The best cocktails aphrodisiacs

The best cocktails aphrodisiacs

Selection of cocktails for a romantic dinner. The natural aphrodisiacs which are warming up sensuality and increasing freedom are a part of everyone.


1. Cocktail aphrodisiac from an absentomn a spoon put a piece of sugar, water it 5 ml of absinthe and set fire. In a glass with a sugar border pour in the received sugar and absinthe syrup, mix from 20 ml of absinthe and add 50 ml of champagne. Cool before giving.

2. Cocktail aphrodisiac with an imbiremrazomnita ginger. Mix in a shaker with ice tequila (28 ml), Triple Sec (4 ml), cranberry juice (28 ml), ginger and stir up. Pour on glasses.

3. Cocktail aphrodisiac with медомДля preparations of this cocktail will be required dark rum (55 ml), honey (7 ml), lemon juice (14 ml). Place honey, rum and lemon juice in a shaker which on 1/2 is filled with ice. Stir up and pour in cocktail glasses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team