The most dietary products

The most dietary products

The slim figure depends not only on genetics and regular physical activities, but also on healthy nutrition. Consumption of dietary products helps to control weight and at the same time to saturate an organism with many useful substances.

Top-6 dietary products

First place among dietary products is deservedly won by various greens. Parsley, fennel, arugula, salad, green onions, a basil and other similar herbs practically don't contain calories. Meanwhile, the advantage of them is huge – they saturate an organism with the mass of vitamins and minerals, well influence warm activity and work of kidneys, improve a metabolism.

Vegetables are in the second place: cucumbers, squash, asparagus, tomatoes, garden radish, paprika, pumpkin, cabbage and artichokes. They contain a large amount of useful substances, improve work of intestines at the expense of the high content of cellulose, have diuretic properties and strengthen walls of vessels. At the same time these products are considered as some of the most low-calorie therefore they are often included into the menu of various diets.

The third place is given to berries and fruit which regular consumption well affects a figure and health in general. For weight loss, for example, it is useful to replace an evening meal with several pieces of juicy watermelon or couple of tasty apples. The first contains nearly one water, well, and apples are considered as the most dietary fruit – in 100 g of this product of only 40-45 kcal. Seafood among which the sea cabbage contains least of all calories are in the fourth place - only 25 kcal are the share of 100 g of this extraordinary useful product. And the caloric content of fish depends on her grade and a way of preparation. In the baked pollock, for example, about 55 kcal, and in a pike perch or a pike – 65 kcal. At the same time fish contains a set of minerals and essential amino acids. Besides, seafood is acquired by an organism much easier, than meat. The fifth place is shared among themselves by a fat-free dairy products. In 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese, for example, about 110 kcal, and contain in the same amount of yogurt - 95 kcal. It is especially useful to use them for breakfast. And here it is better to refuse sweet cottage cheeses or candies. Light chicken meat closes the list of the most low-calorie products. The boiled or baked chicken breast not for nothing is recommended for consumption by nutritionists – only 134 kcal are the share of 100 g of such meat. Meanwhile, this product is extremely nutritious and contains many protein, necessary for an organism, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Not to recover, it is desirable to eat chicken breast with greens or vegetables salad. But it is desirable to cook at the same time it without oil addition.

Useful dietary dish

For preparation of a tasty, rich and at the same time dietary dish it is required to you: - 150 g of chicken fillet; - 2 tomatoes; - 1 onions shallot; - cilantro pinch; - 2 garlic gloves; - 1 tablespoon of olive oil; - salt and a black pepper to taste.

Instead of cilantro it is possible to use any other greens in unlimited number.

Salt chicken fillet, pepper, inwrap in a foil and bake in the warmed oven until ready. Meanwhile cut tomatoes and onions shallot, mix them in a salad bowl, add cilantro, the crushed garlic and salt. Fill salad with olive oil and give to a table as a garnish for the baked chicken fillet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team