all cannot use them. The fact is that nutlets can cause allergic reactions therefore before them is, taste a small slice and wait how the organism will react to it.

Excessive eating of walnuts can bring to:

  • to inflammation of tonsils;
  • to development of stomatitis;
  • to angiospasm;
  • to appearance of colitis;
  • to development of psoriasis.

Besides, people who have obesity, to allergic persons, with intolerance of protein are not recommended to use nutlets. Surely it is worth consulting with the doctor concerning consumption of nuts if you increased blood clotting or there are gastrointestinal diseases.

Useful composition of vitamin mix

Each of ingredients is in own way useful to an organism.

Dried apricots

Sukhofrukt contains a large amount of vitamin C which is necessary for strengthening of immunity, vitamin A — collagen, necessary for synthesis, thanks to which youth remains. Thanks to existence as a part of group B vitamins, you will improve sight, exchange processes and synthesis of hemoglobin will accelerate.


Consumption of prunes prevents development of anemia, also it is recommended to be included in a diet at gastrointestinal diseases. Sukhofrukt will help to get rid of locks, it has bile-expelling and diuretic action. At the regular use the risk of developing of heart diseases considerably decreases.


Honey possesses antibacterial, anti-virus action, it can be used at diabetes. Thanks to the high content of iron, helps to get rid of anemia and prevents its emergence. Besides, it is capable to improve digestion and to strengthen bones and teeth, thanks to existence in composition of calcium.


Regular consumption of raisin will save you from a hair loss, will help to get rid of anemia, will improve work of a GIT. Also it improves work of heart, during feeding by a breast improves a lactation, allows to reduce puffiness.

Whether you know? Voloshsky nut — very fruitful tree. For one season from one tree it is possible to collect more than 300 kg of fruits.

Walnuts — very useful product, but it is worth using it with care. It is capable to bring benefit to an organism, to strengthen immunity. Thanks to nutlets in cosmetology, women can always independently look after themselves, have beautiful, healthy skin and hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team