The best vitamins for bodybuilding

The best vitamins for bodybuilding

At active physical activities the organism needs additional amount of micronutrients among which special attention should be paid on vitamins. Let's consider what of them it is better for athletes to accept.

Value of vitamins B bodybuilding

Vitamins are the organic compounds which are contained in food in the form of micronutrients which digestion promotes activity maintenance. The human body is not capable to carry out synthesis of these elements therefore they should be accepted in the form of products or in addition.

The main functions of these micronutrients at occupations bodybuilding the following:

  • catalyzing of hypertrophic processes in muscle tissue;
  • energy synthesis;
  • prevention of destruction at the cellular level;
  • regulation of metabolic processes;
  • prevention of injuries and violations of operation of the musculoskeletal device;
  • regulation of functioning of muscles and nervous system.

Whether you know? Vitaminology branch of medicobiological sciences which studies the building, functions, mechanisms and use of vitamins.

Types of vitamins

Vitamins can be classified by chemical structure and the nature of assimilation owing to what allocate 2 of their look:

  • water-soluble (hydrovitamins);
  • fat-soluble (lipovitamina).

In addition define vitaminopodobny substances which have no all properties of vitamin connections and can be ranked as one of main types.

Whether you know? Some substances mistakenly are considered as vitamin connections. So, the L-carnitine is only related for group B as it is independently synthesized in an organism, and B14 and its belonging to vitamin connections is challenged in the scientific environment.


Water-soluble vitamins are micronutrients which are dissolved in liquid and in biochemical reactions perform function of catalysts. Carry C, B, P vitamins and vitaminopodobny connection N to them.



Daily requirement

Dosage in bodybuilding

Food sources

C ((degidro) ascorbic acid)

Improvement of immune functions, strengthening of a cardiovascular system, counteraction to a stress, collagen synthesis, contribution to digestion of iron.

70–80 mg

200–300 mg

Sweet pepper, dogrose, citrus, strawberry, broccoli, cabbage, beet.

B1 (thiamine)

Synthesis of protein and hemoglobin, regulation of energy consumption of an organism.

1.5 mg

2.5-5 mg

Haricot, peas, soy, wheat, liver.

B2 (Riboflavinum)

Regulation of exchange of makronutriyen, improvement of endurance.

2 mg

3.5-5 mg

Milk, liver, cottage cheese, cabbage, eggs.

B3 (nicotinic acid, niatsin, PP)

One of metabolism regulators, controls processes of food of muscle tissue.

20 mg

50 mg

Milk, eggs, liver, shampinyona, tuna.

B4 (is well-cared)

As the component of lecithin participates in formation of cell membranes and plasmas of blood.

400–500 mg

1500–2500 mg

Yolk, soy, fish, meat.

B5 (pantothenic acid)

Participation in oxidizing processes, acetylation, synthesis of fatty acids and hemoglobin.

5–7 mg

15–20 mg

Beef meat, liver, kidneys, seafood, milk, eggs, vegetables.

B6 (piridoksal, pyridoxine, piridoksamin)

Participation in exchange processes of protein, stabilizes the level of sugar and cholesterol.

2 mg

20 mg

Chicken, eggs, liver, tomatoes, fish, carrots, potatoes, spinach.

B7 (biotin, H)

Regulation of exchange of fats, carbohydrates and amino acids, synthesis of protein, glucose and fatty acids, improvement of a condition of skin, nails, hair.

80–100 mkg

250–300 mkg

Soy, brown rice, mushrooms, sardines, yolk, bananas, liver.

B8 (inositol, inositol)

Improves work of nervous system, metabolism of fats, reduces cholesterol.

500–600 mg

700–900 mg

Brown rice, grits, peas, wheat sprouts, peaches, raisin.

B9 (folic acid)

Participation in synthesis nucleinic and amino acids, cell fission regulation.

400–500 mkg

600–800 mkg

Greens, haricot, peas, yeast, sheet salad, cabbage.

B12 (cyanocobalamine, oksikobalamin)

Impact on exchange of proteins and fats, regulation of creation of blood and decrease in level of cholesterol.

3 mkg

10–50 mkg

Liver, sea fish, eggs, beef meat.

B13 (orotovy acid)

Stimulation of synthesis of protein.

1.5 mg

5 mg

Dairy products, cottage cheese, liver.

B15 (pangamovy acid)

Regulates the level of cholesterol and accumulation of fat in a liver and blood.

100–500 mg

200–250 mg

Almonds, haricot, brown rice, wheat, pumpkin seeds.

P (flavonida)

Improvement of work of a blood system and strengthening of walls of vessels.

