The prima of green vegetables – parsley

The prima of green vegetables – parsley

Parsley is grown up in any country of the world. Knew about existence of greens in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Initially spice was taken as a plant grief. But having revealed medicinal properties of parsley, fell in love with it for medical and gustatory qualities.


1. Since the 18th century, surprising greens are cultivated everywhere. These greens all the year round are present at a table. As addition to dishes, parsley is applied in a fresh, dry and salty look. As seasoning is used by not only leaves, but also a root.

2. Biological value of vegetable is concluded in the chemical composition. The unique structure of a plant is of great value for human health.

3. Parsley is useful to maintenance of sight. For prevention, and sometimes and treatments, it is enough to mix juice of parsley and carrots in a proportion 1x1. The day portion makes 70-80 ml.

4. Medical juice of parsley helps at diseases of an urinogenital system. It is capable to provoke a conclusion of excess liquid from an organism and protein. It is better to accept parsley juice in half with water since freshly cooked drink has high concentration. The single portion has to make 1 tablespoon.

5. Seeds of a spice plant are the product promoting weight loss. At the same time it is necessary to remember that infusion without healthy nutrition and a way of life won't bring long-awaited effect. On 400-500 ml of boiled water 15 g of seeds of parsley, 15 g of a root of parsley, 15 g of a root of a dandelion and 15 g of leaves of mint will be required. Draw collecting within 30 minutes, filter. Take for 2-3 times before food.

6. Parsley juice well eliminates an unpleasant odor from a mouth, the gum strengthens. Experts consider that juice of parsley is useful to love. It possesses exciting action. Greens and a rhizome of parsley save from a depression, lightens the mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team