The best sports vitamins for women

The best sports vitamins for women

Important component of a healthy lifestyle of all modern women is the sport. As physical activities lead to loss of important nutrients for normal functioning of an organism, their quantity needs to be filled up constantly. In this case sports food which structure is developed taking into account all important points comes to the rescue.

About importance of vitamins for a female body

Intake of vitamins during sports activities renders such help to a female body:

  • strengthens bones, sinews and sheaves;
  • supplies an organism with the necessary nutritious elements;
  • does sinews and sheaves by more elastic, minimizing gaps at accidental traumatizing;
  • resupplies energy and accelerates recovery of muscles;
  • improves an innervation of muscles;
  • normalizes a hormonal background, keeping reproductive function of an organism.

Whether you know? Sports additive was for the first time created in 1934. It represented dry mix which was prepared from the vegetable components which are grown up on the soil with the increased amount of mineral substances.

What differences between men's and women's vitamins

As organisms of men and women differ in hormonal systems therefore also need for vitamins at them differs.

As at an organism of men there is a bigger number of muscles, they need special vitamin complexes for muscles. In addition, men carry out hard physical work more often that leads to serious load of bones and sinews. As a result correctly picked up vitamins have to restore cartilaginous tissues. The important place is taken by testosterone level in a male body therefore vitamin supplements have to help its physiological development.

Women's vitamins have to include necessary amount of useful substances which are necessary on compensation of the losses suffered during physiological requirements (periods). It is known that the female body loses iron more, than the men's, therefore, complex has to deliver it in enough. Besides the connections which are responsible for a condition of integuments, hair and nails are extremely necessary for female representatives.

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We suggest to study the list of the most popular complexes which show excellent results after systematic reception.

Opti Women

The known complex on the basis of useful substances developed for women which is released by Optimum Nutrition working in America. It is recommended to be used to girls who do different sports or who lead active lifestyle. In addition, it can be used in the time spent for a low-calorie diet. Its structure is formed of the following components:

  • vitamins and minerals in number of 23 pieces;
  • day amount of iron, zinc and calcium;
  • isoflavones, ipriflavon, vitex, a bearberry and extracts from some berries.

About 2 capsules of 1 times a day are recommended to take the drug, during meal, washing down with water.

Important! Making the decision to use any nutritional supplement, it is recommended to get acquainted with the available contraindications and to get advice of the doctor.

Ultra Women’s Multivitamin Formula

Represents successfully developed complex for the women playing sports made from different nutrients. The main components are directed to support of full-fledged life and also to healthy appearance. Besides unique connection of a set of useful substances, the complex consists of mix of natural antioxidants and also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen. Accept on 1 capsule twice a day.

Universal Animal Pak

Vitamin and mineral structure which is manufactured in the USA. Additive is developed for athletes who at trainings use big weight. At a complex there are all important elements and micronutrients which are necessary to an organism for obtaining the maximum result from trainings and also for improvement of health. Today in the market of sports food is one of the most realized and effective complexes.

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After reception the organism gains such effect:

  • obtaining necessary amount of vitamins;
  • stimulation of growth of muscles;
  • improvement of indicators of force;
  • zhiroszhiganiye;
  • strengthening of natural immunity;
  • help in digestion of proteins;
  • concentration improvement.

Accept once in day 1 piece right after food. To professionals recommend to increase the number of receptions to 2 times.

Important! The complex is developed on the basis of natural ingredients which do not influence increase in working capacity.

Vita Complex Lady Fitness

The vitamin complex developed for women by experts from Switzerland. The highly effective formula includes a set of elements which are necessary to an organism, including iron in a helatirovanny look. Such structure is recommended at observance of a diet, reception of zhiroszhigatel and also during the aerobic trainings. The structure includes the following components:

  • vitamins and minerals in number of 23 pieces;
  • day amount of iron, zinc and calcium;
  • isoflavones, vitex, bearberry and extracts from some berries.

Reception is carried out on 2 tablets every day together with food. At stronger loadings it is possible to increase a dose to 4 pieces.

Active Woman

The balanced structure which contains antioxidants, natural extracts, nonsaturated fatty acids and collagen. All of them well affect health, stabilize a hormonal background, improve a condition of skin, nails and hair and also increase activity at all levels. These women's vitamins have the following pluses:

  • expanded vitamin profile;
  • 12 minerals in the best form for an organism;
  • in structure plant extracts, coenzyme Q10 and collagen are connected;
  • the complex is completely compatible to other sports additives.

It is recommended to accept these vitamins in the morning during the first meal in number of 2 tablets, washing down them with water.

Multivitamin for Women

Represents the highly effective multivitamin formula developed especially for women. Modern life with saturated labor everyday life sometimes does not give the chance to eat fully because of what the organism does not receive the necessary nutrients. Reception of this complex allows to fill losses and to keep health. In addition, the complex makes the following positive impact:

  • strengthens joints and ligaments;
  • saturates with group B vitamins;
  • restores cages at the structural level;
  • provides an organism with the necessary amount of vitamins;
  • promotes full digestion of all substances.

Scientific research proved that after intake of these vitamins the resistance to a stress increases, early aging is prevented and the vitality is maintained.

Accept 2 tablets a day during meal.

Whether you know? 1 g of sports additive is equal on average 160 g of usual food. Similar food not only fills stocks, but also helps to avoid overeating.

All above information once again proves the fact that sports food is useful, however it is necessary to choose the checked producer and qualitative structure. Having made the decision to play sports, help the organism not to create deficiency of useful substances and, thus, to improve results of trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team