That sour cream or mayonnaise are more useful

That sour cream or mayonnaise are more useful

For many years of the hostess on various celebrations suggest guests to try the salads dressed with mayonnaise. However recently many began to replace this sauce with sour cream, explaining it with usefulness of a natural product. Whether really sour cream will soon take a place of honor and will begin to be used for gas station of the majority of salads?

Sour cream is quite tasty fermented milk product which much on temper. It from cream and special ferment is made.

What sour cream is rich with

The main advantage of sour cream consists in huge number of useful substances, contained in it. It is eaten, adding it to a plate and watering the products which are there. Many consider it a separate dish. There is enough 1-2 tablespoons a day to fill reserves of microminerals in an organism.

The substances called by nutritionists "beauty vitamins" in a large number contain in sour cream: group B vitamins, biotin, E, D, S, RR and vitamin A. In addition, in a product there are an iron, iodine, zinc, manganese, fluorine, copper, molybdenum, cobalt and many others. Sour-milk bacteria, in turn, positively influence work of intestines.

Structure of mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, in turn, represents sauce known to all. Marinade for meat dishes, additive to semi-finished products is usually used as gas station for salads. The structure of classical mayonnaise is made by olive oil, vitelluses, lemon juice, salt, sugar and mustard. It should be noted that in small amounts ingredients can bring benefit to an organism. But at the same time it is worth taking bigger value of caloric content of sauce into account. It can reach 800 кК on 100 grams of a product. Frequent consumption of mayonnaise leads to growth of body weight, and in quite short terms. Caloric content can be reduced by its connection with low-fat sour cream or a light natural yoghourt. Long ago it is noticed that industrial mayonnaise is similar to an emulsion. It is incomparable with home-made sauce. Many producers add preservatives, oil not especially of good quality, artificial substitute of eggs, dyes and stabilizers to mayonnaise. It negatively influences a human body. Mayonnaise with low caloric content isn't recommended to be used as it contains water and emulsifiers which are absent in usual sauce. The mayonnaise made in house conditions can become the best option of seasoning of salads. Thereby the person will secure himself against various thickeners and hazardous substances. Addition of sour cream in vegetables dishes is recommended to be carried out just before giving on a table. It is caused by the fact that the product quickly "stops short", that is stimulates allocation of considerable volume of liquid from ingredients.

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