The most effective diet!

The most effective diet!

and Scandinavian diets – the most effective! It was proved by the Swedish experts from the University of Umea together with the colleagues from Cambridge. By means of these a miracle of diets of the woman promptly lost weight. Besides, did not even feel hungry.

In this experiment two groups of women took participation. They kept to two different diets. The first group kept to a Paleolithic diet, and the second the Scandinavian. According to researches, participants who sat on Paleolithic twice more dumped weight, in difference from other group. To such results these women came only in 6 months. In the investigation of a diet at them first of all waist measurement decreased.

However, scientists decided to examine the beating participants of an experiment in two years. The result was surprising. Participants of both groups looked equally at this time. That is all of them approximately had an identical weight. Scientists did not even notice a difference between these groups. Therefore, experts also advise for diets to take the most effective is Paleolithic and Scandinavian.

During diets all participants needed to take about 30% from protein. But not all women could do it. Therefore, some replaced this energy with carbohydrates. At the same time, they needed to use from 5 to 7 vegetables and fruit a day. Because of such general diet, nobody even complained of hunger.

Separately, participants of a Paleolithic diet could throw off on average slightly more than 6 kg. Plus at them considerably decreased waist measurement – by 11 cm.

On the Scandinavian diet, participants managed to dump only slightly more than 2.5 kg. Waist measurement at them also decreased, but is only insignificant - almost on 6 cm.

According to a Paleolithic diet the participants needed to lean on vegetables, berries and chicken actively. Categorically were under a ban: rice, bread, paste and dairy products.

Whereas, the Scandinavian diet included only low-fat dairy products, wholegrain products, vegetable oils, bean, fruit, fish.

For the choice the experts advise best of all to choose to themselves a Paleolithic diet. As, it much more safely also contains the most low-carbohydrate mode.

Also, scientists made an experiment and with men who adhered to a Paleolithic diet. To observe a high security of food, three weeks fell to the stronger sex. Owing to an experiment, scientists drew conclusions that after this diet the men had strokes and heart attacks much less often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team