The most useful spices

The most useful spices

That spices are used for giving to a dish of unique taste and aroma, even small children know. But, in addition, this product is long since used in medicine for treatment of many illnesses – for cold to heart diseases. Spices have the toning and anti-inflammatory effect, and still will mobilize strength of the person that helps it to recover quicker.


This spice is called not without reason "tsar" of seasonings. He impacts to dishes absolutely unique relish, and for creation of 100 g of a saffron it is necessary to process more than 8 thousand flowers of a crocus. But the most surprising properties of this spice are medical. The saffron contains the whole complex of mineral substances, a large amount of ascorbic acid, vitamin A and vitamins of group of V. A still contain in it shafranat also flavonoids which destroy cancer cells.

The saffron possesses antiseptic action, treats nervous breakdowns, improves sight and work of a brain. This spice also helps at diseases of GIT and a cardiovascular system. It is no wonder that its cost is incredibly high.

Ginger Universal and incredibly useful spice which can be put in various dishes. In the ancient time it was called all diseases medicine. No wonder, regular consumption of ginger significantly strengthens the immune system, dilutes blood that helps to deliver more oxygen in a brain, and stimulates a metabolism. Ginger perfectly brings slags and toxins out of an organism, helps to struggle with fatigue and slackness. KoritsaEta the most ancient spices helps to reduce cholesterol level in blood and to get rid of blood clots in a blood system. Its advantage is concluded in three biologically active components: brown spir, brown aldehyde and tsinnamilatsetata. And also in wealth mineral substances. Thanks to it cinnamon promotes vigorous activity of a brain, brings unnecessary salt out of an organism, restores work of a GIT and reduces susceptibility to insulin that very opportunely the suffering diabetes. BarbarisDannyy spice – a well of biologically active agents. The barberry contains a large amount of tannins, alkaloids, mineral salts, useful acids, vitamins C, E and K. This spice often is a part of the medicines helping at liver diseases. Also the barberry is effective at oncological diseases and diabetes. ChesnokEshche one natural antibiotic which contains more than 400 useful substances. He effectively fights against different types of the pathogenic bacteria which got to an organism. In addition, garlic reduces risk of diseases of a cardiovascular system, has the anti-toxic and anesthetizing properties.

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