The salmon baked with gorgonzola

The salmon baked with gorgonzola

The salmon is tasty in any kind. She is salted, smoked, bake, fry. If you want to dilute traditional taste of a salmon, try to bake her with gorgonzola. The delicate flavor of cream and cheese will add refinement to a dish. Give to fish a glass of white wine, and as a garnish - couscous.

It is required to you

  • - fillet of a salmon, 500-700 grams;
  • - cream of 20%, 1 glass;
  • - gorgonzola cheese, 100 grams;
  • - dried peel ½ lemons;
  • - salt, pepper, seasoning for fish;
  • - greens for ornament.


1. Cut a salmon pieces.

2. Grate fillet with pepper, salt, seasonings and lemon zest. Lay out in a form for roasting. Use a small form. Strew fish with the crushed gorgonzola and fill in with cream. Cream has to cover fish on 2/3.

3. Warm an oven to 200 degrees of S. Postavte fish to be baked within 25 minutes. It is very important not to overdo fish in an oven, otherwise it will turn out dry. Before giving decorate fish with greens.

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