The most useful and low-calorie sweeties

The most useful and low-calorie sweeties

It is very heavy to sweet teeth to limit completely itself from different use of sweeties. It is not about fruit or berries, namely about sweeties from shop which nutritionists so don't recommend to use. But there are such sweeties which won't do serious harm to a figure and health.

Fruit jelly. In fruit jelly there is no gram of fat, its caloric content about 320 kcal, and glycemic index 50. Fruit jelly contains gelatin which improves a condition of nails and hair. Also there is a vitamin C and pectin which is responsible for full work of a liver and digestion.

Bitter chocolate. As for caloric content, it often exceeds 500 kcal. Of course, it is not the lowest caloric content, but even nutritionists praise this product. The glycemic index of bitter chocolate is equal 28, and it means that such product won't begin to collect in fats, and will go to net energy. In chocolate there are group B vitamins, calcium. Chocolate well influences brain activity. It is about bitter chocolate with the maximum quantity of natural cocoa.

Smoothie. During a summer heat very relevant delicacy. Most often 40-80 kcal do to smoothie of fruit or berries, the caloric content of this product on average. There is a smoothie it is necessary right after preparation, over time he loses the useful properties. At preparation of smoothie it is impossible to use sugar.

Dried fruits. Preference should be given to prunes, dried apricots and dates. In them there are a lot of useful substances. They remove excess water, sate an organism with all necessary. Caloric content of dried fruits can be absolutely different and depends on their look.

Marshmallows. Caloric content of marshmallows is 304 kcal. Marshmallows can be considered one of the safest types of sweeties. In its basis fruit puree, and as a jellifying component agar-agar which contains a lot of iodine, gland and calcium. Marshmallows are much more useful than some buns, cakes and meringue.

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