That fractional food means

That fractional food means

Fractional food is consumption of food in the small portions of 5-6 times a day. Such power supply system can help both to gather, and to lose weight and also to save from many diseases, in particular, of gastrointestinal diseases.

For certain many heard that to eat fractionally – it means to eat food in the small portions and in small amounts. The main rule of such power supply system is that breaks between meals have to make 2.5-3 hours. This time is necessary for digestive tract of the person on digestion of food therefore in day it is necessary to sit down at a table of 5-6 times.

It is recommended to whom

Fractional food is one of the recommended types of food in a medical diet at a disease of bodies of a GIT. Such system of consumption of food loads a stomach less, the feeling of hunger is well quashed and promotes the best assimilation. Fractional food is used also in many types of diets, the main thing is to consider the number of the consumed calories. It helps and to gain weight. Recommend to eat to fractionally weakened, sick people, for example, to those who underwent surgery and needs fast recuperation. Bodybuilders also practice fractional food which helps them to build muscles.

Principles of a power supply system

Fractional food has a number of advantages before usual three meals a day. First, it is so possible to provide the high and stable level of a metabolism. Secondly, the person has an opportunity to control the appetite and not to allow emergence of strong feeling of hunger. Thirdly, such system is preferable to people with an excess weight as it allows to spend much more calories than usually. As it was already told, the principle of fractional food consists in the use of portions, small by the size. For once it is possible to eat about 250 g of food, but not only its volume, but also structure is important. Experts recommend to use at one time a complex from vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and grain bread. Also other products comprising an omega - the polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals necessary for normal activity of an organism are of great importance. Nutritionists advise in the first 2-3 meals to use more carbohydrates, and for an afternoon snack and evening to leave proteins and vegetables. Everything is simple: if the person wants to lose weight, he needs to reduce the caloric content of the diet and if to recover – to increase that. Fractional food creates prerequisites for more comfortable and quiet human life. The general state of health improves, pressure is normalized, the sleep quality increases.

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