The haddock baked in an oven and not only

The haddock baked in an oven and not only

Haddock – fish from family treskovy. Correctly prepared it is very tasty. It is possible to cook with it any dishes, including dumplings or pies. But, of course, the best option is to bake this fish in an oven together with onions, tomatoes and eggplants or to make with it fish soup.

How to prepare a haddock in an oven (the recipe with vegetables)

It is absolutely not so difficult to bake a haddock in an oven. It is necessary to take:

- 0.8 kg of a haddock; - an eggplant, a bulb, tomato – all on one piece;

- 2 branches of greens of cilantro and fennel; - 50-70 g of cheese of parmesan; - a lemon quarter (it is possible more – to whom as it is pleasant);

- 3 tablespoons of olive oil; - salt, a black sprinkling pepper and rosemary – to taste. Preparation of the haddock baked should be begun with defrosting of its carcass and purification of scales. It is also necessary to cut off fins at fish. Then to wash up a haddock in cool water, to rub it with rosemary and salt, to sprinkle a little juice from a lemon quarter. To thrust greens branches into a paunch – cilantro and fennel.

Then it is possible to pass to preparation of vegetables. Clean onions, cut it thick half rings, send for 3-5 minutes to a frying pan with heated olive oil. Add to it the eggplant cleaned and cut by large pieces, and slightly later and tomato. Fry vegetables about 5 more minutes on slow fire. After they give juice, to prepare 5 more minutes, but fire already should be increased. The form for roasting should be oiled – simply a palm or by means of a culinary brush. Lay out in it a haddock with vegetables. Warm an oven to 200 degrees, put in it a form with fish. Approximately in 5 minutes until ready dishes it need to be powdered with small polished cheese. That's all, fish is ready. The haddock baked in an oven turns out very tasty and useful. It with pleasure is eaten both adults, and children.

Fish soup with a haddock and milk

One more recipe how to prepare a haddock so that it turned out very tasty. Such ingredients as will be necessary: - haddock carcass; - 3 potatoes; - 250 ml of milk; - 2 heads of onions; - vegetable oil for roasting. It is necessary to boil in the added some salt water potatoes in advance, to cool it and to cut on small cubes. A carcass of a haddock to clean, cut, also to divide into medium-sized pieces. Then in a pan to pour some milk, to put it on fire. To add some salt a little. When liquid begins to begin to boil, it is necessary to put in it fish, and through 5-7 minutes – to add potatoes. Cut onions small rings, fry on oil to a golden shade, send it to a pan literally minute for 3 until the end of preparation. Pour ready fish soup on plateaus, in each of which, if desired, to put a desi piece and also the cut greens.

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