The eggplants baked with tomatoes and mushrooms

The eggplants baked with tomatoes and mushrooms

Tomatoes and eggplants - a good combination. With addition of mushrooms not only very original, but also tasty dish will turn out. From the listed ingredients 6-8 portions will turn out.

It is required to you

  • - Eggplants, 500 g;
  • - Tomatoes, 250 g;
  • - Mushrooms can be fresh or frozen, 300 g;
  • - Hard cheese, 100 g;
  • - Fat sour cream, 200 g;
  • - Garlic to taste;
  • - Vegetable oil;
  • - Salt and pepper.


1. Eggplants need to be washed and cut with small circles well.

2. That they had no bitter smack, it is necessary to salt and leave eggplants for half an hour. Then they should be washed out in flowing water.

3. Cut tomatoes on thin circles.

4. If mushrooms rather large, then them it is possible to cut with circles if small - cubes.

5. Clean and crush garlic. Further to mix it with sour cream.

6. Cheese should be crushed on a small grater.

7. Oil a baking dish. On it to lay out circles of eggplants and to salt. From above to lay out mushrooms, on them tomatoes.

8. On tomatoes it is accurate to put on a sour cream spoon with garlic.

9. From above to powder all with cheese and to bake in an oven. Preparation time - about 30 minutes at average fire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team