The sausages baked in puff pastry

The sausages baked in puff pastry

Dough-enclosed sausages – the most popular dish of street fast food. Only we never know that we placed in roll what it is made of and when. We suggest you to make this yum-yum independently, from available, quality ingredients. All process will occupy time minimum, and the result will pleasantly surprise the family and guests.

It is required to you

  • - Sausages (or sausages) – 10-12 pieces;
  • - Barmy puff pastry – 1 unitary enterprise.;
  • - Cheese (firm grades) – 200 g;
  • - Egg – for lubricant;
  • - Sesame – 5 tablespoons.


1. At first we will prepare dough. It has to thaw and be slightly cooled. Not with it is worth defreezing completely it, it will be so simpler to work.

2. We exempt sausages from a cover.

3. We cut refrigerated dough on thin strips about 2 cm wide.

4. In each sausage we do quite deep cut pocket. We cut cheese on small slices and we insert each of them into a sausage pocket.

5. We take a strip of the test and on a spiral, densely obvorachivay around sausage, kind of scrolling it in a hand.

6. Properly we pinch tips that when baking cheese didn't follow.

7. We spread sausages on the baking tray oiled by vegetable.

8. We shake up egg and we grease with it each sausage. We strew with sesame and we send to be baked for 10 minutes in an oven.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team