The recipe of a tasty garnish from rice for chicken

The recipe of a tasty garnish from rice for chicken

From rice it is possible to prepare the most various garnish for meat including to chicken. This cereal disposes to a combination of vegetables, fruit and a set of spices. Rice as a garnish can be boiled, stewed or prepared in the form of meatballs or zrazas.

Boiled rice about an izyumomsamy simple garnish – boiled rice, but also it can be prepared rather tasty and elegantly. The following ingredients will be necessary for you for receiving a remarkable rice garnish:

- rice – 400 grams; - a turmeric – 1/3 h a spoon;

- water – 480 ml; - sesame sunflower seeds – 1 tablespoon;

- salt; - raisin – 3 tablespoons; - chicken fat – 50 grams.

Rice dishes are remarkably combined with dried fruit therefore not only raisin, but also dried apricots or prunes can participate in preparation of a garnish for any meat. It is previously necessary to wash out and wet raisin for some time. The rice which is washed out several times should be filled in with water and to put to be boiled on weak fire. When grain is half ready, it is possible to add a turmeric and salt to a cauldron, to mix everything. The inflated raisin should be shifted to a napkin to allow it to be dried, then in a frying pan it is necessary to kindle chicken fat and to potomit in it several minutes raisin, then to lay out everything in a cauldron with the cooking rice. Obligatory accurately to mix everything, having distributed berries more or less evenly and to cover with a cover. It is possible to place a cauldron with rice for 15-20 minutes in an oven for completion of cooking. A rice garnish will turn out friable and will get a golden shade thanks to addition of a turmeric. Raisin will give a subtle shade of fruit aroma. A ready rice garnish should be laid out on a dish to chicken and to strew it with sesame sunflower seeds. Rice шарикиГарнир from rice maybe it is interestingly issued. You can prepare ruddy and very appetizing balls which will be suitable even for a festive garnish to a chicken or other meat dish. The following products are necessary for preparation of rice balls: - rice of kruglozernovy – 1 glass; - egg crude – 3 pieces; - green fennel – 1 bunch; - salt; - ground black pepper – 1/5 h a spoon; - flour for a breading; - vegetable oil for hot fan – 500 ml. Rees needs to wash out several times, and then to weld in the added some salt water. Further it should be cooled. Dill greens should be washed out, dried and to chop very small. Lay out the cooled-down rice in a bowl, add to it fennel and to mix everything to a uniform state. Separately it is necessary to shake up three crude eggs with a small pinch of salt and a sprinkling pepper, to pour in all weight in rice and to stir once again. From the received rice weight to roll small balls and to roll in them in flour. In a cauldron to warm sunflower oil and to lower there balls, to wait when they a little are reddened, to take out and lay out on a napkin. Allow to flow down to surplus of oil and shift a rice garnish to a dish with chicken. To such balls it is possible to serve sour cream or onions sauce in addition.

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