That it to eat to lose weight: products - "zhiroszhigatel"

That it to eat to lose weight: products - "zhiroszhigatel"

Losing weight are come to the rescue by sport and healthy nutrition and also products having fat-burning properties. The organism spends more energy for their assimilation and digestion, than they contain calories. Also these products accelerate metabolism and fat metabolism.


1. YablokiS the help of apples it is possible not only to lose weight, but also to revitalize an organism. Apples except vitamin C contain pectin and cellulose which help to normalize gastrointestinal activity. They stabilize a metabolism and reduce cholesterol level. It is the best of all to use fresh apples.

2. GreypfrutyGreypfnut quite promotes weight reduction. The use of this citrus stimulates a metabolism, strengthens development of digestive juices and improves digestion in general. Thanks to grapefruits, excess liquid is removed, the zashlakovannost decreases, there is a clarification of an organism.

3. Pineapples It is very tasty and at the same time low-calorie fruit. The substances which are in pineapple (generally - in cabbage stump), accelerate digestion of proteins therefore pineapples should be used at the very beginning of meal.

4. КивиЭтот fruit is rich with the substances accelerating fat metabolism in an organism - they are called enzymes. In a kiwi a large amount of ascorbic acid therefore them it is possible by the right to call a dietary product there aren't enough carbohydrates, but.

5. To YagodyKroma of a large amount of vitamins, all berries contain flavonoids and antioxidants which promote combustion of fats and interfere with early aging of an organism.

6. КабачкиЭтот vegetable not only helps normalization of water-salt balance of an organism, but also promotes restoration of a metabolism. Thanks to the diuretic action the squash saves from hypostases, besides, its pulp contains very few calories.

7. Green chayeshche one product having the excellent properties cleaning an organism and positively influencing a metabolism. Regular consumption of green tea within 1-2 weeks can adjust metabolism, the maximum day norm is 6 cups.

8. TvorogNezhirnyy cottage cheese is a fine dietary product which helps to make active a metabolism thanks to Riboflavinum which is its part. Cottage cheese also contains a large number of the lactobacilli useful to work of digestive tract.

9. Brown (not polished) рисОчень the useful product recommended for dietary food. Perfectly satisfies hunger, contains cellulose, necessary for an organism, at the same time in it there is no such amount of starch, as in usual white rice.

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