The most useful fruit!"

The most useful fruit!"

, "Asian apple" or "king of fruit". In each country this surprising fruit is called on a miscellaneous. In Ukraine it fans of what appreciate that exotic most. This pleasant on a smell and tasty fruit exists in the largest number of versions. The choice on the market big – till 1000.

It is necessary to choose mango only ripe. This fruit brings the biggest benefit to an organism only if it is ripe. Also, the smell will help to choose the most useful fruit to you. Near a fruit stem it has to smell pleasantly. And when pressing mango has to be elastic. Look narrowly also on skin. It has to be brilliant.

Nutritionists agree in opinion that this wonderful fruit is capable to lose weight wonderfully. However, physicians found new property of mango. By means of beta carotene of mango stops not only development of asthma, but the main thing protects people from a prostate cancer.

Meanwhile, other experts agree in opinion that mango has destructive influence on the person. As, he contains polyphenols which cause cancer of breast, intestines, lungs, leukemias and prostates. However, most of all mango causes cancer cells of intestines and breast.

Except all this, mango perfectly struggles with cardiac diseases and diabetes. Also, one cup of this beautiful fruit contains: daily dose of vitamin C and And, 100 calories. And, above all, B6, B9, K, E vitamins and potassium.

In hot weather experts I advise to use mango regularly. At the same time doctors, warn also about harm of mango. Its surplus results in boomerang effects.

In difference from others, fruit of mango it is capable to heal wounds. Besides, perfectly affects a bone tissue. Therefore, moderate consumption of this fruit will do you only good.

Mango according to some doctors perfectly suits all people. As, except the most useful substances and vitamins, he is also capable to reduce cholesterol level considerably. Plus, mango perfectly strengthens vessels and counteracts allergies.

Meanwhile, experts warn that the surplus of mango leads just the opposite to allergic reactions. Besides, it cannot be used at all contain with alcoholic beverages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team