That for fish a pangasius, the description, properties, in what advantage, a photo

That for fish a pangasius, the description, properties, in what advantage, a photo

Pangasius (or, in Latin, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) — the representative of river fishes of family of pangasiyevy som. This fish is very popular therefore her trade in economic targets is favorable and justified. Despite this, around a pangasius disputes on that constantly storm, it is worth eating him or not. Why they arise and such fears are how proved, we will tell further.


Pangasius — large freshwater fish. Can reach in length of 130 centimeters and weigh about 44 kilograms. Adult individuals of dark gray color with a silvery paunch and a mouth. Young individuals of gray color.

Along a body, from gills to a tail, silvery strips which when growing vanish last. Fins dark gray with a silvery fringing, and tail and anal with dark strips.

Large head, eyes big. Has two pairs of mustache, as at som. A shape of a body reminds a shark therefore it is quite often called shark som or a freshwater shark.

There is one more name of fish — channel som which went from the habitat: she lives in the Mekong River and canals adjoining it. It is actively parted in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Omnivorous pangasius therefore gains weight very quickly. Begins to spawn at the age of 4-5 years. Spawning takes place twice a year. Whitebaits appear in 24-36 days.

Whether you know? A pangasius — very timid animal. When he feels approach of danger, pretends to be the dead.

Useful properties

  • A large number of the minerals which are contained in fish supports normal work of a cardiovascular system and prevents early manifestation of heart diseases.

Blueberry, honey from propolis, dried apricots, seeds of a chia, an alga of a chuk, a silver salmon, eggplants, tomato juice normalizes work of a cardiovascular system.

  • Calcium is necessary for strengthening of a skeleton, fatty acids — for vessels.
  • A number of mineral components influences functioning of a brain, improving memory and attention.
  • Vitamins of group A and E care for sight, keep normal development of the growing children's organism.
  • Amino acids are responsible for work of a GIT, bring hazardous substances out of an organism, improve metabolism.
  • Fish, rich in protein, is important for any organism subject to intensive physical activities.

The haddock, uterine bee milk, mussels are rich in a protein also an asparagus, fish.

Structure and caloric content

Vitamins and minerals

Contents in 100 g of a product in mg

















Nicotinic acid


Pantothenic acid


B6 vitamin


Vitamin D


Vitamin A


Vitamin E


Vitamin K


Lipids and amino acids

Contents in 100 g of a product in

Fatty acids saturated


Fatty acids monounsaturated


Fatty acids polyunsaturated








Asparaginic acid


Glutamic acid






Caloric content and nutrition value (on 100 g):

  • caloric content: 89 kcal;
  • proteins: 15.2 g;
  • fats: 2.9 g.

Whether you know? The representative of related family, huge shilbovy som, is capable to grow to 370 cm in length and 250 kg of weight.

Medicinal properties

Low-fat and low-calorie fish is useful to recuperation of an organism after serious diseases and operational interventions.

Low-calorie also consider milts of salmons, a tilapia, squids.

Its glycemic index (extent of influence of a product on sugar level in blood) minimum that allows a pangasius to be the main source of nutrients for diabetics. Steamed or in an oven the fish is useful to pregnant women. It eliminates insomnia, saves from stresses, enriches an organism with calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and a number of vitamins which are very necessary for future mothers.

The use of a pangasius at advanced age minimizes risk of developing of heart attacks and strokes, does bones by stronger.

Reduces risk of developing of a heart attack soy, watermelon, pistachios, apples.

How to choose good fish

The pangasius comes to our supermarkets not in the whole look, and generally in the form of the fillet sealed in vacuum packing. More rare in the form of a stake and a carcass.

They are considered as the most suitable for the use.

But if you can buy only fillet, remember the following:

  1. Fillet of a pangasius happens four flowers: white, white-pink, red and yellow. Color of meat depends on with what fed an animal and in what conditions it was grown up. It is better to give preference to white or poorly pink meat as red says that the pangasius lacked oxygen, and yellow color appeared from behind unbalanced food and the close habitat.
  2. Give preferences to pieces of the small size. They are more gentle, they contain less ice. Ice glaze will be surely present, but in number of no more than 10% of all weight of fillet.
  3. Ice has to be transparent. If also it is a lot of it with a yellowish shade, means — goods peremorozhen.

Important! Distributors often give a pangasius for sole. But it is absolutely other species of fish and it is much more expensive. Their main difference: color of meat and availability of fat. Sole fillet thin, transparent and without fat layer.

Harmful properties and contraindications

All harm of a pangasius of which shout from all directions is connected only with production. The fact is that the Mekong River and its pool cannot brag of purity of the waters.

It proceeds through densely populated areas with the developed industry because of what in waters of the river a number of hazardous substances merges. Therefore a conclusion logically arises that all caught fish is not suitable for the use.

But large enterprises for production of a pangasius do not catch it in open reservoirs, and grow up on special farms where carefully watch purity of water.

In addition, because of refusal of the USA of a pangasius because of his discrepancy with sanitary standards, the main producers toughened quality control of products at all production phases, beginning from cultivation of fish and finishing it with cutting. Therefore only fish from small producers and underground firms can be mean. Such products will hardly filter on counters of large hypermarkets which carefully watch the goods.

Important! Fish can be contraindicated only to allergic persons. They are recommended to use her small pieces to check reaction of an organism.

Consumption rate

Fish has to be present at the menu of any person. Nutritionists persistently insist on what it is very useful to arrange weekly fish day. Even if you not the supporter of fish, it is necessary to eat at least 100-140 g a day.

Aged from 10 up to 12 months it will be useful for the formed children's organism to eat 40 g. In one and a half years the kid has to eat 80 g, and in two years — on 100 g of a pangasius. Further, if the child's organism normally reacts to a product, it is possible to include it in a diet with a frequency of times a week.

How to store

In the fridge of fillet it can be stored at a temperature about 0 °C within 8-10 days. The period of storage increases in the freezer where it is possible to lower temperature to -17 °C, up to three months. For this period neither useful, nor tastes disappear.

It is possible to keep a product in a salty and dried look.

Thus, we were convinced that a pangasius — tasty and useful fish. You should not be believed blindly in all rumors about its harm. Follow the rules of the choice of goods and do not refuse to yourself a fine dish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team