The real Italian sauce for pizza

The real Italian sauce for pizza

Italians consider that in pizza there are 3 equally important components – dough, a top ping (stuffing) and sauce which very much enriches taste of this dish and adds it special savor. In Italian cuisine there is a set of recipes of sauces for pizza which makes with use of various components (tomatoes, cream, cheese) and season with fragrant herbs.

Classical Italian sauces for pizza are cooked from a large number of the tomatoes (preserved in own juice or fresh) and with addition of fragrant seasonings. To make classical Italian sauce for Milano pizza, the following components will be required: 200 g of tinned tomatoes in own juice; 2 garlic gloves; ½ bulbs; 10 ml of olive oil; ½ tsps of an oregano: black sprinkling pepper; salt.

Peel garlic gloves and a half of a head of onions from a peel then crush them a knife. Lay out tinned tomatoes from banks, clean from a thin skin and knead a fork.

In a stewpan or a pan with a thick bottom pour in purified olive oil and at constant stirring fry in it onions to transparency. You watch that it wasn't reddened. Then add the crushed garlic, quickly mix and at once put the prepared tinned tomatoes.

If desired sauce for pizza can be made in advance or for the future and to freeze in the freezer, and before the use to defreeze.

Reduce fire to a minimum and you stew sauce within half an hour, periodically mixing components. At the very end of suppression season sauce I will merge, pepper and an oregano (oregano). Then remove from fire and seize. The Milano sauce has to turn out rather dense. It is ideal for meat pizzas. Not less tasty turns out pizza with other tomato Italian sauce for which preparation it is necessary to take 10 ripe tomatoes; 2 tablespoons of tomato paste; basil pinch; marjoram pinch; ½ tsps of an oregano, 1 tsp of lemon juice; salt. Wash up tomatoes and drench with boiled water then slit the skin cross-wise and remove it. Small cut the peeled tomatoes and shift in a stewpan or a pan with a thick bottom. Then put on average fire and you extinguish about 20 minutes until all liquid evaporates. In about 10 minutes since the beginning of suppression add salt and spices (a basil, a marjoram and an oregano). When sauce is ready, cool it and wipe through a sieve. If it turned out thinnish, add tomato paste, properly stir everything and warm up minutes - another on fire. For piquancy season with lemon juice. The sauce made according to this recipe is also ideal for meat pizzas.

To add to creamy sauce sharpness and savor, it is recommended to add to it a tablespoon of wine vinegar or a pinch of nutmeg.

For vegetable and mushroom pizzas it is possible to make creamy sauce. For it it is required: 200 ml of cream not less than 20% fat; 1 tablespoons of wheat flour; 1 tablespoons of a desi; ground black pepper and salt. Few times sift flour through a sieve. Then on big fire split a frying pan, pour into it flour and, constantly stirring slowly, fry it to a zolotistost. Then add the kindled desi and continue to fry everything together within 1-2 minutes. Then gradually pour in cream and at continuous stirring well warm up them within 2-3 minutes. Salt and pepper creamy sauce, remove from fire.

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