The magnificent five for increase in mood

The magnificent five for increase in mood

Happens that the grief pulled hard and there is a wish for nothing. Invite on a visit or to take a walk, and you can't force yourself. There is no wish neither read, nor to watch interesting film. Then nothing remains how to get one of the main pleasures - to indulge itself with a cup of cocoa or cheese. Cocoa and chocolate, cheese, fish, bananas, meat these products perfectly increase mood!

Food is the main source of our mood. Many products influence our emotions and are capable to lighten for a long time to us the mood, and others, on the contrary, can cause a depression. For example, chocolate - one of the best sources of good mood and all recognized antidepressant. Besides, it contains фенилэтиламин, exciting the centers of pleasure in a brain that strengthens feeling of happiness and love. Cocoa includes magnesium, iron and zinc and in addition contains the toning substances. At observance of a diet it is possible to drink natural cocoa. 

Cheeses besides tryptophane, contain important amino acids, such as: tyramine, триптамин, фенилэтиламин. Cheese almost doesn't contain carbohydrates. The cheese mold is close to penicillin, and it is important for our intestines, during the good work of intestines our organism is more stress-resistant. Also there is an opinion that before going to bed it is necessary to eat a small piece of cheese, it is useful for teeth and helps to cope with insomnia.

Fish practically all (a mackerel, a salmon, a jack mackerel, a herring, a salmon, a cod) also promotes our good mood. As contains a large amount of tryptophane and in her there is an omega-3 fatty acids. And useful properties in fish remain in any way of her preparation. So fish it is possible to eat fried, light-salted, sealed or preserved, in fish soup or salads.

Meat too richly useful properties. Beef or pork a good source of tryptophane and also contains iron. People in whose organism enough this microcell, we are active, vigorous and balanced. Meat of a turkey besides everything contains still amino acid tyrosine and helps us easier to cope with stresses.

Bananas contain tryptophane, magnesium, carbohydrates and also B6, B9, C and PP vitamins too, will support great mood and besides tasty. Useful properties in bananas promote regulation of level of glucose in blood and to synthesis of proteins.

For good mood and the best digestion of tryptophane it is also recommended to eat more products at the heart of which there is a magnesium. Besides the listed products, magnesium also contains in sesame, bran and dried apricots, almonds, a filbert, peas, oat and buckwheat cereal. The choice very big, I wish all good mood and pleasant food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team