Than water with a lemon and whether it is possible to drink it on an empty stomach is useful

Than water with a lemon and whether it is possible to drink it on an empty stomach is useful

Many of us begin the morning with a cup of fragrant coffee. However very few people know as far as it would be useful to replace hot drink with a glass of lemon water. Such invigorating drink is extremely simple in preparation, but it can give a lot of advantage to those who wish to look beautifully and to feel well. About all advantages and secrets of cocktail there will be our today's article.

Water with a lemon

This drink has the refreshing, invigorating, sour taste which expressiveness will depend on a ratio of water and a citrus. Drinking since morning on an empty stomach a glass of warm water with several slices of a citrus, you will help an organism easier to waken, be adjusted for new day. Lemon cocktail refreshes breath, prepares digestive system for work, invigorates.

Whether you know? The lemon was traditional fruit at ancient Romans and Greeks at weddings. According to Ancient Greek mythology, lemons were presented to Zeus and Hera on a wedding ceremony as symbolized beauty and youth at the ancient people. The Christianity associates this citrus with devoted love, and in the Scandinavian legends it was said that the lemon saves from all diseases as his second name — gold apple of immortality.

We study structure

All, perhaps, know that main trump of lemon water is vitamin C which protects our organism and helps to struggle with infections. But on it useful components of lemon water do not come to an end, its structure is rich with other valuable vitamins and minerals. Besides, in a lemon there are sugar, organic acids, cellulose and pectins.


As a part of solar fruit there are such vitamin components:

  • ascorbic acid (C);
  • folic acid (B9);
  • niatsin (RR);
  • thiamine (B1)
  • Riboflavinum (B2);
  • carotene.

Mineral substances

The lemon is a well of such mineral substances:

  • macrocells: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine;
  • minerals: iron, zinc, manganese, copper, pine forest, fluorine.

Caloric content

Caloric content of a product will depend on a ratio of water and quantity of a lemon, however this drink unambiguously is very low-calorie and does not threaten a figure. Let's consider the recipe at which on half of liter of liquid 2 tsps of lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey are added. Caloric content of 100 g of such drink is only 11.6 kcal.

Study useful properties of white, pumpkin, mountain, forest, donnikovy, akatsiyevy, meadow, flower, buckwheat, dyagilevy, sunflower, white and chestnut honey.

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates

The structure prepared according to the above-stated recipe will possess such ratio I WATCH:


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Than water with a lemon is useful in the mornings

Advantage of drink:

  • helps to adjust an organism since morning for work;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • strengthens nervous system;
  • normalizes digestion: eliminates locks, stimulates production of bile, promotes fast desintoxication;
  • has soft diuretic effect;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • febrifugal action;
  • slows down aging and starts regeneration processes (antioxidant properties);
  • fills an organism with moisture;
  • eliminates feeling of hunger that it is useful to lose weight if desired.

Dried apples, goat milk, calendula, sea-buckthorn, cashew, oat flour and red mountain ash also promote acceleration of processes of metabolism.

Also there is an opinion that water with juice of a lemon promotes acceleration of metabolism and clarification of a liver, however thoughts of doctors in this respect disperse a little. This drink — a fine alternative to tea and coffee. Citrus cocktail does not contain caffeine, so, does not overload nervous system. It needs to be drunk without sugar which we often add to hot drinks. At addition in a glass of water of a segment citrus the taste and aroma become at once more pleasant, it is easier to drink water that is important advantage to those who cannot master day norm of liquid in 2 liters.

Important! After the use of water with a lemon it is necessary to rinse every time a mouth as citrus acid can negatively influence enamel of teeth. As option, it is possible to use a straw for minimization of contact of enamel with acid.

Advantage or harm

For the average ordinary healthy person lemon cocktail is, certainly, useful drink. But it is important to know whether it is possible to drink citrus water during the special periods of life, for example, till the birth of the kid and at early age.

For feeding

For the feeding women citrus drink is not contraindicated, especially if the woman took it in small amounts before conception and during incubation. In pure form it is better not to eat this citrus, however the lemon segment in a glass of water since morning will bring only benefit.