35–50 mg

70–100 mg

Oranges, lemons, tangerines, buckwheat, dogrose, sheet salad, currant.

N (thioctic / lipoic acid)

Participation in exchange of carbohydrates, regulation of digestion of glucose.

1–2 mg

5–7 mg

Cream, sour cream, haricot, liver.


Oil-soluble vitamins are the micronutrients which are dissolved in fats and having cumulative properties. A, D, E, K and vitaminopodobny polysaturated acids an omega-3 and an omega-6 (F) are considered as Lipovitaminami.



Daily requirement

Dosage in bodybuilding

Food sources

A (Retinolum, retinoyevy acid)

Strengthening of bones, improvement of sight and prevention of ophthalmologic diseases, positive impact on hair, skin and teeth.

1000 mkg

1500–2000 mkg

Carrots, cod-liver oil, butter, liver, yolk.

D (calciferols)

Prevention of oncological diseases and rickets, normalization of work and prevention of violations of nervous system, strengthening of a bone framework.

10 mkg

20 mkg

Eggs, cottage cheese, cod-liver oil.

E (tokoferola)

Prevention of damage of cell membranes, strengthening of a cardiovascular system.

15 mg

80–100 mg

Products from whole grain, nuts, haricot, peas.

F (irreplaceable fatty acids)

Metabolism improvement, general strengthening of an organism, improvement of quality of skin.

1000 mkg

150 mkg

Red fish, mackerel, tuna, trout, herring.


Increase in blood clotting, strengthening of a bone tissue, acceleration of synthesis of protein.

100–120 mkg

150 mkg

Salad, greens, broccoli, spinach.

The most important vitamins for bodybuilding

At heavy physical occupations the bodybuilders should increase quantity postupayemy from the outside of vitamins:

  • And;
  • group B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12);
  • With;
  • D;
  • E;
  • N (biotin).

The different purposes (for example, for a set of weight, at active occupations or for strengthening of bone and cartilaginous fabrics) from this list will require separate micronutrients.

Important! Before reception of any of complexes it is necessary to make the test on vitamins and minerals in blood and to consult with the doctor for definition of individual requirement and prescribing of medicine.

For a set of muscle bulk

At active performance of power exercises for increase in muscles the athlete needs vitamins:

  • And;
  • B1;
  • B2;
  • B3;
  • B6;
  • E;
  • C.

At intensive loadings

For maintenance of functions of an organism at intensive occupations it is necessary to use vitamins:

  • And;
  • B;
  • B2;
  • With;
  • D.

Learn what role is played by vitamins B of life of athletes and where to take them.

For prevention of injuries

Prevention of injuries consists in maintenance and strengthening of skeletal system and joints. For this purpose vitamins are required for an organism:

  • K;
  • With;
  • D;
  • A.

Regulations of Admission of vitamins

Vitamins should be taken with caution, considering a number of factors. Basic rules of reception:

  • it is better to consider specially developed polyvitaminic complexes as at independent use of different medicines without their compatibility there can be problems with health;
  • it is necessary to wash down with drinking water of room temperature;
  • vitamins accept a course, duration depends on a look;
  • between courses there has to be a break in several months (exact terms are established by the doctor);
  • it is necessary to refuse inclusion in time of a course of treatment antibiotics;
  • it is impossible to exceed the recommended dose;
  • it is better to take the drugs daily at the same time;
  • intake of water-soluble vitamins happens 2 times a day, lipovitamin — once a day.

Important! Strict observance of norms of the use is prevention of development of hypovitaminosis or a gipervitaminoz.

Complex of effective pharmaceutical vitamins

Polyvitaminic complexes for athletes can be bought not only in shops of sports food, but also in drugstore. Distinguish from the most effective:

  • Komplivit-aktiv;
  • Alphabet effect;
  • Vitrum Perfomens;
  • Vitrum Life;
  • Dinamizan;
  • Undevit;
  • Getimaks enerdzh;
  • Duovit.

Get acquainted with a complex of effective exercises of a circuit training for men and women.

Rating of the best medicines

As the best sports vitamin complexes for bodybuilders are considered:

  • Opti Men;
  • Multivitamin for men;
  • Ultra-Premium Vitamin;
  • With Fit FitMax;
  • Maxler VitaMe;
  • VP Laboratory Ultra Men’s;
  • Animal Omega and Animal Pak (Universal Nutrition).

It is important to bodybuilders to pay attention to vitamins B a diet as their insufficient quantity in an organism can break the vital functions. The correct and their timely reception will help to make a body beautiful, and health — strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team