The most tasty smoothie for dietary having a snack

The most tasty smoothie for dietary having a snack

What has to be ideal having a snack? Certainly, light, nutritive and useful, well and, of course, toothsome. All these characteristics perfectly are suitable for smoothie.

What is smoothie?

The word "smoothie" came from English "smooth" which means "smooth, soft, homogeneous" and transfers all essence of drink. So, smoothie is rather dense mix from berries, fruit or vegetables, sometimes with addition of juice, a dairy products or pieces of ice. Smoothie is cooked by means of the blender or the mixer: all products are shaken up to a uniform state. It is necessary to drink smoothie at once after preparation.

Smoothie and weight loss

Drink is widely used in various pokhudatelny techniques - even fasting days on smoothie are spent. An important condition - dietary smoothie shouldn't contain some sugar and honey. However smoothie without sweetener - it is it is all the same very tasty. One more nuance - fruit smoothie you shouldn't drink for a dessert, use drink as independent having a snack. It is caused by the fact that consumption of fruit right after intake of other food can lead to fermentation and heavy feeling in a stomach as fruit aren't digested there - they need access to intestines. Generally, follow the simple rule - drink smoothie in a couple of hours after the main meal.

Recipes tasty dietary smoothie

Fruit smoothie with cinnamon

Squeeze out juice of 1 orange of the average size. Clean a quarter of pineapple and cut. Peel Kurupny banana. Place all fruit and orange juice in the blender and shake up to homogeneous mass. Pour in glasses and strew with cinnamon.

Strawberry and banana smoothie

Carefully wash out 200 g of strawberry, remove sepals. Peel 1 ripe banana, together with strawberry place in the blender and shake up to smoothness, pour on glasses.

Banana and cherry smoothie

Wash out 1 cup (200 ml) of cherry, remove stones and branches. Place pulp in a package and remove in the freezer at several o'clock. In the blender mix to uniformity of berry, 1 banana and fresh juice from a lemon half. If it turned out densely, add 100 ml of drinking water.

Banana smoothie from granoly

Mix 1 ripe banana, a glass of kefir, 1 tablespoon of a granola and a pinch of fresh ground cinnamon in a blender bowl to uniformity and pour in glasses.

Smoothie from a melon with cucumbers

Well cool a cup (200 ml) of the cut melon. Wash up a half of a big salad cucumber and clean. Place a melon, the cut cucumber, 5 leaflets of fresh mint in a bowl of the blender and pour in 100 ml of drinking water. Shake up up to the smooth weight. Pour on glasses.

Cucumber smoothie

At a cucumber of the average size cut off tails. Grate pulp on a small grater. Shake up in the blender with a glass of kefir. Add several branches of the crushed fresh greens and 1 tablespoon of grubosmoloty oat flakes. Shake up once again.

Smoothie from mango

Cut 150 g of pulp of mango in cubes, place in a bowl of the blender and add 170 g of a natural yoghourt. Pour sugar to taste and shake up to uniformity. Pour smoothie on glasses.  

Smoothie from a kiwi

Clean 2 ripe kiwis, largely cut. Place in a bowl of the blender pieces of fruit, 170 g of a natural yoghourt and add sugar to taste. Shake up in the blender to a uniform state.

Berry smoothie

Mix in a blender bowl a glass of juicy berries, 170 g of a natural yoghourt and 1 h a sugar spoon. Shake up weight to uniformity and pour in the portions.

Strawberry smoothie

Wash out 230 g of fresh strawberry, remove sepals, place in a blender bowl. Afterwards add 240 ml of milk and shake up before receiving uniform drink.

Banana and pear smoothie

Place a half of large banana, 1 small ripe pear and 240 ml of milk in a bowl of the blender. Add sugar to taste and shake up to smoothness. Pour on glasses and at once give.

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