For pregnant women

Lemon water is not forbidden pregnant ladies to the use as helps to solve a number of problems:

  • strengthens immunity which works during this period with double force;
  • promotes formation of a bone tissue, nervous system of the kid;
  • eliminates locks that is relevant at the last weeks pregnancies.

The lemon in pure form is for women in situation not the most useful product as there can be the cause of an allergy at the kid a field of the birth, all citruses are strong allergens. However several slices of a yellow fruit will not do to future mummy absolutely any harm and will have soft therapeutic effect on an organism.

For children

For the most young drink is allowed for the use from 8-month age. However concentration of a lemon has to be very low — only several drops of juice on a glass of liquid. Most of kids still are in this age on breastfeeding therefore they have no need for liquid per se.

It is possible to give drink to the kid about one year in the fact-finding purposes. To children is more senior (after 3-4 years) it is possible to give lemon water in small amounts since morning. But if at the baby the allergic reaction is shown, then acquaintance to a yellow fruit should be postponed until 5-year age.

Harm and contraindications

Strict contraindications to consumption of this cocktail are:

  • any inflammatory processes of bodies of a GIT (ulcer, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, tendency to heartburn);
  • inflammatory processes in a bladder;
  • existence of problems with tooth enamel;
  • individual reaction to a citrus.

If to be overzealous with amount of drink, it is possible to receive allergic reaction of various degrees of severity even if earlier you had no manifestations. If in a mouth there are sores or wounds, citric acid will irritate them and to drag out healing process.

As it is correct to make drink

The advantage of this drink is guaranteed only if quality ingredients are picked up, rules of preparation and a compounding are followed. How to make it, we will tell further.

We choose a lemon

When choosing a lemon pay attention to fruit which:

  • have an equal, elastic thin skin without spots and dents;
  • exhale even through a peel pleasant citrus aroma;
  • are painted in a saturated yellow shade without green sites.

If all listed signs correspond to fruit, it can be taken safely. It is worth avoiding fruits which stick or shine as they were processed chemistry. Avoid lemons with points, faded or green sites. The uneven thin skin says that a lemon thick-skinned and pulp in it very little. It is interesting that thin-skinned fruits contain bigger quantity of useful components, than fruit with a thick peel.

We prepare water

It would seem, such usual and plain ingredient — water. But too it is worth approaching its preparation responsibly. The quality of liquid from under the crane most often leaves much to be desired therefore use water cleaned, filtered or spring (from the checked sources).

We recommend to you to esteem about useful and harmful properties of boiled and melt water and also about whether the organism can do much harm water drink.

As a last resort, liquid can be settled (that bleaching powder evaporated and settled firm particles) or to freeze and use defrozen (except for the white core which is turning out as a result of freezing).

Water temperature is also important — it has to be warm, within 25...35 °C. Cold liquid negatively affects a digestive tract, irritates mucous, slows down digestion processes while warm — adjusts a stomach and intestines for productive work, stimulates timely depletion.

Preparation process

For further use the lemon needs not just to be washed out, and to drench serially with boiled water and cool water. It will eliminate pollution, microorganisms and a wax raid.

Further we choose one of ways of preparation:

  1. The lemon slice with a peel is filled in with warm liquid and we insist within 10 minutes.
  2. We wring out juice. 1/4 lemons are required, we squeeze out juice in glass with water. Drink is ready to the use.
  3. We rub on a grater. The lemon together with a peel is grated (1/4 fruits). Further to a glass with liquid it is added 1 tsp of mix, we stir and we drink.

In the last two recipes the concentration of lemon juice will be the greatest. Before the use it is possible to make easy 10-minute warm-up for awakening, respiratory practicians or to meditate.

How many and as it is possible to store water with a lemon

Unfortunately, this drink is not subject to storage. It is necessary to train him every morning just before the use as at storage the useful properties are lost. If at a compounding there are other ingredients (mint, a cucumber, ginger and other) the period of storage increases till 12-24 o'clock in the fridge, no more. However it is undesirable to drink such cocktail cold.

