The pepper stuffed with cheese and egg

The pepper stuffed with cheese and egg

Since childhood the taste of the Jewish snack is familiar to all. We suggest you to connect this dish to fresh paprika and to make new snack.

It is required to you

  • - paprika red (1 piece);
  • - paprika yellow (1 piece);
  • - green paprika (1 piece);
  • - boiled eggs (3 pieces);
  • - garlic (3 teeth);
  • - mayonnaise (to taste);
  • - hard cheese (300 g);
  • - parsley (for ornament).


1. For this snack it is necessary to take large pepper that in it egg completely was located.

2. At pepper we delete the top part, seeds and partitions. Well we wash out pepper.

3. Cheese with garlic is small chopped or we rasp. We add to them mayonnaise, we mix.

4. Densely we fill pepper a cheese stuffing on a third of volume. We insert egg into the middle and we continue to fill it a stuffing.

5. We leave ready pepper in the fridge for 2.5 hours.

6. Then we cut pepper circles 1 cm thick. We spread them on a dish.

7. We wash out greens of parsley, we allow it to dry and we cut off leaflets. We decorate with leaves of parsley our snack.

8. Such registration of a dish will be ideal for a holiday table. Multi-colored ringlets from pepper will draw attention of guests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team