That Margarita enters cocktail"

That Margarita enters cocktail"

Creation of Margarita cocktail can't be dated concrete number or year. The history of origin of this well-known drink belongs to the 30-40th years of the XX century. According to one of versions the hotel manager Denny Negrete who for the first time mixed cocktail for the bride Margarita became his creator. Other legend says that drink was invented by the aristocrat from Texas Margarita Seyms. Anyway, in 1953 the Esquire magazine Margarita cocktail was recognized as the best drink of month.

It is required to you

  • - tequila;
  • - orange liqueur;
  • - juice and segments of a lime;
  • - coarse salt;
  • - glass for champagne;
  • - shaker.


1. Also there is a lot of recipes for Margarita, as well as options of its invention. Classical cocktail can be made, being guided by the official rules established by the International association of bartenders (IBA). For this purpose it is necessary to mix 7 parts of tequila, 4 parts of liqueur, 3 are frequent a fresh juice of a lime, and then to pour the received liquid in a glass which edges moisten previously with juice of a lime and dip into coarse salt. Exact observance of proportions allows to soften successfully with a citrus a strong taste of tequila, and salt addition reduces lime acid significantly.

2. For preparation of qualitative Margarita it is worth using the tequila consisting of 100% of an agave without impurity of fermentable sugars of other origin. In cocktail unrestrained grades of tequila – silver or white though some bartenders use the Reposado tequila which is matured in oak casks from two months to one year will be quite appropriate.

3. In classical Margarita cocktail use of two types of orange liqueur is allowed: Cointreu or Triple Sec (Tripl Sek). Both of these drinks are made of the best grades of orange and in their taste only the professional can catch a difference. Only Cointreau is cooked from fresh fruit and it is almost colourless, and Tripl Sek has dried orange crusts which give it a subtle golden shade in structure.

4. So-called "Royal Margarita's" recipe can include two well-known twin liqueurs – the French Grand Marnier or the Italian Grand Gala. They are made on the basis of cognac (French – of mix of several cognacs) and oranges. In the Italian liqueur the best grades of oranges from the island of Sicily, and in French – special orange essence are used. Other kind of popular cocktail is "Blue Margarita". She is trained with addition of the bright blue Curacao liqueur. The fresh or frozen strawberry puree is a part of strawberry Margarita. And the amount of berries has to be equal to amount of tequila. Instead of salt for a fringing of a glass use sugar.

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