Features of application: as it is correct to drink green drink

Let's learn how it is correct to take useful drink with a citrus:

  1. It is necessary to accept in 30 minutes prior to a breakfast, not earlier.
  2. To drink small drinks, for one calling.
  3. It is obligatory to observe temperature condition of liquid.

It is important! To receive the maximum advantage of cocktail, it is necessary to adhere to the main principle — regularity of the use. For the first month of constant morning intake of lemon water it is possible to note positive changes in health.

We change taste and advantage or that can be added still

This drink has a set of variations, some of them will be given below:

  1. Addition of 1 tsp of honey enhances the toning effect, promotes weight loss.
  2. Addition of 1 tsp of juice of an aloe loads an organism with forces before physical activity (morning exercises, jog), helps to stimulate the immune system quickly.
  3. Mint will help to start cleaning processes, promotes weight loss, rejuvenates an organism from within. Similar cocktail can be drunk not only before a breakfast, but also for thirst satisfying during the day.
  4. Ginger has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory effect, also helps to clean and rejuvenate an organism.

Lemon water on an empty stomach and weight loss

For the purpose of dropping extra kilos, cocktail can be taken not only on an empty stomach, but also during the day. It is possible to arrange fasting days on water with a citrus, but you should not spend them more often than 2-3 times a month. This drink normalizes clarification of intestines that positively influences microflora. Microflora, in turn, in affects our appetite and flavoring preferences, feeling of hunger, mood and health many in general. In large numbers water with a lemon will be able to disperse metabolism, to adjust exchange processes. Therefore it is useful for all who keep the figure to take similar cocktail with variations.

Regulations of Admission and value of water with a lemon for athletes

The short list of useful properties of citrus drink for the people playing sports:

  • recovery of electrolytic balance;
  • fatigue elimination;
  • effective splitting of fat (in the presence of excess weight);
  • increase in working capacity, endurance, concentration.

It is the best of all to drink a glass of water with a lemon in 30 minutes prior to a training. A small amount of cocktail can be drunk also during the intensive occupations, but if to go too far, then it is possible to get feeling of weight in a stomach and intestines.

Whether you know? At the time of the seafarer Cook (18th century) the British seamen got the nickname magnolia vines. And all because Cook noticed curative properties of a lemon and saved thousands of seamen from a fatal disease of that time — a scurvy for what it was awarded a gold medal of Royal society (Copley's medal).

About useful combinations

Water can be combined not only with a bright yellow citrus. The most widespread variations include water with a cucumber, spices, a bee product.

Water with a cucumber

Such drink becomes the real rescue from a heat in summertime. Cucumber water rejuvenates, possesses the healing action (both outwardly, and internally), refreshes breath, strengthens bones. It is irreplaceable for people with violations of fat exchange, diabetes, excess weight. As a pleasant bonus for girls cucumber drink improves a condition of skin, nails and hair.

Water and ginger

This combination just in preparation, but solves a number of important problems:

  • accelerates fat exchange;
  • normalizes digestion (eliminates a meteorizm, swelling, fermentative processes);
  • cleans an organism;
  • loads an organism with energy, but does not overexcite central nervous system;
  • reduces appetite.

We advise to esteem about advantage of ginger for a female and male body and also about useful properties of marinated ginger and tea with imbiryom.

Water with a turmeric

One more combination capable to bring to an organism the mass of benefit at the constant use. East spice has such curative properties: anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, rejuvenating actions.

Curcumine, the main active component of seasoning, positively influences an organism at arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular violations. Besides, stimulates brain activity and prevents cognitive frustration.

Water with honey

The honey water prepared according to the classical simple recipe is capable to eliminate a lock, to increase immunity, to eliminate a stress and melancholy. Drink has the antimicrobic, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory and all-strengthening property.

If you do not have contraindications, try to use within 3 weeks warm water with a citrus before morning meal. This simple, but extremely effective ritual can change considerably your health to the best

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team