The pork ribs baked with vegetables

The pork ribs baked with vegetables

The one who at least once tasted the baked pork ribs never will forget their taste and if they are made with vegetables, then become the gastronomic poem. Gentle well-done juicy meat is extraordinary tasty in combination with vegetables.

It is required to you

  • — 500 g of pork ribs ( at will it is possible to replace them with veal or mutton);
  • — 2 average eggplants;
  • — 5-6 cherry tomatoes;
  • — 1-2 stalks of leek ( at the request of 2 heads of onions);
  • — 3  tablespoons of the garnet Narsharab sauce;
  • — 2  tsps hop of a sunela or oregano;
  • — salt, black and paprika;
  • — 3-4 garlic gloves;
  • — 5  tablespoons of vegetable or olive oil.


1. Cut pork ribs. We fill in ribs with the Narsharab sauce and we leave for 15 minutes in heat.

2. We clean potatoes and small we cut in cubes. We salt potatoes and we fill up with dry herbs. Properly we mix.

3. We cut ringlets leek (if we use onions, then we cut half rings). Cherry tomatoes don't need to be cleaned, we cut their everyone on 4 parts.

4. We clean eggplants, we cut into cubes and we fall asleep for 15 minutes with salt, then we wring out. In vegetable or olive oil we squeeze out garlic.

5. We take a big baking pan, it is desirable with non-stick coating. We spread all ingredients layers and we fill in with a garlic oil, we pepper and we salt. We bake within 1-1.5 hours at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team