That it is better to accept: geyner or protein?

That it is better to accept: geyner or protein?

Growth of muscle bulk — difficult process. Supportive applications are often necessary for athletes for good results - it is a geyner and a protein. Today we will tell about features of use of these additives, their differences and efficiency.

How does growth of muscle bulk happen?

Sports activities are directed to activization of growth of muscle bulk. For acceleration of process follow the following rules:

  1. Eat properly. Enrich a diet with carbohydrates, fats and proteins, adhering to the same sequence.
  2. Consider time necessary for restoration. It is senseless to train the same group of muscles earlier than after 2–3 days after the training.
  3. Carry out general exercises — squats with a bar on shoulders, a press of a bar lying.

Extension of muscles depends on what type of a constitution at the person — endomorphic, mesomorphic or ectomorphic. Endomorphs are inclined to a set of weight.

Mesomorphs possess big shoulders and the brawny invoice. Ektomorfa are high and thin. Throughout life the type of a constitution remains for all the time. It also is the main criterion for selection of auxiliary medicines.

Comparisons of structure and action

It is accepted to apply to growth of muscle bulk not only sports exercises, but also auxiliary additives. The market possesses the extensive range. What to choose, depends on the purpose and individual characteristics.

Learn whether the geyner is mean to health.


Geyner — the additive used for a set of weight. In its structure carbohydrates, proteins, creatine, vitamins and minerals. It is recommended for an ektomorf. Medicine increases the caloric content of the used products. For one reception one measured spoon suffices. Accept after the training or before and after occupations. Using twice a day, you receive before a training — an energy charge, and after — the help for fast restoration.


  • restores glycogen stocks;
  • gives energy;
  • increases working capacity level;
  • it helps an organism to be restored;
  • replaces a habitual diet.

Accept a geyner daily in one quantity, you will not reach the established weight yet.

Important! Such additive is not recommended to the people inclined to completeness.


The protein is a protein, a basis of any fabric. Consists of amino acids which are classified as replaceable and irreplaceable. Irreplaceable — amino acids which are not produced by an organism, replaceable — on the contrary. Proteins consist of the balanced complex of vitamins, minerals and natural protein, these are elements of natural origin. Suit endomorphs. It is safe to accept such additive. It is not effective at non-compliance with the instruction.

It is not necessary to replace with it the main meal. Protein cocktails classify on two views — with slow and fast proteins. The first are slowly processed by an organism, but longer in it are late. Are intended for dumping of weight and relief of a body (in use this process is called drying). To fast there is the return process — are used by bodybuilders for fast result. It is recommended to dilute cocktails with milk and fruit. Advantage:

  • it is well acquired by an organism;
  • stabilizes nitric balance;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • increases amount of amino acids;
  • contains amino acids which slow down the oxidation processes provoked by intensive trainings;
  • has the minimum quantity of fats which cause formation of a fat layer.

Whether you know? Supermarkets of the USA sell a protein in automatic machines for realization of soft drinks.

The protein is classified by the main product of its structure:

  1. Serumal — is made of a product which is allocated at preparation of cheese. It is considered the most effective.
  2. Casein — is used the milk protein secreted at a stvorazhivaniye. In a human body there is a long time as a clot. Being processed, forms amino acids.
  3. Dairy — structure from 20% of a serumal protein and 80% casein. As a result — pure protein.
  4. Soy — actively use for feeding of the cattle. Athletes carry it to the worst option. It is characteristic low cost in comparison with other types.
  5. Meat — is made on the basis of beef meat.
  6. Wheat — is applied by vegans and vegetarians.
  7. Egg — a valuable design with all amino acids which are necessary for an organism.

Main differences of additives

The difference between them consists in the following characteristics:

  1. Percentage of proteins and carbohydrates. In a geyner of proteins up to 30%, and in a protein — not less than 70%. The main component of a geyner — carbohydrates.
  2. The protein is more expensive as use of the synthesized protein demands big money.
  3. Geyner is combined also with other additives. Increases effectiveness of creatine.
  4. Geyner cannot long be acquired, than differs from a protein.

Important! The schedule of reception and a dosage is curled from a constitution and the expected results. Before start consult with the doctor, the trainer or the instructor.

What is more effective for growth of muscles?

Those who is inclined to completeness are recommended to treat a geyner carefully as at its application the fat layer is formed. Carbohydrates can be received from isotonic or juice which is better for using moderately: you remember that two glasses of juice saturate an organism with carbohydrates which are sugar and fructose. Often geyner accept people with a low weight for its set. Without sports it can turn back acquisition of a flabby belly: the fat layer will be distributed unevenly. Medicine is used by fighters to whom force and endurance, but not a relief of muscles are more important. The protein is used for burning of weight. It is important to observe at the same time reception time. Also it cannot be accepted in rash volume. So, that better? To gain weight — a geyner, for drying — a protein.

Whether you know? Muscles begin to grow after 3–4 hours after the training.

How to drink a geyner and a protein at the same time?

Medicines use and together, following proportions and Regulations of Admission:

  1. Geyner recommend to accept before a training, and a protein — later.
  2. For the night accept casein for catabolism — process of disintegration of complex substances on simple.
  3. Whether it is possible to mix? Unambiguously yes — at a ratio of a geyner and a protein 1/3 and 2/3 respectively. Such combination balances carbohydrates and proteins.

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Additional councils for application

For improvement of properties of medicines note the following recommendations:

  1. Some athletes for economy of money prepare a geyner independently — get a protein and dilute with carbohydrates.
  2. Vitamin and mineral and anabolic complexes with a geyner stir water, milk, juice. Boiled water is not used.
  3. Geyner accept daily.
  4. The protein is accepted at the rate of 1.5 g on 1 kg of weight. The dosage is presented in the instruction.

Geyner and protein help to gain muscle bulk as separately, and in a complex. But for this purpose they use different approaches — drying and a set of weight.

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