The recipe of sauce with mushrooms

The recipe of sauce with mushrooms

Dense mushroom sauce – excellent addition to dishes from vegetables, meat, a bird or nourishing gas station for paste. With it any food becomes refined and a little bit French. Turn the kitchen into small European restaurant and make sour cream, tomato or fast sauce with mushrooms.

Sour cream sauce with mushrooms


- 450 g of champignons or oyster mushrooms; - 1 bulb;

- 25 g of a desi; - 1 tablespoons of flour; - 200 ml of sour cream; - 3/4 tsps of salt; - vegetable oil. Clean and thinly chop a bulb. Wash out and cut champignons or oyster mushrooms on small slices. Fry in vegetable oil at first only onions to a rumyanost on average fire, and then fry together with mushrooms within 15 minutes. Take a stewpan and put on the next ring. Kindle a desi, fry thoroughly in it flour and shift in mushroom subfrying. Mix everything and pour in 3 tablespoons of hot water. In 2 minutes pour sour cream there, bring gravy to the boil and at once remove from a plate.

Tomato sauce with mushrooms

Ingredients: - 70 g of dry cepes; - 1 bulb; - 400 g of tomatoes; - 100 ml of a dry wine; - 3 segments of garlic; - 2 tablespoons of flour; - 1 tablespoons of a dried marjoram; - on 1 tsp of salt and sugar; - olive or vegetable oil. Soak dry mushrooms in half of glass of hot water. Fry in olive or vegetable oil onions cubes on slow fire to silvery transparency, then crush garlic segments by means of a special press or a small grater there. Husk tomatoes, having scalded them boiled water. Knead them a spoon and put in a frying pan. Let's tomato weight become homogeneous, season it with a marjoram, sugar and salt, add flour and a dry wine. Pour mushroom infusion together with the inflated mushrooms in a frying pan to other components of sauce, boil everything then reduce cooking temperature to a minimum and you weary gravy about 10 minutes.

Fast sauce with mushrooms

Ingredients: - 500 g of forest mushrooms (it is possible frozen); - 1 carrots; - 1 paprika; - 2 bulbs; - 2 tablespoons of ketchup; - 1 tablespoons of flour; - 200 ml of water; - pinch of a black sprinkling pepper; - 1 tsps of salt for cooking of mushrooms + a pinch + 1/2 tsps; - vegetable oil. Put to cook the mushrooms cut on pieces in liter of the added some salt water for 20 minutes. Remove a fruit stem and seeds at paprika, cut it with straws, and bulbs, having exempted from a peel, – half rings, largely grate carrots. Make vegetable fried vegetables on vegetable oil before acquisition of a golden shade, pepper and salt a pinch. Water the cooked vegetables with ketchup, sprinkle with flour, properly vent and part with hot water from 1/2 tsps of salt. Cast away mushrooms on a colander and implicate them in frying pan contents. Carefully stir everything and later a couple of minutes remove from fire.

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