The most useful nuts – walnut"

The most useful nuts – walnut"

best and useful nuts are walnut. Such conclusions were drawn by doctors. They contain the largest amount of antioxidants. Besides, best quality in difference from others. The main thing they wonderfully protect an organism from all hazardous substances and slow down skin aging process.

Scientists made such research for the first time. Till this time nobody did comparison between nuts yet. Owing to an experiment, scientists insist on that people used as often as possible walnuts.

In the rating of the best nuts, behind themselves walnut was left by the most known: almonds, pistachios, peanut, forest and Brazilian nuts, macadamia and nut black fox.

The largest amount of antioxidants in walnuts protects an organism from different diseases. Besides, doctors claim that it is not possible to get fat from walnuts. According to them it is only the myth. As, walnuts contain only the most useful polysaturated fats. And monosated absolutely is not present. Therefore eat nuts on health!

It is proved that walnuts are capable to protect your eyes from the most various diseases. Thus, office workers need to eat them. Besides, walnuts work as the antiseptic, toning and cleaning means for an organism. And, above all - perfectly strengthen heart, a liver and treat tuberculosis of lungs. Perfectly will be suitable for normalization of digestive system. It is especially important to use them to future mothers.

Also experts warn about harm of nuts. They need to be used too carefully, especially to allergic persons. And attentively to look behind reaction of an organism. As, walnuts in itself are capable to cause an allergy.

However, doctors warn about norm of nuts. It is necessary to eat them intelligently. No more than 8 in day. A large number leads to inflammation of tonsils and angiospasms of the main brain. It is the best of all to eat 5 pieces daily. Even such quantity, will perfectly protect your organism from various diseases and the raised radiation. And for this purpose, that walnuts brought you the maximum benefit, they need to be chewed carefully.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team