The use of mushrooms at pregnancy

The use of mushrooms at pregnancy

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 Many women in situation ask a question whether they can eat mushrooms and whether it will do harm to future kid. Today we will talk about advantage of this product, possible danger at their use and also about what mushroom products are recommended for the use to pregnant women.

Advantage of mushrooms for an organism at pregnancy

Mushrooms are useful thanks to nutritiousness, low caloric content, availability of vitamins and useful elements.

The nutrition value of mushrooms is:

Caloric content of this product is up to 30 kcal in 100 grams.

Whether you know? In Croatia there is a museum of mushrooms in which it is possible to observe more than five thousand live exhibits.

In mushrooms there are a lot of useful substances necessary to an organism of future mother among which:

Below we will tell, this product on early and late pregnancy is how useful.

On early terms

On early terms of incubation of a fruit the addition in a diet of mushroom food well influences the woman's organism, namely:

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On late terms

During this period of pregnancy such useful substances arriving at consumption of mushroom products are extremely important for the woman:

Besides, throughout all term of pregnancy the mushroom products have such positive impact:

What are dangerous by

Despite advantage, it is also necessary to know why future mothers have to treat with care mushrooms and in what cases they cannot be eaten.

Cautiously the women inclined to an allergy as they can provoke allergic reaction should treat the use of mushroom products. Besides they are badly acquired by an organism and are heavy for digestive system.

Important! In day the pregnant woman can use no more than 350 grams of mushrooms, otherwise this product will be hard digested that will adversely affect an organism.

If future mother has a cholecystitis, gastritis, an ulcer, pancreatitis and also chronic diseases of intestines, is strictly forbidden to use mushroom products. In cases when the woman badly understands mushrooms, there is a danger to eat an inedible copy that is fraught both for life and health of mother, and for her future kid. It is necessary to refuse raising doubts and also softened, wrinkled and mouldy mushrooms.

As well as what mushrooms are most useful at consumption of future mother

The woman in situation needs to consider all nuances of preparation of mushrooms. At first they need to be washed, cleaned and boiled well. After they boil five minutes, merge water, fill in them with clear water, bring to boiling and cook for half an hour.

Important! Boiling mushrooms, put the cleaned onion in a pan. If the bulb turns blue, mushrooms should be thrown out immediately, among them the poisonous copy wormed way.

When these preliminary procedures are observed, mushrooms it is possible to extinguish, use them for preparation of soup or other dishes. Better or completely to refrain from fried mushrooms, or to limit their quantity in a diet. The safest mushrooms which it is authorized to future mothers to use are:

  1. Champignons. They are distinguished by the high content of amino acids which are involved in process of creation of cages and fabrics. Besides champignons well are digested and do not load a digestive tract.
  2. Oyster mushrooms. They are capable to reduce cholesterol level in blood, to support the immune system of an organism.
  3. Honey agarics. They bring harmful cholesterol out of an organism and well influence nervous system.
  4. Slippery jacks. They well strengthen a blood system and bring harmful salts out of an organism of future mother.

Besides oyster mushrooms and champignons are grown up in artificial conditions that bears the minimum danger, and honey agarics and slippery jacks accumulate a minimum of the substances which are badly influencing an organism.

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Whether pregnant women can eat

Whether all mushrooms and dishes from them are useful to future mummies and from what use it is worth refraining, It is necessary to tell in more detail.

Mushroom soup

Presence of first courses at a diet of pregnant women is just necessary and if in soup there are mushrooms, then protein and other useful components will receive an organism in necessary quantity. But when cooking a dish it is necessary to observe precautionary measures and to exclude the copies raising doubts. For tasty and useful soup it is necessary to take such products:

Further it is necessary to follow the simple recipe:

  1. It is necessary to peel carrots and potatoes, to cut them into cubes.
  2. To clean a bulb, to chop and fry 3 minutes in a frying pan with the warmed olive oil.
  3. To add carrot to a frying pan and to fry to a golden crust.
  4. In a pan to pour out vegetable broth and to bring it to boiling.
  5. It is necessary to put potatoes in a pan and to cook 10 minutes.
  6. To add mushrooms and onions with carrots to broth.
  7. It is necessary to salt and cook soup 20 more minutes.
  8. The pan is removed from fire and add the cut greens to soup.

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Future mother is not forbidden to use cepes, the proteins and vitamins which are contained in them are capable to keep an organism in a tone. But using them it is necessary to be careful as they well absorb in themselves heavy metals which are in the atmosphere. Therefore they need to be collected in eco-friendly places, far from the carriageway, otherwise the low-quality product will be dangerous to the woman and her future child.

Salty and marinated mushrooms

They are not recommended to future mothers even at severe toxicosis. In lack of heat treatment such food can create an acid dissonance in an organism that is fraught with appearance of heartburn.

Also vinegar which is added to marinade can have negative effect on digestive tract and cause stomach diseases. In the second and third semester of pregnancy the salty mushrooms can provoke and aggravate already available hypostases at the pregnant woman.

Whether you know? Mushrooms are considered as one of the most ancient inhabitants of our planet, they existed more than 400 million years ago.

Besides, if at conservation all rules were not followed, in bank botulinum toxin which is very dangerous to an organism can be formed.

Barmy mushrooms

Some women grow up a so-called tea mushroom in which there is a development of yeast. Such yeast lives in the nature on a surface of fruits and the begun to ferment fruit juice.

These mushrooms favorably influence nervous system of the pregnant woman, normalizing a dream and arterial blood pressure. However for the use of this product inside there are such contraindications as diabetes and diseases of digestive tract.

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Mushrooms can be present at a diet of the woman expecting the kid, they are a source of many useful substances. Knowing about what of them can be used and also observing sense of proportion and necessary precautions, the pregnant woman will receive many useful elements necessary not only for her organism, but also for health of future child.

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