The Greek idyll for gourmets

The Greek idyll for gourmets

It is possible to call Greece as a cradle of a surprising ancient civilization with the Olympic gods, and the center of unique gastronomic culture. It is impossible to imagine a product which wouldn't be seized skillfully by the Greek cooks. There are all conditions for creation of culinary masterpieces.

300 sunny days in a year and climatic conditions which and want to be compared to paradise promote growth of incredibly juicy vegetables and greens, the most sweet fruit and grapes. Here produce very tasty feta cheese from a sheep milk and olive oil, one of the first in qualities. The abundance of fish and seafood, the developed cattle breeding allows to diversify the ethnic cuisine indefinitely.

Greeks – the people extremely hospitable and like to lay tables in a big way and heartily, even in the most insignificant occasion. And the main thing that doesn't cease to surprise in dishes of local kitchen – simplicity of tastes and their combinations.

Almost in each area of the solar country there was own unique local cuisine.

On islands adore seafood dishes, on the mainland use meat more. On the largest and picturesque island of Crete preference is given to the dishes combining vegetables with bean cultures, meat and various fish. Chalkidiki is well-known for abundance of the most various seafood.

In the city of Hair offer numerous nourishing snack for local grass alcoholic tinctures. On Peloponnese, in Epirus and Tessaliya skillfully fry meat, produce great sausages and cheeses. At the same time on any holiday the specialty food is cooked. A traditional easter dish special soup from giblets with fragrant spicery is considered. On Christmas the signature turkey which is stuffed with a wonderful liver and pine nuts is served, or it can be the bonnive who is masterly baked in an oven to a ruddy crust.

The aroma of Greece is a mix of aromas of spicy herbs where the light smell of rosemary is excellently combined with freshness of mint, spicy aroma of a coriander with a basil and parsley and, naturally, an oregano, dried up by the generous Greek sun. That is why the same Greek salad, it horyatik, unambiguously it is necessary to try only here, at least for comparison., It seems, same components, same tomatoes, cucumbers and paprika. But olives – they surprising, fleshy; olive oil – the freshest, as though just from under a press, and the feta melting in the mouth and leaving bright rich taste of summer in language.

For a dessert give amazing nut rolls from thin puff pastry fit, reminding baklava. Walnuts, almonds, pistachios and raisin fill pastries with unique taste. Greeks and coffee love, dense and fragrant which is given in cups and it is obligatory with a glass of water.

Unambiguously it is worth visiting this strange country and to try local yum-yum.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team